What are the Top IT Companies in Dhanbad?

What are the Top IT Companies in Dhanbad?
What are the Top IT Companies in Dhanbad?

Technological advancement has reached a peak in Dhanbad, Jharkhand and prestigious universities had been set up to improve the technical aspect of the city. In recent times, Dhanbad has inaugurated a tech park at Sindri, which became a highlight for innovation and growth in the state of Jharkhand. Implementing an IT firms have become essential and people seeking employment in corporate to develop their skills has increased. Many researchers and software developers rely on technology to maintain the competition. 

IIT Dhanbad is the main attraction of the technology embarkment in the city. A recent seminar was conducted at IIT Dhanbad where the topic of technological growth was orated by management students. The innovation of technology is needed to implement the growth in markets, shops, industries, and educational institutes. The importance of technology has taken shape the form of digitalization and formed a base for knowledge to create sustainable sectors. 

Know about the history of Dhanbad:

Dhanbad is famously called the “Capital of Coal” and the people of the district have popularly called it the “Black Diamond”. Dhanbad was constructed in the year 1956 after Independence day and reorganised the district with many sub-divisions. Dhanbad municipality is known as the chief town because its place of a police district since 1928. Later in the year 1991, Bokaro District was constructed and constituted for division of Girdhi district. The district is said to be growing and connecting all roots of networks. The name of the city Dhanbad was derived originally from “Dhan” which means paddy. Dhanbad is known to be a paddy land and it contributes largely to crop production.

In ancient times, Dhanbad used to be a part of the Manbhum district and was occupied by Mundari and Kolarian people information was spread that earlier the district used to be a powerful kingdom that was formerly ruled by Sansanka and Manbhum districts. The evolution of Dhanbad took place after it was declared as State Reconstitution Commission in the year 24 October 1956. Dhanbad comprises police headquarters, 228 panchayats, 30 Nagar Palika and 1654 villages. 

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What is the economic status of Dhanbad?

The economy of Dhanbad mostly comes from mining, coal, cement, retail etc. Natural resources are the main sector of the economy, and Dhanbad stands as the second largest city in Jharkhand after Ranchi. The annual GDP of Dhanbad is around $95 Million and mainly agriculture and coal mining contribute to a large economy to it. The major industries like Tata Steel, BCCL, and IISCO are operated by employees and supply the natural resources to the company township etc. Other than industries there is agriculture which hands-on contribution to the economy of Dhanbad. The production of crops like wheat, paddy, and maize has much market value which brings growth to the city.

There are software industries set up in Dhandbad which recruit employees to work for them and gain experience to adapt technological skills. The corporate sector put a value on the economy of Dhanbad which brings work fulfilment and grows IT production. 

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How is IT growth in Dhanbad?

Dhanbad is growing its IT sector by building many companies and giving employment to the required and right candidates. In terms of technology, it is thriving and new projects are been handled by clients. New branches are getting opened in Dhanbad and its evolving its digital space in the district.

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Top IT Companies in Dhanbad?

1. Paythrough Softwares and Solutions Pvt. Ltd:

Paythrough Software and Solutions Pvt.Ltd is a top IT company in Dhanbad and it was founded in the year 2013. It aims to reduce technological problems and empower people to work for the company. It is an authorized company under Bharat Bill Payment System and helps clients with safe and secure transaction processes. The company’s vision is to explore new opportunities and work smartly to reach its aim.

2. Web Emission:

Web Emission is a leading IT company in Dhanbad that provides the best IT service in web designing, web development, WordPress development, graphic designing, android development etc. The company has an impressive tagline that says “Your digital identity to the web”, it focuses mainly on digital marketing and networking. It was established in the year 2008 and it mainly works for online advertisement through portal services. The projects are delivered on time and clients are highly satisfied with the work.

3. SystAIO Technologies:

SystAIO Technologies is a leading IT company in Dhanbad. It provides services in Web development, web designing, and mobile application development. The company deals with all software problems and provides the best solutions. SystAIO Technologies guarantees to serve top projects to clients and meet their demands. The company is rated 5.0 by Google review summary and brings growth to the company. The strategies used by the company directly fit clients’ needs.

4. Kinex Technologies:

Kinex Technologies is a Top IT company in Dhanbad and is famously known for web designing and development. The company was founded in the year 2016 and has grown at a rapid speed. It has delivered 150 projects to clients with valuable IT services. The company aims to target customers by providing them with the best IT services like Digital marketing, email, bulk SMS, SEO, web development etc. The main motto of Kinex Technologies is to increase its Return on investment (ROI) to its client. 

