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What are the Top IT Companies in Cuttack?

Cuttack, a city in Odhisa has now been driven by new technologies and is thriving to provide the best IT services to make the city revolutionized. The new Odisha is ready to bring technological and digital changes to ease human work. The Government of Odisha is majorly focusing on the transformation and taking the initiative to launch the 5T (Transparency, Technology, Teamwork, Time, Transformation) action plan to secure the educational challenges of youth. The decision is implemented by honorable CM Naveen Patnaik for better service and implementation of the higher education.

Cuttack has raised more technology sectors and established more training centers which helped the state set its benchmark. In recent years, Cuttack has signed MoUs with three industries and the academy sector to raise the technical skills in the state. Many educational institutes are popularly accredited by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation) and are considered top institutes for Btech, Mtech, MCA, and MBA degrees. 

Everything you need to know about the history of Cuttack:

Cuttack was previously known as “Katak” whose etymological meaning was army cantonment. Cuttack crosses the main lake of Mahanadi and Kathajodi which is named as a type of Banarasi. The city is divided into 5 villages and is called Banarasi Katak, Choudwar Katak, Sarangagarh Katak, Viraja Katak, and Amaravati Katak. The city of Cuttack was previously connected by land routes and waterways which were linked with the medieval ports like Palur, Tarmalipti, and Chelitalo. Many changes came during the 12th century and the famous Barabati Fort got constructed in the year 1299 AD by the ruler Anangabhimadeva III. 

Earlier Cuttack used to be the capital of Odisha. Cuttack was famous for supplying newspapers and the first Odia newspaper to be published was “Utkal Dipika” it got published by the Cuttack Printing Company in 1866. After British East India came into being, many educational and occupational changes came flooding to change the scenario of the city. The progress took place when the English language was opted as the major language in schools and later schools upgraded into colleges/universities. When the establishment of universities took place, the major one was Ravenshaw College which later got converted to Ravenshaw University in the year 2006 on the date 15th November. 

During the freedom struggle, Swaraj Ashram and Barabati Stadium were the main centres for national activists. The ashram was considered a pilgrimage for people who followed Gandhites and participated in non-violence activities. The high court of Cuttack came into existence in the year 1948 and it was designed in an Indo-European style. The city experienced major developments and was known all over the country for its textile production, later the Government of Odisha decided to change the capital and choose Bhubnaswar as the new capital which was situated 18km away from Cuttack. 

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What is the economic stature of Cuttack?

Cuttack hugely depends on agriculture for its economic value and around 76% of people have their livelihood because of agriculture. The main crop grown in the city is paddy, groundnuts and pulses. The crops became the main reason for the growth in the economic value of the city. The rise of the Industrial sector has a prominent role in shaping the economic status. The contribution of handloom production benefits the city with its revenue. Cuttack has grown into several sectors like business, education, healthcare, railways etc to modify the city and evolve economic growth.

Cuttack was marvellously improved and it happened because the Government took several steps to maintain and facilitate better planning to meet industrial and agricultural for supporting the economy. The city bloomed with progress after several schemes flourished for the benefit of it. The cultivation of rubber plantations is considered to be exported all over India which brought economic stability to the city. 

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How is IT growth evolving in Cuttack:

Cuttack is establishing IT sectors to offer employment to the people of Odisha and set up a strong financial base. The small engineering industries try its best to provide some sort of IT services where employees can develop their skills and nourish their workability. Many IT institutes runs in the city to bring out engineering students who can fit in the IT companies. The city is implementing a lot of large and small-scale industries which can renovate the entire state.

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Top IT companies in Cuttack

1. Arihant International: 

Arihant International is one of the top IT companies in Cuttack and it promises to deliver the best software solutions to its clients. The team of experts are committed to delivering projects on time and it serves large technological services that will meet the demands of the company. As a software and manufacturing company, it manufactures agarbati, soaps, fragrances etc. The company was awarded a certificate of commitment and has pledged to secure human rights. Arihant International offers a pleasant environment to start your career and develop your skills.

2. Sradha WebCreations:

Sradha WebCreations is a top professional website designing company in Cuttack. The services that the company provides for customers are online promotion, brand promotion, ISO certification service, logo designing, digital marketing etc. The company aims to provide excellent service which will benefit the customers as well as the clients. The value of the company includes teamwork, respect for each employee, open communication and integrity.

3. Sainaatech IT Solutions:

Sainaatech IT Solutions is one of the leading IT companies in Cuttack. It provides the tech services like web development, web designing, online marketing, SEO, Android application development etc. The mission of the company is to serve the customer with outstanding work and bring dynamic change inside the company. The company believes in delivering fast and promising projects to the client before hitting deadlines. They bring reliable management solutions that will fulfil the client’s demand.


SHOPWEB is a leading IT company in Cuttack and it makes “the business visible” that is its prominent tagline. The company have 7 years of experience and provides the best IT services like designing websites, logo, graphics etc to build the company’s management system. The team of experts and professionals lead the projects and gives them over to the clients for their demands to be achieved. They choose the right candidate to work in their place and participate in learning the design process.

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5. Tata Consultancy Service:

Tata Consultancy Services is a top IT company in Bhubaneswar. Being an iconic company, it serves the best services and promotes the business market to a higher level. The company aims to build together and form a strong foundation for new emerging tech innovations. The company stays ahead in terms of project delivering, knowledge input, and adapting skills. Today’s business relies mostly on digitalization and helps to bring real growth inside the company.

