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  • IABAC® Global Certification
  • 4-Month | 200+ Learning Hours
  • 10 Capstone & 1 Client Project
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• Introduction to Data Analytics 
• Data Analyst vs Data Science vs Data Analytics 
• Type of Data Analytics
• Data Analytics Eco System 
• Data Analytics Tools 

• Introduction to Data Science
• Industry applications
• Terminologies
• Data Science Evolution
• Machine Learning in Data Science and Use cases

• Statistics Introduction
• Terminologies
• Inferential Statistics
• Harnessing Data
• Exploratory Analysis
• Distributions
• Central Limit Theorem
• Hypothesis Testing
• Correlation and Regression

• Relational Database Management Systems basics
• SQL Introduction
• Connection to SQL databases
• Fetching data with SELECT
• WHERE condition
• SQL CRUD operations

• Introduction to Big Data
• Hadoop Concepts
• Spark Big Data for Data Science Processing
• Handling Big Data in Machine Learning Pipeline

• Visual Analytics basics
• Tableau Introduction
• Connecting to data source
• Dimensions and measures
• Basic plots
• Advanced Plots
• Filters
• Calculated Variables
• Forecasting
• Publishing

Decision Modeling: Mathematical modeling, decision modeling,break-even decision model, prescriptive model pricing

Sales promotion model: Sales promotion decision, Sales prediction with multiple regression analysis.

KERC inc – case study: predictive analytics with less uncertainty:kerc inc – car manufacturer case study, kerc inc case modeling, optimizing kerc production model.

WonderZon retailer: case study: WonderZon case study: problem statement, WonderZon case modeling, predicting optimum logistics cost

Predictive Analytics: predictive analytics introduction, types of
predictive analytics, application of predictive analytics

Regression: Mathematical modeling regression, simple learning
regression, predicting profit with regression

Multiple Regression: Multiple regression modeling, predictive
analytics summary

Predictive Analytics with High Uncertainty:
Smart it inc. internet plan decision: problem statement, model
building, Optimization and plan decision

Decision Tree Model:
Kickathlon sport retailer – Selecting Vendor case, decision tree
convention, decision strategies, maxi-min strategy, maxi-max
strategy, maximize expected value strategy

High uncertainty with Monte Carlo Simulation:
Decision trees with Monte Carlo simulation, uncertain output range,
decision tree summary

End to End case study with real life data requiring advanced
data analytics to provide insights from the data and decisions




DataMitesTM is a global institute with an elaborate curriculum that has been laid out in advance for data analytics programmes in Patna. Join DataMites to receive superior training at reasonable rates. Due to the length of the curriculum, candidates receive training right away. As this course is clearly outlined on its own, applicants receive absolutely complete instruction. The cost of the data analytics course is 42,000 INR in Patna.

Our learning approach is comprised of the following three thorough steps:

  • The first stage, also known as Phase 1, entails giving students access to videos and other resources for independent study in addition to the requisite study materials.

  • The interactive capstone project, IABAC Data Analytics Credential, and online training for data analytics are all included in Phase 2.

  • The Job Ready Program, projects, and internships constitute Phase 3.

The completion of a particular professional training programme, such as the DataMites four-month Certified Data Analyst in Patna, is evidenced by a certificate. In contrast, certification is evidence that a person has taken and passed a particular exam, such as the one necessary to earn Certified Data Analyst in Patna. Although it is presently only 44,900 INR, our certified data analyst course in Patna would typically cost 55,000 INR. There are IABAC and JainX certifications.

Patna, the capital and largest city of Bihar is a renowned IT Hub and the home to some of the country’s major IT corporations that operate out of the city. You can acquire the knowledge and abilities required to be successful in this expanding industry by enrolling in the data analytics course online in Patna

Data analytics is a rapidly expanding profession, and as more businesses realise they must include data analytics into their everyday operations, more job opportunities in this sector are emerging. According to Payscale, a data analyst's average salary in India is 4,64,926 and glassdoor revealed that a data analyst in Patna earns an average amount of 3,24,027 LPA!

Along with the data analytics courses, DataMites also provides artificial intelligence, data engineer, data science, deep learning, tableau, python training, r programming, and machine learning courses in Patna.

Enrol in the Data Analytics Training in Patna!


Organizations can use data analytics to analyse all of their data (historical, real-time, unstructured, structured, and qualitative) in order to find patterns and generate insights that can be used to inform and, in some cases, automatically execute decisions. This helps to bridge the gap between intelligence and action.

