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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Demand in Myanmar

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are trending in the business market of Myanmar and shaping the future with relevant careers. The services served by AI are big data robotics and IoT contributes to an increasing number of tech companies in Myanmar. Artificial Intelligence has impressive career chances with a high-package salary that is in demand and seeks desired candidates for the respective domain and the same applies to Data Science. It brings opportunities in various areas of finance, education, business, and telecommunication. 

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Myanmar

Technology has introduced advanced innovation and made artificial intelligence a reality in today’s world. With the power of computers, artificial intelligence has brought success to business organizations. In tech firms, the need for artificial intelligence or human intelligence has grown to perform multiple tasks at once. In Myanmar, artificial intelligence has brought new features such as visual perception, virtual reality, speech recognition, language translation, and decision-making to transform the outlook of the company. 

Myanmar has recently accelerated technological growth and advanced digital innovations throughout the country. It has embraced the trends and equally tried to renovate the business market. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier to perform in wide sectors. According to World Economic Forum, Myanmar is inclined to support the future of Artificial Intelligence which brings accessible data for the benefit of the financial and IT industries.  Digitalization helps in many ways by reducing risks in data privacy, cybersecurity, and other complex tech problems. Myanmar has established a workforce with trending business values that brings economic stability to the country. 

In 2015, the democratic elections took place which marked a turning point in the society of Myanmar according to a Worldbank.org report. It generated product liberalization and modernized the economic system to improve economic stability. There are top IT firms that have brought development, innovation, and social welfare. Myanmar is emerging in terms of digitalization and technology to bring accessible standards to the nation. The telecom business started slowly but was rapidly implemented in the country. With improved access to internet connectivity, Myanmar has flourished in terms of technological services.

Naypyidaw, the capital city of Myanmar is accelerating the demand for AI and is providing job opportunities to flourish employees’ skills in AI niches.

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What is artificial intelligence, and what is its demand in Myanmar?

Artificial intelligence is a human intelligence process that is stimulated by computer power. The main application of artificial intelligence is to detect languages, speech recognition, and machine vision. Artificial intelligence is programmed like machines that adapt human actions and mimics their behaviour. The goal of artificial intelligence is to perceive informational data and learn computer-enhanced reasoning. With the help of artificial intelligence, cognitive activity can execute complex tasks. 

Myanmar is in high demand for new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. In the view of Grand View Research, the market size of Artificial Intelligence is USD 93.5 billion and the growth rate will increase up to 38.1% by the year 2023- 2030. The big IT firms have already launched applications of artificial intelligence that predominantly include business marketing, educational institutes, financial services, eCommerce, and retail. The future of data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc are used in various fields of the technological sector and creates the decision to improve data insights. Artificial intelligence benefits humans in several ways with its remarkable applications.

The use of artificial intelligence includes mobile applications like Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. It helps in enormous ways just by recognizing the voice, it books flight tickets, performs to accept incoming calls, schedules appointments, etc. The tech companies in Mynamar have artificial intelligence services that assist to achieve AI solutions. Myanmar’s technological sector has a prominent need for AI services to boost the consumer experience and improve security controls.

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What are the career opportunities in artificial intelligence?

The career opportunities in artificial intelligence have escalated due to its high demand in the tech market of Myanmar. Choosing careers in artificial intelligence would most likely have an enhanced future with fuller possibilities for growth. The need for AI professionals has increased in recent years and gave importance to new technologies.

The desired job roles in artificial intelligence are Data Scientists, Advanced-Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, Business Intelligence Developers, Machine Learning Engineers, Research Scientists, Al Data Analysts, AI Engineers, and Product Managers.

Giant companies that make significant use of artificial intelligence are Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Deepmind, Datavisor, Clarifai, etc. 

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What is the salary of an Artificial Intelligence Professional in Myanmar?

Myanmar has embraced artificial intelligence professionals to develop their talent and perform diligently for the benefit of the companies. The salary of an artificial intelligence professional depends on the skillset, educational qualifications, and experience in the related field.  

The salary of an Artificial Intelligence professional in Myanmar ranges up to 547,000 MMK per year according to a Glassdoor report. The salary varies according to their expertise in AI and their position within the company that they work in.

The AI engineer’s salary in Myanmar marks 500,000 MMK per year depending on their skill knowledge and education qualification according to a source GoLogica Technologies.

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How DataMites is providing AI Training in Myanmar?

