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DataMites™ officially launched the Placement Assistance Team (PAT) for Global Data Science job opportunities

DataMites™, a global leader in Data Science training, commissioned a team of expert in matching the Industry requirements to the candidates, who are trained by DataMites™. This team officially referred as Placement Assistance Team (PAT), works from DataMites™ Bangalore office with dedicated resources in providing assistance in job placements for candidates across the globe.

PAT primarily focuses in scanning and filtering job opportunities across the globe, mostly in regions of Americas and India, that are matching profiles with candidates trained through DataMites™. PAT actively contacts the organisation with job opportunities to understand the requirements in more details, find the match with existing candidates databases and facilities the interviews accordingly.

Being a leader in Data Science and Artificial Neural Network models, DataMites™ spent significant efforts in creating indigenously developed Artificial Neural Network algorithm based intelligent agent nicknamed “JOBO”, to find the best match for job opportunities, enabling PAT to increase the chances of placements in an efficient process. JOBO keeps on learning based on the successful as well as not successful hires over a period of time with this data being constantly fed to the model, enabling more accurate predictions. JOBO is expected to perform with much greater accuracy in predicting the matching job profiles, thereby speeding up the whole matching and hiring cycle by end of the year 2017.

PAT services, as of now, are provided as complimentary service for the existing candidates in India. As JOBO becomes smarter and becomes valuable, DataMites™ plans to make PAT service as paid service somewhere around mid 2018.

All candidates training through DataMites™ irrespective of the course and mode of training, can avail PAT as complementary service. For more details, please contact DataMites™ toll-free service at 1800-200-6848 or drop an email to service@datamites.com / PAT@datamites.com

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