Is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Demand in the Philippines?

Is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Demand in the Philippines?
Is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Demand in the Philippines

The Philippines’ economic vitality is anchored in strong consumer demand supported by a vibrant labour market and significant remittances, thanks to increased urbanisation, a growing middle class, and a huge and young population. Business activity is booming, with strong gains in the services sector, which includes BPO, real estate, tourism, and the banking and insurance industries. Forecasters predicts that the economy of Philippines will have 6.3 percent GDP growth in 2023.

The Philippines is gaining pace in terms of delivering outsourcing services to various overseas organisations, including not only customer assistance but also technical services. The Philippine IT industry is promising because it is continually growing, making this an excellent moment to outsource your company’s technology needs. In the world where data science and artificial intelligence contribute to a majority of IT revenue, Philippines economy is thriving with advancements in technology.

Data science is a multidisciplinary field concerned with obtaining valuable knowledge from data in order to have a better understanding and make better decisions. It is based on a combination of statistical and machine learning methodologies, as well as computational techniques and algorithms for dealing with enormous amounts of data.

What are the popular Data Science career paths?

Data science and data analyst jobs are open for 5 days longer than the norm for all other vocations, according to IBM, implying that there is less competition in these fields and recruiters must work hard enough to find qualified candidates.

Data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer, research scientist, business intelligence developer, data architect, statistician, and big data engineer are some of the most common data science job roles.

What is the data scientist’s salary in the Philippines?

Because the supply of data experts isn’t keeping up with demand, even entry-level salaries for these jobs are attractive.

As per, a person with skills in Data Science receives an average salary of ₱635821 per annum. According to the Economic Research Institute, an average data scientist’s salary in the Philippines is PHP 864,764 a year and ₱52477 a month according to The average data scientist salary in the Philippines is 828,000 PHP per annum.

The average salary for Data Scientist in Manila is ₱52,500 per month. (

Do you wish to seek a career in data science?

DataMites Offers Online Data Science Courses in Philippines. We offer specialised data science courses for people of all levels, from complete novices to working professionals and managers. Data Science for Managers Course can be taken by managers at all levels of an organisation to strengthen their managerial abilities and integrate data science into their operations.

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Data Scientist Career Path – Freshers, Working Professionals, Managers.

What are the Fees for Data Science Certification Courses in 2022?

The terms “data science” and “artificial intelligence” are not uniform. While Data Science can assist with some areas of AI, it is not a silver bullet. Data Science is currently the most popular form in the Philippines.

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What is Artificial Intelligence, and how does it work?

Vendors have been trying to incorporate AI into their products and services as the excitement surrounding AI has grown. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems work by consuming massive volumes of labelled training data, analysing the data for correlations and patterns, and then using these patterns to forecast future states.

What are the popular career paths in Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has a vivid future, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reckoning a 31.4 percent increase in jobs for data scientists and mathematical science experts, both of which are crucial to AI, by 2030.

The good news is that the Artificial Intelligence in Philippines and AI in Manila, the capital city offers a diverse range of career opportunities, allowing you to take on a variety of tasks and responsibilities depending on the role, your experience, and your interests. The most in-demand AI job roles include big data engineer, AI engineer, business intelligence developer, ML engineer, data scientist, research scientist, and robotics scientist.

How much is the AI salary in the Philippines?

As per, the average AI engineer’s salary in the Philippines is ₱729,447 per annum. An entry-level engineer in artificial intelligence with 1-3 years of experience receives an average salary of ₱515,694. Whereas, a senior level engineer in artificial intelligence with over 8 years of experience gets an average salary of ₱913,880. The Economic Research Institute states that an AI engineer’s salary in the Philippines is PHP 727,833. Skills in AI in Manila can secure a candidate with $125,706 a year. (

Are you up for an AI career?

Because artificial intelligence is becoming a more widely used and expanding form of technology, AI specialists are in greater demand than ever.

Attaining Artificial Intelligence Certification Training from DataMites is undoubtedly the best move you can make. DataMites is a global institute for data science and artificial intelligence training. A complete grip over AI is possible only after getting trained by experts with decades of experience in the industry. DataMites AI Engineer Certification Training is specially designed for professionals development in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and machine learning are at the forefront of this transition (ML). The wonderful aspect is that these technologies are inextricably linked. First step in after deciding to pursue a career in AI or a data science career path is to acquire the needed training in these specializations.

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