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What are the top IT companies in the UAE?


UAE has advanced itself in terms of technology which is faster in manufacturing trade, business, hospitality, etc. UAE is best known for data centres and emerging technology.  Many countries including the USA try to merge digital communication for the expansion of their trade services. UAE is already a well-developed country that leads international trade to grow its revenue in the market. Technology in the UAE runs faster than humans to build an efficient environment for business and trade. The demand for the IT sector has already emerged and has developed its business economy in the country.

Technology in the UAE has brought people together to work as a team to accelerate its industrial growth. It is the busiest country that believes in team connection and forming new ideas that digitally spreads its network to the markets. The new talents have grown themselves in the IT sector to share their knowledge which benefits the company’s goals. UAE has ranked globally as one of the finest technological sectors that have outstanding resources. 

History of UAE

If we track down the history of the UAE then you’ll get to know that it shares its borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman. The country is located on the Arabian Peninsula and is famously known for its constitutional federation. It is a free and sovereign country that consists of seven emirates- Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras AL Khaimah, Ajman, Umm AL Quwain, and Fujairah. Since the country has formed, it has witnessed enormous development economically and technological. The country has transited itself diversely in areas such as oil production, agriculture, fishing, and natural resources. The citizens of UAE have significantly adapted themselves to the ever-growing environment which has affected their lifestyle positively.

UAE celebrates its national day on 2nd December and it is considered one of the youngest nations because it was originally formed in the year 1971. The country is rich in a heritage which includes Architecture, Islam values, sports, and archaeological figures. In the early age, the people of UAE survived through fishing and plantation which was in the era of the Paleolithic. The entire country covers its population of 9.9 million people in an area of 83,600 km(2) which equally covers the size of Australia. 

UAE is famously known for Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, and Burj AL Arab which is the tallest hotel and most expensive in the world. Being an Islam country it has beautiful mosques which follow considerate protocols and regulations towards its religion. Despite all this, UAE is also known for its massive Dubai mall, dunes, and camel racing. The popular food of UAE is “Shawarma” which is roasted kebab and camel meat.  

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What is the economic status of the UAE?

UAE stands in the 2nd position economically with a GDP of US$501 billion which makes it the most expensive country in the world. The revenue of the country heavily relies on the exportation of petroleum. The Arab country has tremendously grown in the economic sector and continued growing because of consistent development in areas like tourism, education, agriculture, and the IT industry which reciprocated its financial reports. 

UAE has a sharper GDP level and exceeded its revenue with the exportation of oil and trade. The country counts as the wealthiest in terms of its diverse economy. The country maintains its reputation by providing long-term success and living standards that allow thriving transformation. The economic growth of UAE in the year 2022 has revised more efficiently and expanded the GDP by 5%. The rise of oil production has extended its price which becomes the key factor in the country’s growth. 

UAE gears up its annual economy which resulted in its output from oil production and natural gas. UAE is also benefiting from the private sector as it continues to attract the best firms in the IT sector. The business market has emerged in the skyline of the country which significantly shapes the economic reputation. The main economic source of UAE is tourism which maintains the flow of emirates cash.

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IT sector in UAE

UAE, being a competitive country, ranks first in the tech industry which has better opportunities in terms of education, market value, tourism, etc. As the country is oversupplied with jobs, starting a career would lead you to bigger impacts in generalizing your vision towards an IT company. UAE has a high scope for the Industrial sector and has reached its advancement through giant technology that transfers AI information. 

There are several IT companies in UAE that are thriving successfully and yet these companies counts on top:

1. Epson

Epson is a globally acclaimed IT company in UAE that connects information and people. It is a printing company that helps customers efficiently with video projection, industrial automation, and other electronic systems. Epson is considered one of the major companies in the UAE that is linked with the Seiko group of corporations. One of the leading computer manufacturing companies was founded in the year 1942. The specialities of Epson company include textile printing, gaming projection, Installation of projection, Label printing, etc.

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2. Amazon.ae

Amazon.ae is the largest E-commerce platform in UAE. It was previously known as Souq.com which later changed to Amazon.Inc. The company launched itself in the year 2005 in Dubai, UAE and it flourished immensely. The company serves millions of trusted products including health, beauty, electronics, fashion, and household accessories. The company takes experienced talent to work with the IT firm to accelerate more opportunities for job seekers. 

3. Xerox Emirates LLC

UAE, one of the established countries, provides Top IT Companies that deal with printing systems and all printer work that provides multi-function. The company ensures to broaden the vision effectively with tech solutions. Xerox Emirates LLC secures data and protects against cyber attacks. It also measures industry security with the help of technology. The company monitors the unauthorized risks and tries to reduce them with the help of tech solutions. Xerox Emirates LLC gives the best career opportunities to build oneself innovatively. 

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4. QualityKiosk Technologies

QualityKiosk Technologies is the top IT company in Dubai, UAE which is famously known for its digital service. The company has a vast IT network that provides 1000+ experts to enhance the quality assurance service that is partnered with financial services, banking, e-commerce etc. The company is trusted by great industrial leaders of Toyota, Thomas cook, Emirates, and Citibank. The company embarks on digital transformation which increases the business growth of the company.

