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Data Science Jobs, Salaries, and Course fees in Dubai

Data science is developing more quickly than many of us could have imagined, reaching new heights every day. Data analysis and developing insights from it are all steps in the multi-level data science process. With many businesses setting up headquarters now to gain unauthorized access to the middle east, Dubai has emerged as the potential worldwide hub for technology and innovation.

Are data science careers worth it?

The Dubai Internet City has strived to become a favored location for international startups and new economy businesses since its establishment in 2000. When you hear the term Dubai, pictures of opulent hotels, glittering nightlife, soaring architectural marvels, and enormous malls with the scorching desert sun in the background come to mind. Nevertheless, the city is so much more than a yard for the extremely wealthy. Dubai is spearheading the UAE’s efforts to modernize its economy and revamp itself as a global powerhouse for tech and innovation, hidden behind the flawlessly constructed buildings and layers of bright colors.

Since the UAE has ambitious goals to lead digital transformation and in creating a smart hub, there will be a significant need for skillsets like coding and analytics that are directly related to the digitalization of many industry verticals. Big data’s emergence has made it possible to gather enormous amounts of data through a variety of methods. Due to the shortage of data scientists, there is a huge demand for skilled data science professionals in Dubai.

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Data Science Job Roles in Dubai

Dubai is setting the benchmark as an innovative leader worldwide. It is admirable to note that half of the world’s data scientists are employed by the five largest businesses, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. Careers in data science are among the most sought-after and rapidly expanding professional options. Data science is one of the top jobs in the country. The U.S. labor statistics report predicts that by 2026, there will be a 27.9 percent increase in demand for qualified data scientists.

Nevertheless, there are a wide variety of data science careers available. You will have access to a wide range of career options and job titles if you decide to pursue a data science job.

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Database Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Statistician
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Mining Specialist

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Data Scientist Salary in Dubai and UAE

Since the country’s inception in 1971, UAE has continuously been distinguished as a place for innovation and creativity, enhancing its social and economic status at large scales. UAE is transforming into a primary hotspot for talents and businesses in record time. The data science industry in UAE is witnessing immense growth given how the country has paved way for numerous IT industries to grow.

  • The average data scientist’s salary in the UAE is AED 15,638 per month and AED 220,866 a year. (Indeed.com)
  • The salaryexplorer.com states that a data scientist in UAE gets paid about AED 390,000 yearly.

Well, Data science is obviously in high demand and offers good pay. Dubai is renowned for being a reliable paymaster with the salary for data science professionals soaring greater and greater heights with the years passing by.

  • As per Glassdoor.com, the average salary for data scientists in Dubai is 20,000 AED a month. This amount could vary from AED 9229 to AED 30,000 per month based on the qualifications, skillset, experience, and company.
  • Whereas complying with the report from payscale, the average data scientist salary in Dubai is AED 174,309, with the salary ranging from 17,000 AED per year at the lowest to AED 356,000 per year at the highest.
  • The Indeed job portal reveals that a data scientist in Dubai can get an average pay of AED 195,608 a year and AED 13,849 a month.

Skills in Data Science

In the internet of things era, technology is quickly integrating into our lives, so, having computer expertise, programming skills, data analytics, and data science skills are essential. Also, by 2025 180 zettabytes (180 trillion gigabytes) of data will have been produced worldwide, predicts Statista. Data science is a profession that is expanding quickly, and in the years to come, there will likely be a continued demand for data science skills and knowledge. Data has grown exponentially in recent years, which is astounding.

If you want to get started on a career based on present and projected trends, these skills are not just good to have but a requisite. Data scientists are highly qualified professionals, thus the typical untrained person could not perform the job. You must first obtain a variety of technical abilities before you can enter the sector.

Hard Skills for Data Science Professionals

  • Programming Languages like python, R, C.
  • Terms corresponding to statistics, mathematics, and probability
  • Data Visualization, Data Mining, ML, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Acumen
  • Grasp over the cloud platforms – AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Data science experts do require some talents that go beyond purely technical ones. It is no secret that possessing these fundamental abilities can make you a competitive candidate in the field if you are a recent graduate looking to pursue a career in data science but are unsure if data science would be the correct field for you.

Soft Skills for Data Science Professionals

  • Storytelling
  • Communicative Skills
  • Highly Collaborative
  • Analytical Mindset
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Paying Attention to minute details

Soft skills, or character traits that make it easy for you to get along with others, are becoming more and more important. Technical expertise alone won’t suffice to achieve true effectiveness; hence, it is meaningless without soft skills. Winning a Data Science Certification in Dubai is your way to go to fostering all the necessary skills and expertise in the domain and becoming a successful data science professional.

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Reasons to get a data science certification in Dubai

Because so much data is being generated, data science is developing at an incredibly fast rate. Dubai is associated with cutting-edge technology and advancements as well. People with the right and appropriate skillset can most definitely set their mark given the ample opportunities that the city offers. In just a few years, the data science market in Dubai is anticipated to increase to at least one-third of the whole IT market.

Companies are seeking people who can comprehend, analyze, and present data in order to make better decisions. A graduate degree in data science is the ideal career objective if you have strong analytical abilities and a passion for computers. When it comes to achieving a Data Science Certification in Dubai, there are myriad viable alternatives. Although there are many distinct certifications being offered currently, amongst them the most coveted ones are;

  • Certified Data Scientist
  • Python for Data Science
  • Data Science for Managers
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Data Science for Operations
  • Data Science for Marketing
  • Diploma in Data Science
  • Data Science Foundation

Obtaining a Data Science Certification will offer you a competitive advantage over other business professionals in your field. You will be able to pinpoint your present skill set and pick up complex capabilities that are difficult to locate in your field. Evidently, data science certifications assist aspirants in acquiring the practical experience and professional portfolio required to be considered for data science jobs.

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Why DataMites for Data Science Courses in Dubai?

Data Science has developed into a lucrative profession since there is a shortage of skilled data scientists and a rising demand. Given that data science is a highly technical field, aspirants who wish to pursue it as a career will need to put in a lot of effort and dedication. But the benefits are considerably bigger.

DataMites is the global training provider rendering industry’s best training in data science, artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, python, MLOps, and more. To learn more about data science, check out the DataMites Data Science Certification Program in Dubai. DataMites data science certification program in Dubai will impart technical knowledge through project-based learning, allowing you to create a strong portfolio that focuses on practical data science scenarios.

DataMites offers a flexible option of online data science training in Dubai, which typically takes eight months to complete. With the aid of the course’s practical projects, you can assemble a portfolio to confirm to future employers your data science expertise. Our entire curriculum now carries an internationally recognizable identity thanks to IABAC approval.

How much would a data science certification cost in Dubai?

Enrolling in DataMites data science training in Dubai teaches you everything you need to thrive in the profession, from the foundations to advanced abilities, and is the first step in being certified as a data scientist. The average data science course fee in Dubai is between 1385.45 AED and 4618.17 AED. However, DataMites provides customizable pricing for its data science training online in Dubai. The data science training fee in Dubai is 6470 AED, but it is currently only 4,437 AED!

The Certified Data Scientist Course is a beginner-level course in data science that will encompass 120+ hours of learning, 25 capstone projects, 1 live project, internship opportunities, and job assistance. The course is organized and accredited, offering teaching from business experts, and that, upon completion, can grant you a professional IABAC certification.

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End Note

Data science is incredibly fascinating, and interest in it has recently increased significantly across industries. That being said, data scientists are in greater demand than ever, and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. You can demonstrate the abilities required to handle and assess data for the benefit of business expansion and profitability by earning a data science certification. You do have an exciting road ahead when it comes to data science.

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