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Exploring the Demand for AI and Data Science in Vietnam

In the current digital era, data is without a doubt a valuable resource. Data is the driving force behind the technology revolution in every nation, including Vietnam, which is experiencing its technological apogee. One of the biggest software hubs in Southeast Asia is Vietnam, which is rapidly expanding. The nation’s tech industry has seen tremendous growth and investment in recent years. Today, Vietnam is home to a vibrant software industry that is luring major corporations and top talent from across the globe.

Vietnam is a desirable location for outsourcing IT projects from other nations due to its large population and affordable labor prices. Along with having a sizable young population of almost 60% of the population under 30, Vietnam also has several distinctive qualities that make it a good place for software development. With record-breaking growth, Vietnam is now the eighth-largest provider of IT services globally. The primary subsectors with promise are fintech, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, software outsourcing, telemedicine, and educational technology.

Vietnam’s ICT market is predicted to develop at an average rate of 8 percent per year between 2022 and 2026 as both the public and private sectors increase their use of ICT solutions, according to a recent industry analysis. The adoption of new digital technologies has caused a rapid transformation of the Vietnamese economy. E-commerce, tourism, digital content, and finance are just a few of the industries in Vietnam that are rapidly going digital. 

In the future decades, it is envisioned that Vietnam’s digital economy would scale to great heights, and data science and artificial intelligence are increasingly finding their way into the nation’s digitization endeavors.

Getting to know Artificial Intelligence

The people you converse with in internet chat boxes are likely to be real people, but you might subsequently take a second look when the ads you see online seem to be related to a conversation you had over a message application. Right? Today, you might have already come to know and have already embraced the AI-infused reality where everything is interconnected to a wide spectrum of integrated systems.

According to Wikipedia, artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence by devices that have been designed to think and act like people. The phrase might also be used to describe any computer that demonstrates qualities of the human intellect, such as learning or problem-solving.

Artificial intelligence’s ideal attribute is the capacity to reason and carry out activities that have the highest probability of achieving a specific objective. Machine learning (ML), which refers to the idea that computer systems can autonomously learn from and react to new data without being helped by humans, is a segment of artificial intelligence. By ingesting vast quantities of unstructured data, including text, photos, and video, deep learning techniques make it possible for this autonomous learning.

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What makes AI so much in demand in Vietnam?

AI is unarguably something to look forward to in the hereafter, particularly with recent developments in NLP and powerful Augmented Reality mechanics, which encourage incredibly immersive interactions with machines and gadgets. In the upcoming years, there will be a positive change in how we engage with our personal technology and automated services in general. In other areas of life, there will be many developments that will simplify things for people, from using AI to learn about our surroundings to utilizing AI to do difficult tasks, reducing the amount of time that people need to spend working and increasing their free time.

Regarding the potential for economic growth offered by the digital economy in general and AI in particular, Vietnam has adopted a proactive stance. The Vietnamese government and businesses have increased their commitment to the digital age. In this age of digital disruption, all of these regulatory considerations are essential, especially with regard to AI-based projects that are data-driven. The models need data to be trained and validated. In order to verify whether the implementation of the solution achieves the specified goals, it is also necessary to save and analyze the data produced by the model’s interaction. The models can improve and evolve more quickly with constant evaluation; as a result, existing data privacy laws have a big impact on AI-related projects.

What are the career opportunities in AI?

Oftentimes, when most people hear the word AI, they immediately think of robots. This is due to the prevalence of human-like machines that bring destruction to Earth in well-known films and books. It nevertheless, could be farther away from the truth.

Many diverse businesses are gaining from AI’s ongoing evolution. A multidisciplinary method that draws from various fields, including computer science, psychology, linguistics, and more is used to wire machines. This artificial intelligence technology comes with countless applications in a myriad of sectors. Among the industries using AI are finance, healthcare, business, food, marketing, travel, and retail. Fortune Business Insights projects that the global AI market will grow at a CAGR of 33.6% from 2021 to 2028, reaching $360 billion. 

Now more than ever, there is a demand for experts in AI because it is a technology that is becoming more and more mainstream. The real kicker is that the AI professional area offers many distinct job prospects. Big Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, User Experience Designer/Developer, Natural Language Processing Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Mining and Analysis Engineer, Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, Data Scientist, Robotics Engineer, and Computer Vision Engineer are some examples of the artificial intelligence job roles in Vietnam.

Having the correct abilities can help you stand out from the other applicants and obtain the ideal employment if you are trying to break into the domain. In that regard, having proficiency in a programming language (possibly python or R), communication skills, digital marketing objectives, effective collaboration, mathematics and statistics, aptitude for problem-solving, leadership, and management skills can all help launch your career in AI and make a big difference at the workplace.

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How much is the salary for AI in Vietnam?

Numerous businesses continue to provide exciting, lucrative career prospects in AI. The pay scales for AI specialists in Vietnam reflect this as well. An AI engineer’s pay varies depending on their location, expertise, and certifications, but they often earn a respectable wage. 

As per the Economic Research Institute, the Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary in Vietnam varies between VND 408,309,363 and VND 723,578,711 with the average yearly salary being VND 592,611,557.

As per Salaryexpert.com, the average salary for an artificial intelligence engineer in Vietnam is VND 589,167,426. An entry-level AI Engineer in Vietnam receives an annual pay of VND 419,090,198. Whereas, a senior-level AI Engineer in Vietnam gets an annual salary of VND 742,683,791.

