Is Data Science & Artificial Intelligence in Demand in South Africa?

Is Data Science & Artificial Intelligence in Demand in South Africa?
Is Data Science & Artificial Intelligence in Demand in South Africa

According to the Economic Complexity Index, South Africa was the world’s number 38 economy in terms of GDP (current US$) in 2020, number 36 in total exports, number 42 in total imports, number 97 in GDP per capita (current US$), and the number 54 most complicated economy (ECI). South Africa has an increasingly developed information and communication technology (ICT) market in Africa. The two most important domains in the world now are data science and artificial intelligence. While Data Science employs AI in its processes, it does not fully represent AI. But aren’t both in great demand in South Africa?

It demonstrates technological superiority in the fields of mobile software, security software, and electronic banking. The ICT sector, which accounts for around 8% of South Africa’s GDP, is projected to include more than 20,000 enterprises. South Africa’s economy is well-developed, and its infrastructure is well-developed. The IT sector in South Africa is generally strong, has access to cutting-edge technology and processes, and underpins the operations of most other economic sectors. Being technologically advanced, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning are all highly acclaimed and sought after areas in South Africa’s tech scene.

Data science is one of today’s most spellbinding subjects. But, why is it so crucial?

Simply said, Data Science is the process of working with data in order to gain insight and generate commercial value. It combines statistics and mathematics techniques such as data mining, multivariate data analysis, and visualisation, as well as computer science and machine learning, to extract knowledge from data and provide both insights and decision routes. Many firms are effectively utilising this area to improve production processes, facilitate strategic planning, and create innovative product design.

What are the popular Data Science career paths?

By 2026, 11.5 million new employees are expected (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). It’s no surprise that this new industry is brimming with prospects, owing to both the rapid development of fresh data and the need to deal with it.

Data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer, research scientist, business intelligence developer, data architect, statistician, and big data engineer are some of the most common data science job roles.

What is the data scientist’s salary in South Africa?

For young South African digital talent, the market is very exciting. According to LinkedIn, there are currently 6000+ data science job openings in South Africa.

The data from states the average annual data scientist salary in South Africa to be 423,996 ZAR. discloses the average salary for a data scientist in South Africa to be 675,679 ZAR per annum. framed the annual salary for a data scientist in South Africa to be 542,209 ZAR. The average income for a data scientist with 1-3 years of experience is ZAR 384,436. A senior-level data scientist (8+ years of experience) on the other hand, makes an average of ZAR 678,744.

South Africa has 3 capital cities Cape Town is the legislative capital, Bloemfontein is the judicial capital and Pretoria is the executive capital of the country. Data science in Cape Town seems to be growing in demand so is the demand for data science in Pretoria and data science in Bloemfontein.

Lets check average salaries

  • determines the average annual salary for data scientists in Cape Town as 670,903 ZAR.
  • determines the average annual salary for data scientists in Bloemfontein as 614,199 ZAR.
  • determines the average annual salary for data scientists in Pretoria as 767,064 ZAR.
  • determines the average annual salary for data scientists in Johannesburg as 5,03,007 ZAR

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Is there a demand for data science courses in South Africa?

Yes, and in truth, there is a severe scarcity of developers in the workplace. Not to mention that machine learning and artificial intelligence course will be in high demand as a result of this. Machine learning and data science are the top scarce jobs in South Africa today.

Do you wish to seek a career in data science?

DataMites is the foremost Data Science Training Institute in South Africa. We offer specialised data science courses for people of all levels, from complete novices to working professionals and managers. Data Science for Managers Course can be taken by managers at all levels of an organisation to strengthen their managerial abilities and integrate data science into their operations.

It’s also crucial to comprehend other terminology linked to data science, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, in order to better understand data science—and how you may use it.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad tool that allows people to rethink how they combine data, analyse it, and use the ensuing insights to make better decisions—and it’s already affecting every aspect of life. Artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence that machines possess. It is based on natural intelligence, which is found in both animals and humans. Algorithms are used in Artificial Intelligence to conduct independent behaviours.

What are the popular career paths in Artificial Intelligence?

Chatbots, Robotic Process Automation, and Advanced Analytics are just a few of the technologies that companies are experimenting with. Machine learning was named the most beneficial AI technology by two-thirds of South African businesses (67 percent), followed by smart robotics and biometrics.

The good news is that the AI professional area offers a wide range of job options, allowing you to take on various tasks and responsibilities based on the position, your expertise, and your interests. The most in-demand AI job roles include big data engineer, AI engineer, business intelligence developer, ML engineer, data scientist, research scientist, and robotics scientist.

How much is the AI salary in South Africa?

AI specialists are in higher demand than ever before, as artificial intelligence becomes a more commonly used and increasing form of technology.

As per, a person with skills in AI receives an average salary of ZAR 688,000 per annum. An AI Engineer’s salary in South Africa is 565,389 ZAR yearly. The average salary for an entry-level artificial intelligence engineer (1-3 years of experience) is ZAR 399,711. A senior-level artificial intelligence engineer (8+ years of experience), on the other hand, receives an average income of ZAR 708,342. A Machine Learning Engineer’s salary in Cape Town per month is ZAR 53,354. ( The average annual AI Engineer’s salary in Pretoria is 750,517 ZAR. (Economic Research Institute)

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Demand for AI in Cape Town appears to be increasing, as is demand for AI in PretoriaAI in Johannesburg and AI in Bloemfontein.

Are you up for an AI career?

AI skills can most definitely be a boon for anyone wishing to make it big in the tech-savvy world. Attaining Artificial Intelligence Certification Training from DataMites is undoubtedly the best move you can make. DataMites is a global institute for data science and artificial intelligence training. A complete grip over AI is possible only after getting trained by experts with decades of experience in the industry. DataMites AI Engineer Certification Training is specially designed for professionals development in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.

To summarise, artificial intelligence and data science are poised to disrupt a wide range of sectors around the world. In banking, national security, health care, criminal justice, transportation, and smart cities, significant deployments have already revolutionised decision-making, business models, risk mitigation, and system performance. These changes have enormous economic and societal implications. That being said, don’t you wish to get hold of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Certifications?

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