DataMites is a globally recognized training institute that provides a complete grip over artificial intelligence courses in Myanmar. The AI program covers data science packages NumPy, scipy, sklearn, matplotlib, and pandas. We are providing online AI courses in Myanmar and the duration will depend on the course you take. The students get assistance from expert professionals and access to the data science cloud lab for practice. DataMites data science courses in Myanmar are accredited by IABAC and thoroughly help students to grow exponentially. 

DataMites training institute prepares students to get AI training in Myanmar that will help them build a strong foundation for the skills aligned with the growing AI market. The artificial intelligence course in Myanmar covers deep learning algorithms, batchnorm, RNNS, etc. In the training period, students are also provided with case studies from natural language processing, healthcare, autonomous driving, etc. 

Introduction to Data Science in Myanmar

Myanmar has embraced new employment in data science that projects scientific methods and algorithms to extract knowledge from unstructured data. The job market for data science has expanded into many sub-sectors that choose the right candidate for the role. The tech companies in Myanmar are thriving by providing data science career paths. The importance of data science has reached its heights as multiple employees are choosing their career lines as data scientists, data analytics, data engineers, etc. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate of careers in data science has increased in Myanmar. 

Data science has seen potential growth in Myanmar and is estimated to grow 35.4% in the coming years. The leading IT companies in Myanmar are giving huge career opportunities in data science and guiding employees to get desired job role to upskill their talent. With the knowledge of data science, one can easily extract valuable information for the growth of business markets. The hype around data science careers in Myanmar is high and the scale is only going to grow even further in the years to come.

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What is data science and its demand in Myanmar?

Data science is the study of data that deals with modern tools and techniques. Through the use of data science, much useful information is used in complex machine learning algorithms that help in building predictive models. Data science cover statistic and maths to uncover organizational data. These data help in making better strategic planning and decision-making. IT firms are evolving their employment needs in the search for data science to improve business outcomes and values. Data science undergoes major stages of data processing and data analysis. 

The demand for data science in Myanmar is increasing and the career prospects are as well. According to a Glassdoor report, data science is ranked as the top career path to pursue.  Myanmar is recruiting incredible job roles in data science that will secure the future and also the business markets. The technological firms in Myanmar are giving more importance to data science careers because it is one of the fastest-growing jobs in recent years. The employment rate is growing tremendously which increased the number of employees who seek a future in data science.

The capital city of Myanmar, Naypyidaw has introduced Data Science as its major component in giant IT firms to enhance technology services. 

What are the career opportunities in data science?

Data science career is flourishing in the business market of Myanmar. As the future is trending with the latest technology in artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning which have high levels of job opportunities in tech firms. Today, data science has an impressive future that students or fresher can pursue to upskill their talent in their respective niches. Data is fuel to many IT companies that extract deep knowledge about the power of informational data. The major skills required for pursuing a data science career are statistics and math, programming languages like Python and R, raw data techniques, advanced data analysis, data visualization, etc.

The career opportunities in data science are data engineer, data analyst, data scientist, data architect, business intelligence analyst, statistician, and machine learning engineer. The top IT companies that make essential use of data science careers are Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Fractal Analytics, Absolutdata, Accenture, etc.

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What is the salary of data science professionals in Myanmar?

Data science is in high demand concerning its skills and with increased digital information the need for data has become prominent. Myanmar has had higher recruitment for data science professionals in recent years and so is the salary high for skilled professionals in data science.  

The salary of a data science professional in Myanmar ranges up to 909,000 MMK Per Month. The salary of the professional depends on their skills, educational qualifications, and experience in the related domain. 

According to a Glassdoor report, the highest salary of a data scientist or analytics goes up to 1,380,000 MMK Per Month.  

According to Salaryexplorer, a data scientist’s salary in Myanmar is 482,000 MMK Per Month. The salary includes transportation, housing, skills, experience, etc. 

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How DataMites is providing Data Science Course Training in Myanmar?

DataMites is a renowned training institute that provides a leading course in data science and relevantly covers courses for Python/R, statistics, business aspects, tableau, and machine learning. The students get intensive 2 months of online training in data science. The students willing to pursue their desired career in data science get access to a data science cloud lab for practice. The courses of DataMites are accredited by the International bodies of IABAC, which provides globally recognized certification at the end of the training. 

DataMites offers data science programs in Myanmar through an online platform with professional mentoring, and a rich syllabus. The training session will assist you with job placements and internships. The entire training provides valuable case studies and client projects to handle which enhances the student’s credibility. 

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The future of artificial intelligence and data science is trending and the need for AI analysts, AI engineers, data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers is increasing significantly in Myanmar. The country has developed itself to bring transformation in technical firms by using informational data. With the help of artificial intelligence and data science, there can be massive changes in the digital world.

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