The basic answer is everyone wants to learn data science, whether they are seasoned experts or novices. Engineers, software developers, IT specialists, and marketers can all register for DataMites data analytics courses in Patna.

Data-driven decision-making is supported by both business analysts and data analysts inside their organisations. Data analysts often deal more closely with the data itself, but business analysts typically take a more active role in addressing business issues and offering solutions. Both roles have strong demand and competitive remuneration.

It may feel as though there is no limit to the amount of information to learn about a job in data analytics. Data analysts should have experience using analytics, data visualisation, and data management systems but do not necessarily need to be proficient in advanced coding.

One of the most sought-after careers in 2022 will be data analysis. India is the second major centre for data-related employment after the United States. Depending on the training level you want, there will be a difference in cost. The cost of data analytics training might be anything between 30,000 and 100,000 Indian rupees.

A degree is typically not required for a position as a data analyst, but getting the right certification from an accredited college is crucial. It could take anywhere from six weeks to two years to learn the skills needed for success in data analytics. DataMites 4-month data analytics certification programme is an efficient way to learn about and master data analytics. Because there are so many different paths one might take to become a data analytics specialist, the variability is explained by this.

If you're new to the field of data analysis, your first role can be as a junior analyst. If you've had any previous experience and have some transferrable analytical skills, you might be able to get work as a data analyst. 

  • Data Analyst Consultant

  • Quantitative Analyst

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Marketing Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Engineer

  • Project Manager

  • Operations Analyst

  • IT Systems Analyst

The advantages of a position in data analytics won't materialise without extensive training and effort. To be successful in their line of work, data analysts need a specific set of skills, and while having a technical background is vital, they also need a few soft skills.

  • Clearing Data Displaying Information

  • Along with linear algebra, NoSQL Machine Learning Calculus, MATLAB, R, Python, and Python.

  • Excel for Windows: Critical Thinking and Communication

  • The national average salary for a Data Analyst in India is INR 6,00,000 per year. (Glassdoor)

  • The national average salary for a Data Analyst is USD 69,517 per year in the United States. (Glassdoor)

  • The national average salary for a Data Analyst in the UK is £36,535 per annum.  (Glassdoor)

  • The national average salary for a Data Analyst in Australia is AUD 85,000 per year. (Glassdoor)

  • The national average salary for a Data Analyst in Switzerland is CHF 95,626 per year. (Glassdoor)

  • The national average salary for a Data Analyst in Germany is 46,328 EUR per annum. (Payscale)

  • The national average salary for a Data Analyst in UAE is AED 106,940 per year. (Payscale)

  • The national average salary for a Data Analyst in Canada is C$58,843 per year. (Payscale)

  • The national average salary for a Data Analyst in Saudi Arabia is SAR 95,960 per year. (Payscale.com)

  • The national average salary for a Data Analyst in South Africa is ZAR 286,090 per year. (Payscale.com)

One of the pleasant features of a career in data analytics is the increase in income that comes with it. With the increased demand for qualified data analysts, big data jobs are paying more. According to Payscale, a data analyst's average salary in India is 4,64,926 and glassdoor revealed that a data analyst in Patna earns an average amount of 3,24,027 LPA!

The ideal place for you, if you want to pursue a career in analytics, is DataMites. The primary mentors are knowledgeable professionals who are industry-oriented, and the course curriculum is well-planned. We provide projects and internship possibilities for the practical experience! The finest educational setting for you, if you want to work in the analytics sector, is DataMites. The primary mentors are knowledgeable and dedicated to the profession, and the course material is well-developed. Projects and internship possibilities are available for professional skills!

The most valuable certification in data analytics is the Certified Data Analyst course, which attests to your competence in confidently evaluating data utilising a variety of technologies. Your competence in handling data, doing exploratory research, understanding the fundamentals of analytics, and visualising, presenting, and expanding on your findings are all demonstrated by your certification. IABAC and the esteemed Jain University both acknowledge the DataMites CDA Course.

Your highest bet in the field is the DataMites data analyst certification course in Patna. Our data analytics training in Patna provides you with tangible proof that you are qualified to help businesses, including well-known multinationals, interpret the data at hand. It is evident that you are qualified to carry out the responsibilities of a certain job role in accordance with industry standards, as opposed to a data analytics certificate.