Interested to pursue a career in AI?

Vietnam’s industry for artificial intelligence has a lot of potentials. Even though it is still in its infancy, AI in this country has adopted international trends in its use in human resources, e-commerce, education, healthcare, and agriculture. Enrolling in a respectable AI training program in Vietnam run by a reputable training institution is your only pathway to forging a lucrative profession in artificial intelligence.

The state-of-the-art DataMites Artificial Intelligence Courses in Vietnam are designed to give graduates the skills they need to succeed in this sizeable and constantly growing industry. In addition to emphasizing practical applications, ethics, privacy, moral imperative, and societal benefit, this curriculum places a heavy emphasis on developing AI-enabled systems. The Artificial Intelligence Training in Vietnam at DataMites will be meticulously organized, totally career-oriented, and equipped with a wealth of academic and practical information through internship possibilities and full-time professional coaching.

You are probably also interested in data science if you are fascinated by artificial intelligence. If so, continue reading to know more about this trending topic in town: data science.

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Getting to know Data Science

In the broad topic of “data science,” useful knowledge and hidden information can be reviewed, analyzed, and extracted from unstructured data through the use of various technologies, theories, methods, and tools.

The phrase “data scientist” was first used in 2008, when businesses recognized they needed data experts who could organize and analyze enormous amounts of data. Data Scientists formulate pertinent questions, gather information from a wide range of data sources, organize it, convert the findings into workable solutions, and effectively convey their findings in order to influence business choices.

Nearly all industries need these talents, making competent data scientists more and more important to businesses. In order to extract hidden patterns from unstructured data, data scientists combine a variety of tools, algorithms, and machine learning concepts.

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The Demand for Data Science in Vietnam

For the projected period of 2023–2027, the Vietnam data analytics market is anticipated to expand at a consistent CAGR. Since it enables businesses to analyze, manage, and simplify numerous activities in real time, data science technology is in great demand from a variety of enterprises. Due to the information it offers, industries have the chance to make wise decisions. As a result, the market for data science in Vietnam is expanding due to the use of big data and business analytics by a variety of industries to evaluate massive amounts of data produced on online and offline platforms. 

The position of data scientist has been dubbed “The sexiest job of the 21st century” according to a Harvard Business Review article. It comes as no surprise given the impact that data and analytics have had across most of the main industries. Computer and information research scientists and data scientists will have a 14% increase in employment by 2028, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). For Vietnam’s digital economy in the upcoming years, these areas provide considerable growth prospects. A modest level of preparedness for digitalization in Vietnam between 2030 and 2045 is demonstrated by the report’s case studies.

Data Science Careers in Vietnam

Additionally, the introduction of big data and business analytics powered by the cloud and investments made by market participants in cloud technology to maintain a competitive advantage over other service providers are anticipated to drive the growth of the Vietnam data analytics market over the coming years.

If you want to pursue a job in data science in Vietnam, you must be acquainted with the necessary tools and technologies. You also need to be able to evaluate data, build data models, and develop data analytics programs. Additionally, you must be driven to find hidden meaning in data and possess the skills of effective problem-solving, clear communication, and communication.

Future prospects for data science are vivid. Companies will become more and more data-centric and gradually become aware of the full significance and potential of data, which will lead to growth in this industry. Data science professionals are in high demand, and there are many job opportunities that entail the domain.

Over the next 10 years, there seems to be an opportunity for growth in the demand for data science expertise, safeguarding the future of data scientists. The industry’s rising opportunities and changing data landscape are one reason for this. Data mining engineer, business intelligence analyst, data architect, data scientist, machine learning engineer, statistician, data engineer, and data analyst are among the data science jobs in Vietnam.

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How much will a Data Scientist get paid in Vietnam?

The market is becoming more crowded daily due to the rising number of startups and new firms. All the aforementioned advantages in such circumstances will greatly enhance customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and client retention. As a result, it is predicted that Vietnam’s data science industry would continue to grow. Data science professionals in Vietnam get paid increasingly high. A data scientist’s salary in Vietnam is 341,000,000 VND per year and 28,400,000 VND per month. (Source: Salaryexplorer.com)

Whether a profession is tech-related or not, data science will soon be a need for all positions. It will be an excellent career choice over the next ten years, especially in a nation like Vietnam where there is a lot of space for growth. 

Would you like to pursue Data Science Career in Vietnam?

Vietnam is in a good position to take the lead in Southeast Asia’s software industry. A significant contributor to Vietnam’s development as a tech hub is its robust talent pool. Another aspect that has helped Vietnam’s development as a tech hub in Southeast Asia is the country’s expanding economy.

Given that the data science industry is expanding swiftly, more organizations are seeing the value of hiring people with data science skills. Despite the undeniable high need for data scientists, there is a fierce amount of rivalry. More people are taking steps to learn data science in order to differentiate themselves from other applicants because it might be a profitable career field to pursue. Getting the right data science training in Vietnam is essential if you’re serious about pursuing a career in data science.

DataMites is the top provider of data science courses in Vietnam, and our course material is designed to reflect the most recent trends. Additionally, the curriculum for our data science courses in Vietnam has received accreditation from the prestigious IABAC.

End Note

AI and data science are two prominent, in-demand job prospects. Given the nation a fantastic opportunity to take the lead in the global tech sector, it is a good time to take up a career in the two most interesting domains out there at the moment. So, have you made a decision yet?

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