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5. RIWEBS Web Solution Company:

RIWEBS Web Solution Company is a leading company in Dhanbad, it provides domain services like web hosting services, web design, web development, CMS services etc. The excellent strategies of the company meet its ultimate goals. The employees are punctual and dedicated enough to fulfil the targets on time. The company has handled many customized queries of the customer and provided them with preferable solutions.


SparrowHost is a top IT company in Dhanbad providing web hosting services to customers and clients. The company supports small businesses and it aims to expand its revenue through high-end servers which include unlimited hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting etc. The company supports customers’ needs and tackles them humbly. The company tries to meet the high range of IT solutions that will manage the product resources. 

7. MasterJipix:

MasterJipix is a top IT company in Dhanbad and gives the best IT services like web development, SEO, social media marketing, graphic designing etc. The core vision of the company is to collaborate with other big companies or agencies to bring futile growth on behalf of MasterJipix. The experts and professionals work closely with the clients and delivers their projects on time. The work environment is pleasant and engaging.

8. UInfo Technologies Pvt. Ltd:

UInfo Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a top IT company in Dhanbad and provides professional IT services to bring growth and success to the organization. The company reach the top expectations of clients and brings enhancement to their work. The company focuses on generating the right skills to fit in the technology solution. The company is helpful and implements strategies to build the organization. The company specializes in Photoshop, HTML, WordPress, SEO etc. 

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9. Jaihind Software:

Jaihind Software is a leading software company in Dhanbad and provides website services to bring success. They aim to satisfy their clients and customer by offering them a quality level of IT services. The main services are software development, website development, design development etc. The experts in the developer and programmers team are thorough with skills like Java, PHP, Python etc. The company vision is to meet the value, be responsive to customers, be supportive of its clients, etc.

10. HAIZI IT Solutions:

HAIZI IT Solution is a leading IT company in Dhanbad, it mainly provides IT services for web development, software development, mobile application development, digital marketing etc. The company aims to convert ideas into reality and tries to satisfy clients’ needs on time. The hard work of the company pays off and brings new opportunities to thrive. The mission is to provide unwavering solutions to clients and deliver quality projects. The company is a team of 6D- Define, discover, design, deploy, develop and deliver.

11. Digital Dwaar:

Digital Dwaar is a top IT company in Dhanbad that mainly specializes in digitalization solutions. The company looks forward to helping local businesses and tech companies to expand their growth. The services of Digital Dwaar include web designing, web development, SEO, social media marketing etc. The IT strategies help the company to get customer engagement and include social media monitoring to attract business partners.

12. SUZUSOFT Technology:

SUZUSOFT Technologies is a leading IT company in Dhanbad, it holds 10 years of experience in website development, designing and software development. The company works mainly on website design and develops crypto blockchain concepts, ROI matrix, MLM websites etc. It is Dhanbad’s best-selling MLM software and the company is hugely known for better client-assisting services. The company stands with a rate of 5.0 according to Google‘s review summary.

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13. Pixel Global IT Services:

Pixel Global IT Services is one of the top IT companies in Dhanbad, that provides outstanding IT services to its customers. It is a digital marketing firm that serves possible services like web designing, SEO, social media marketing, web development etc. The company work smoothly and can make the services transparent. The team of experts identify the content performance through SEO and accordingly ranks high. 

14. WebDelic Software Solutions:

A designing and website development company are emerging its growth in Dhanbad. WebDelic software solutions is a reputed company and is best known for its IT services. The company flourish business projects to clients without hitting any deadline.  

The products that the company specify are the recharge portal, online school management and coaching management system. The company is highly dedicated to work and growth. The motto is to satisfy customers with the best IT solutions.

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What is the salary structure of a Software Engineer in Dhanbad?

The IT firms is in desperate search of software engineers to work in major software companies. As technology is emerging rapidly and everything is turning online, the shift to digitalization is expanding fast and so is the need for software engineers and digital marketers.

According to Ambition Box, the average salary of a software engineer in Dhanbad ranges from 3.6 LPA to 19.4 LPA which is around Rs 30,000 to Rs 29,75,347.

The salary of a software engineer varies according to the company and different salary reports. The salary of a software engineer according to Indeed.com is Rs 27509 per month.

According to Glassdoor, the salary structure of a software engineer in Dhanbad ranges from 4.0 LPA to 15.01 LPA. The salary depends on the designation, job position, experienced or fresher and mainly educational qualification.

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“Dhanbad” is a coal city known for mining natural resources and building new tech startups to give employment to developers and programmers. Technology innovation is expanding daily and influencing every state to bring up the idea and turn the vision into reality. Digitalization has overpassed the human race and networking has become a lifestyle. With the help of technology, you can bring new results in IT services and meet industries’ success. IT firms are developing at a fast pace and making their space in the new digital world.

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