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You may grow in your career and apply for the highest-paying opportunities with data analytics training that is specific to the needs of the sector. Having the ability to work with data is no longer optional given the surge in the use of analytics. The importance of data analytics skills will only increase as more sectors and businesses come on board.

The International Association of Business Analytics Certifications has approved DataMitesTM, a global institute for data science (IABAC).

  • Trained more than 50,000 candidates

  • To provide the finest instruction possible, the three-phase learning technique was meticulously planned.

  • Participate in worthwhile case studies and real-world projects.

  • Obtain the global IABAC and JainX Data Analytics Certification.

  • Assistance with internships and employment.

Both undergraduates and freshmen may enrol in the course. The best job choice for you will be pursuing a profession as a data analyst if you want to go from an IT profile to a business profile. Your chances of succeeding in this sector are strong if you have any talent for coding and IT skills. DataMites Data Analytics Certification Training is open to non-IT individuals working in industries including sales, marketing, banking, and human resources.

We want to develop knowledgeable people in the domain because data analytics has grown to be a large field. Our instructors at DataMites are highly knowledgeable and have hands-on experience in the data field, so they can provide the finest learning environment for your upcoming major step.

We do offer on-demand classroom instruction in your location. With our curriculum, you may study from anywhere in the globe without having to commute or follow a set schedule. Independent study with a curriculum has advantages that are just as beneficial as classroom teaching.

Training in data analytics at DataMites in Patna will cost about 42,000 INR.

You should absolutely finish the DataMites Certified Data Analyst Training if you're thinking about a profession in data analysis. Our curriculum promises to offer the knowledge, assurance, and qualifications necessary to start a data analysis career from zero.

One of the top data analytics programmes offered by DataMites is the Certified Data Analyst curriculum, which has been accredited by the IABAC and JainX extremely prominent agencies, whose credentials you would receive after completing the course. The best way to begin a career in data analytics is to obtain the DataMites Certified Data Analyst in Patna.

Once you have been validated by IABAC and Jain University, you will obtain an IABAC® certification and a JainX certification, opening the door for your future job in the industry and ensuring that your skills are recognised globally.

For a duration of three months, candidates may follow Datamites sessions related to any question or revision they wish to clear with our Flexi-Pass for Data Analytics Certification Training in Patna.

The DataMites Data Analytics Training is skillfully planned and structured to ensure that novices to the area are given a thorough explanation of the entire domain. That being said, if understanding analytics piques your interest, you can sign up without a second thought.

A three-phase learning process is offered by DataMites. Candidates will be given books and self-study materials to use throughout Phase 1 to assist them to learn everything there is to know about the programme. The main part of the intensive live online training is Phase 2, and it culminates in the awarding of the IABAC Data Analytics Certification in Patna, a universal credential. Additionally, we will assign tasks and placements during the third phase.

Yes, DataMites has a specialised Placement Assistance Team (PAT) that will help you find a job and prepare for interviews after the course is over.

Yes, in fact, we do provide free demo sessions for prospective students that provide a general idea of what the forthcoming course would entail. You are welcome to attend these sessions in order to acquire a feel for the training and make a decision regarding whether to continue or not.

Data analytics is taught via a case study method, which ensures that the top instructors in the field are used to teach the material.

It goes without saying that you must utilise your data analytics training to the fullest. Ask for help sessions if you need further clarification.

We accept payments using;

  • Master Card

  • Net Banking

  • Cash

  • Credit Card

  • PayPal

  • American Express

  • Debit Card

  • Visa

  • Cheque

The DataMites Placement Assistance Team(PAT) facilitates the aspirants in taking all the necessary steps in starting their career in Data Science. Some of the services provided by PAT are: -

  • 1. Job connect
  • 2. Resume Building
  • 3. Mock interview with industry experts
  • 4. Interview questions

The DataMites Placement Assistance Team(PAT) conducts sessions on career mentoring for the aspirants with a view of helping them realize the purpose they have to serve when they step into the corporate world. The students are guided by industry experts about the various possibilities in the Data Science career, this will help the aspirants to draw a clear picture of the career options available. Also, they will be made knowledgeable about the various obstacles they are likely to face as a fresher in the field, and how they can tackle.

No, PAT does not promise a job, but it helps the aspirants to build the required potential needed in landing a career. The aspirants can capitalize on the acquired skills, in the long run, to a successful career in Data Science.

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