6. Enosis Software:

Enosis Software is a leading IT company in Bhubaneswar which is near Cuttack. The company provides high-quality web development services that meet the remove software solutions. Enosis Software has experts who use the latest technologies and strategies for the enormous growth of the company. The team size of the company is around 11 to 50 and the company was established in the year 2015 with a profound mission to fulfil IT goals. 

7. CSM Tech:

CSM Tech is a reliable and trustworthy IT company in Bhubaneswar that has a blended culture and an enriching technological experience. The company aims to bring new innovative technological ideas to expand the digital marketing experience in the city. CSM Tech also accepts new technology that optimizes business value by introducing AI applications and machine learning. The company holds 24 years of experience and have over 1100+ employee working from the office. The company believes in leadership, positive outcomes and excellence.

8. WayIndia Software Solution Pvt Ltd:

WayIndia Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is a top IT company in Bhubaneswar. The company was founded in the year 2000 and enabled prominent IT services like software development, website management, ERP development, Ecommerce etc. The company is certified by ISO for providing the best android development services. It is a leading company that targets to reach the business purpose and delivers business requirements. The company mainly focuses on tech innovation and bringing stability to the organization.

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9. Mindtree Limited:

Mindtree Limited is an emerging IT company in Bhubaneswar. It harnesses IT services and enables business value to reach the company’s goal. The company’s vision is to reinvent innovation and try to bring some authentic ideas to enlarge the company’s branches. The employees works with a team of professionals and generates long-term business goals to accelerate the company’s value. Mindtree Limited aspires to bring positive outcomes to thrive and succeed.

10. Wipro Technologies:

Wipro Technologies is a globally recognized IT company in Bhubaneswar. an outsourcing company that positively serves its clients and brings fame to the company. Wipro Technologies has a wide experience that delivers fast business projects before hitting the deadline. The company aims to bring sustainability and growth to facilitate new market values. A well-positioned and dedicated company, Wipro transforms technological services into new innovative solutions that help to accelerate its growth. 

11. Versatile IT Services Pvt. Ltd:

Versatile IT Services Pvt. Ltd is a top IT company in Bhubaneswar. The company is known to be highly maintained and inspiring. It was established in the year 1999 and has a long record in executing projects. The top services provided by the company are web development, software development, brochure design, logo design, data entry etc. The team of professionals meet all the business needs and requirements. The company hold 23 years of experience and have satisfied client who promotes their brands.

12. Enosis Software:

Enosis Software is a leading IT company in Bhubaneswar which is near Cuttack. The company provides high-quality web development services that meet the needs of software solutions. Enosis Software has experts who use the latest technologies and strategies for the enormous growth of the company. The team size of the company is around 11 to 50 and the company was established in the year 2015 with a profound mission to fulfil IT goals. 

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13. ESSPL:

ESSPL is a top IT company in Bhubaneswar and provides digital solutions to business problems. With digital innovation, the company has come into a high position in serving IT services like operation optimization, revenue maximization, logistics and manufacturing domain etc. The company holds 21 years of experience and the motto is to satisfy client’s needs and deliver high-quality projects on time. ESSPL works with key clients and they are Hitachi, Xerox, Whistl, Amitech etc. The company has achieved business awards and is certified for its excellent solutions.

14. IT Infoways Pvt. Ltd:

IT Infoways Pvt. Ltd is a top IT company in Cuttack and is known for its leading IT services and solutions. The company has a broad vision to accelerate growth and manage hospitality. The core services of the company are website design, GST billing software, manpower management and services, design development etc. The company empowers to serve high-quality projects to the client teams and meet their needs on time.


ADVANCED A2Z SOLUTION PVT.LTD is a Top IT company in Cuttack and handles daily challenges to fix through tech solutions. The company aims to answer all the queries of the customers and specify support and guide the employees to bring desired growth inside the company. It provides the best design software that is relevant to the client’s needs and implements training services to facilitate various kinds of IT services and solutions. 

16. Sai Paramount IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd:

Sai Paramount IT Solution Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company in Bhubaneswar. The company aspire to help its employee and show the right direction to meet the industry goals. The company aims to improve its standard and bring business growth to the market. The company provides the best IT services in website development, website designing, window application, SEO etc. The company watches overall growth and tries to find the right solution through tech services. 

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What is the salary structure of a software engineer in Cuttack?

Technology is a wide segment which is growing day by day and many institutes are graduating BTech and MTech students who are getting placed as a developers, programmers, and engineers in big IT firms.

If we estimate the average salary of software engineers in Cuttack it varies from fresher to experienced and the salaries go up to Rs 10,000 to RS 15,000 a month according to Indeed.com.

According to Ambition Box, the salary of software engineers ranges from 2.5 LPA to 12.1 LPA according to employees’ qualifications and work experience.

The average salary of software engineers in Cuttack ranges from 4.5 LPA which makes 40,000 per month according to Glassdoor reports. 

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The emergence of technology has adapted to digitalization and all business works have shifted online which makes technology grow rapidly. There is the fast development of software and we are already introduced to higher digit aspects. Cuttack has evolved its IT sector with technology innovation and brought many firms to start their industrialization. The government took many schemes to bring revolution to the city and develop its sectors in all ways.

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