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What are the top IT company in Patna?

Patna has enthusiastically embraced technological digitalization. The technology has numerous applications in various sectors including healthcare, education, transportation and networking. The city has introduced new technologies like machine learning, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, data science, etc. giving it a prominent space to develop itself in various verticals. Patna has also expanded its educational sector and has built institutes like IIT, BIT, and NIT to grow valuable knowledge into young minds. As the route of technology has developed itself, it spreads its array of opportunities to build the city successfully in terms of IT firms and digital innovations.

The demand for technology has risen high in the city of Patna and has recently set up many IT firms to expand their innovation. The Bihar Association of Patna has planned to set up east India’s first artificial intelligence centre that aims to work on emerging technologies to endeavour human skills. In today’s generation, Data is a key need in the IT sector that has established several organizations to deploy big data solutions. Patna has flourished in terms of digitalization and has aimed to bring innovation to the city.

What is the history of Patna?

Patna is the capital of Bihar state. It was earlier called Pataliputra and its name went through many changes from Kusumpur, Azimabad, Pataligram, and Patliputra to ultimately being called ‘Patna’. Chandragupta Maurya declared Patna as the capital of Bihar. Later, he lost Patna to Sherkhan Suri who inflicted his power in the city. Patna got its name from a village named called Pattan which later turned into Patna. 

Pataliputra’s name was given by Ajatashatru who took several measures to protect Patna from repeated Lichchavi invasions. Ajatashastru’s son moved his capital from Rajagriha to Patliaputra and maintained the status of the reign till the Guptas and the Mauryas. The city is also famous for scholars like Kautilya who stayed in Patna and did works like “ Arthashastra”. In the year 1703, the grandson of Aurangzeb came up as Governor of Patna and ruled the capital. He turned the place into a beautiful city and many forts were built in memory of ancient warriors.

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What is the economic status of Patna?

Patna is an economically developed city that serves the most prominent IT services solutions to giant IT firms. The economic modification is huge because of agriculture and industrialization. The annual GDP of the city is around RS 7,45,310 Crores which brings stability to Patna. The government of Patna improved the city and brought transparency to its industrial sector. Patna has evolved into a significant centre of trade which supported the economy of the city.  

Patna largely exports agricultural products like grain, wheat, sugarcane, sesame, and rice which increase the business value and maintain the revenue. Patna has spurred its growth in the economy industry because of the IT service sector, good industries, and green revolution business. The city depends on the small industrial sectors and tries to increase its revenue by developing its services. It has developed a real-estate business that are likely to boom in the coming years. The city also manufactures electrical goods, shoes, and cotton yarns that bring stability to the economy of Patna. 

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What is the growth of the IT industries in Patna?

Technology has takena an  initiative to build an incubation centre in Patna to support major startups that are developing in the city. Patna is functioning in terms of educational institutes, transportation, health, railway, IT industries, retail, trade, etc. The government of Patna has decided to bring digitalization as an innovation for the growth and stability of the city. There are more than 500+ developers and programmers to maintain the software companies with more enthusiastic work. The youth has emerged significantly in recent times and shown increased growth in employment.

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Top IT companies in Patna

1. Brand Radiator:

Brand Radiator is among the top IT companies in Patna, founded by Himani Mishra to cater to the growth in the business market. The company offers design solutions to the problem to maintain industry growth. It has seen outstanding performance in different fields of content marketing, public relation, digital strategies, etc. It intends to understand the vision of the clients and provide them with excellent services.

2. DG Digital:

DG Digital is a leading IT company in Patna, it impacts the stability of the company by initiating software development services. The company has seen growth and has achieved success to make it a reliable IT firm. It supports top businesses, brands, artists, etc. The strength of the company lies in providing SEO- oriented strategies to its clients. The top services of DG Digital are video marketing, event management, web development, web design, etc.

3. Agkiya Media:

Agkiya Media stands as a top IT company in Patna, it provides a digital solutions to different clients to fulfill their business needs. The company is led by expert professionals who work smartly to bring growth to the industry. Agkiya Media keeps its mark on various services to let the work run smoothly. It leads services from brand creation to digital marketing to make the workflow easy and make the market value of the business grow. The company has rich experience in digital marketing and IT services that grow the industry.

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4. Flipsoft Technologies:

Patna is thriving in setting up many IT firms and Flipsoft Technologies is one among them. The company aims to accelerate its online business and maintain its growth. It has enhanced itself in terms of technology and is highly recognized for providing successful projects to clients. Flipsoft Technologies provides some key IT services like graphic design, web development, digital marketing, web designing, etc. It provides great opportunities for freshers to upskill their knowledge.

5. Dynode Software Technology Pvt. Ltd:

Dynode Software Technology Pvt. Ltd is a top IT company in Patna, it specifically understands the main business domain and provides clients with their required needs. It provides some prominent IT services on e-Commerce, digital PMS, web development, software development, etc. It provides the best solution to the industry and grows its business value. It has rich experience in digital marketing and aims to thrive to impact the growth of the industry. It has 50000+ clients who are being served the best IT services to enhance their business market.