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5. Splash Software

One of the top Software companies located in Dubai processes the activities of computer systems and equips the software designs. The company has advanced itself with the blockchain system and provides support for consultant work with digital help. The company will enhance the thinking power of humans who would choose to build their career in Splash Software. The team is led by experts who modernized artificial intelligence for the benefit of the Industry. The company provides services like functional design, cloud designing, mobile application development, etc.

6. IBM Middle East

IBM has served the UAE for more than 6 decades and has transformed the technology with business solutions. IBM plays a vital role in changing the tech process which provides a full improvement in terms of various science sectors. IBM believes to embrace the research program which has active clients and it contributes to development programs that renovate the entire driven technology. The latest services of IBM are application services, analytics, artificial intelligence, etc. 

7. Oracle

Oracle is another giant tech company in UAE with advanced applications that meets all technological needs. The company has flourished with cloud computing and applications which provide existing services to the IT industry. Oracle has established its office all over the world and empowers technology with stability and security. Oracle leads the employee to have a broad vision to display innovative ideas to bring workflow. Oracle has transformed infrastructure with more than 430000 trusted customers which play a major role in its success.

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8. Vision Valley

Vision Valley has established its company in Dubai and is considered one of the top leading companies that expand its team and leader to work in diverse ways. The company has expanded its wings to the networking, telecommunication, and IT industry. It focuses on several services like digital marketing, mobile application, site surveys, etc. It has advanced itself in terms of wireless technology and system networking etc. The headquarter resides in Dubai, UAE that commits to providing IT solutions.

9. Unified Microsystems

Unified Microsystem is a computer consultant company situated in Dubai, UAE. It stands with a rating of 5.0 along with top-rated reviews. It is a private company with IT solutions that delivers projects, integrated technology, and great communication. The company delivers projects on time and adds value to every opportunity. The enormous growth in technology has shaped the daily routine of society. The unified microsystem was established in the year 2005 and since then has provided benefits to the company.

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10. KNZ Solutions

KNZ Solution is a global company which implores into the company goal and builds competency level for team members. The company brings innovation and management which lead to its growth. The consultant is the advisor who leads the business and adds value to the IT industry. The service provided by KNZ Solution is Micro-segmentation, software networking, Datacenter Architecture etc. The company possess ample knowledge and implements desired requirements.

11. Cognizant

Cognizant is said to be the top IT company in UAE that offers learning based on Technology and digitalization. According to employees, it’s a thriving place that has unique ideas which can grow the technology 2x faster in the coming year. One of the best leading and influencing companies with great infrastructure where the discussion takes place to execute innovations. Cognizant can be a great place to follow your passion which makes an innovative career path.

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12. Tata Consultancy Services- UAE

Tata consultancy services are known as the fastest-growing IT company in UAE which was established in the year 1968. The company has grown its position to a top firm by expanding sectors in various services and aims to excel in its business objectives. A platform where anyone can grow their vision towards the ever-growing IT sector. The impact Tcs company gives to its employees is beneficial to society to see a remarkable change.

13. Cisco System

Cisco system is a networking company in UAE which pays attention to all the internet things. As digitalization has changed the lifestyle of humans and replaced everything with the online mode which makes networking an essential part of technology. The company provides excessive growth to employees and expects solutions for business objectives. It was founded in the year 1984 at Stanford University by a computer scientist. The advanced technologies provide by cisco are:

  • IP Communications
  • Wireless LAN
  • Networking Systems
  • Networking Security

14. Amaris

Amaris is another Top IT company in UAE that spreads at least 50 locations across the world. One of the leading tech companies that perform better to achieve company goals. Amaris adds value to companies’ reputations by providing innovative solutions. The company guides the business strategy and provides tech services like- life science and engineering, telecom, and Information digital. The vision of the company aims to achieve stability and excellence in the further year.

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15. Google

Google is a well-known IT company in UAE which focuses on search engine technology and operates other international domains. The company was previously named Googol and later it was changed to Google. The founder of Google was Larry Page and Sergey bin which eased millions of human problem. It is one of the most powerful companies which provides relevant information about everything. It has a wide range of revenue which continued to innovate the google organization. A dream place for many to begin their bright future. 

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What is the Software Engineers’ salary in UAE?

UAE has emerged long before in technology and digitalization which provides opportunities to people who hold solid resumes and portfolios to describe their identity. Terms of software engineers’ salary, it varies from person to person based on their work experience. 

The average salary of a Software engineer in the UAE goes up to AED 10,000 per month. According to the payscale report, the annual salary of an employee working in Dubai is up to AED 132,028 per year. The software engineers’ payment is released according to their designation and job position. The salary of web developers, QC engineers, architects, and software developers varies according to their work experience.

The list of salary for software engineers is AED 10,500

  • Web developer- AED 11,350
  • QC Engineer- AED- 7,000
  • Architect – AED 31,000

UAE is a competitive and expensive place and making money in such a place needs smart work and innovative ideas to settle oneself in such an environment. The salary of a software engineer seems to be good in UAE which includes housing, food, and transportation. 

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Technology has already made its mark in UAE, now the priority of UAE is Artificial intelligence which plays a vital role in transforming the country in the coming year. The contribution has taken place by 33% in each sector including education, health, transportation, etc. With the emergence of smartphones, technology has embraced the country and changed the aspects of life everywhere. Technology stands top in UAE with advanced digitalization and web development.

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