6. Ensett: 

Ensett is a renowned IT company in Patna. It was established in the year 2019 with a profound aim to bring digital transformation to the company. It has a core team of professionals that values the digitally-conscious state. The main IT services provided by Ensett are UI/UX design, SEO, Technical SEO, SEO road mapping, etc. It is the fastest-growing marketing agency that helps the business market to broaden. 

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7. Sanity Software:

Sanity Software is a leading IT company in Patna, the team of experts is classified into engineers, strategists, and designers who focus to innovate the company’s brand and digital world. The company follows the technology services and provides the best IT solutions to enhance the growing position of the industry. The vision of Sanity Softwares is to deliver enhanced services to client’s leverage the spirit of the company. The prominent services of the company are web designing, web development, software development, mobile app development, etc.

8. Avops Technologies Pvt. Ltd:

Patna has the most renowned IT companies and Avops Technologies is one among them. Being the best website designing company, it provides IT services on website design, web development, digital marketing, bulk SMS, portal, mobile application development, etc. The company focuses majorly on the clients and catering successful projects on time to satisfy their needs. The company has a standard rating of 4.9 according to Justdial, Threebestrate.in, Google reviews summary, etc.  

9. RKV IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd:

RKV IT Solutions is a leading IT company in Patna, with 7 years of experience in the IT field, and caters top business solutions for its clients. It aims to develop the best software development that will help the clients to boost their business value. The team of professionals is highly skilled and they perform greatly to bring growth to the industry. The company chooses the right candidates to upgrade the position in the industry. Freshers learn and adapt at a fast pace and develop their tech skills.

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10. Shish Technology:

Shish technology is a leading IT company in Patna, providing prominent IT services on website development, website designing, bulk SMS services, android application development, etc. It was founded in the year 2012 and aims to establish a strong firm for the benefit of the company as well as the employees. The team of experts is dedicated to performing in their field and bringing excellence to the company. 

11. Genesys Consulting Pvt. Ltd:

Genesys Consulting is one of the top IT companies in Patna that got establiehd in recent years by a young entrepreneur named Hansa Sinha. The company aims to design and deliver the best IT services to clients in support of business prospects. It hugely contributes to the state of the economy and balances its stability. The company serves many top IT services including HR consulting, IT consulting and project consulting, etc. The company believes strongly in teamwork and performs accordingly in its respective niches.

12. Fillip Technologies:

Patna is embracing major IT firms and Fillip Technologies is one among them. It provides extraordinary services to its clients and fulfills their business needs. The company is thriving and innovating new tech services. and it is innovating new tech services. The team of professionals has creative minds and skilled experience to bring development to the company. It emphasized small-scale businesses to help them grow their organization. The company shows effective commitment to increasing revenue to the clients by building their business needs. 

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13. Ficuslot Innovation Pvt. Ltd

Ficuslot Innovation is a top It company in Patna which is a website development company. It emphasizes clients’ business development and works accordingly to meet their requirements. The company provides projects on Human resource management, GST billing, tracking system, eCommerce, and travel portal. The organization aims to serve diligently in every aspect. The team of professionals is highly experienced and brings innovation to the company in a profound way.

14. Xtech:

Xtech Technologies is a website design and development company that is growing rapidly in Patna. The company holds 15+ years of experience in software development and tries to fulfill the demand for IT solutions. Xtech provides top IT services on website design, website development, mobile app development, and web application development. The company aims to provide business at a very affordable cost and deals majorly with business softwares like austrian binary plan, generation plan, single leg plan, crypto plan, etc. 

15. RKV IT Solutions:

RKV IT Solution is a leading IT companies in Patna. It provides best services on software development, digital marketing, mobile app development, web development, etc. The company is famously known the ‘Centre of Excellence’as its provides customized services to clients and fulfills their business demands on time. The lead and expert professionals of the company always try to develop the weak area by providing definite solutions. 

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What is the salary of a software engineer in Patna?

Technology has made its centre in Patna and software engineer get their salary according to their educational qualification and skills.

According to a Glassdoor report, the average salary of a software engineer in Patna goes up to Rs 5,06,741 per year.

According to an Indeed.com report, a software engineer’s salary in Patna ranges between Rs 2.7 Lakhs to Rs 11.0 Lakhs per year. The salary depends on the education qualification of the software engineer and it also depends on the company standard. 

According to the Ambition Box report, the salary of a software engineer in Patna goes up to Rs 27987 month. 


Patna is the fastest-growing industrial city that has made its place in tech innovations. The government has initiated to boost the IT sector and bring more employment opportunities to young talent. The city widely absorbs software techniques to transform the standard of the economic value of Patna. Technology is ahead and links to many innovations that bring transformation into society. Patna tries to develop the city in terms of technology and digitalization to maintain the living standard of the citizens.

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