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What are the Top IT Companies in Kanpur?

Technology in Kanpur has emerged in recent times with a vision to embark upon new plans to transform it into a safer, greener, and cleaner city. The new objectives were initiated to achieve the city’s goal in terms of new tech innovation, health sector, educational institute, and transportation. Kanpur is preferably known as a cultural and tech hub. Tech innovation is helping to develop the living standard of citizens in Kanpur. Major initiatives are taking place to develop a sustainable approach to improving employment. 

Kanpur is a transformed city that focuses on promoting digitalization and networking. It emphasizes on various opportunities that will improve the health sector, urban services, educational facilities, etc. The city shapes itself by achieving technical support and enhancing innovations to improve the living standard. In recent years, the city has had better transport infrastructure and digital connectivity. Kanpur is considered a smart city that has set up an ample number of IT firms.

What is the history of Kanpur?

Kanpur is a populous city situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh and has a rich history of culture and tradition. The city was founded in the year 1207 and is known as the financial capital of Uttar Pradesh. A phenomenal development took place in Kanpur after the British troops came into being and harnessed the leather supply in the city. Previously Kanpur was known as Cawnpore and it has a major industrial sector and multi-textile production. 

Raja Kanh Deo, the clan of Kanhpuriya established the city of Kanhpur in the year 1207 and later it came to be known as Kanpur. During the 19th Century, Kanpur was a British garrison and had 7000 soldiers for a first world war of 1857. In the war, British men and women were the rebels under Nana Sahib Peshwa. The city witnessed Satti Chaura Ghat Massacre in the early 19th century and during that time battles were fought between rebel soldiers and the British Indian Army during the year 1857. In the battle, Britishers were shot with guns and were killed brutally. The battle was confusing and not a pre-planned implementation from the Nana Shahib association. 

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What is the economic structure of Kanpur?

The economy of Kanpur stands in the third position of all states in India. The GDP of the city was around Rs 21.74 trillion in the year 2021-2022. Kanpur is an agrarian state agriculture contributes wholesomely to the economy of the city.  The production of wheat is highly supplied in the city with other agricultural products. Kanpur has shown development in IT firms that provides huge employment to people seeking a job and through the process increase rapid industrialization. The city is booming in the technology industry and bringing high growth and revenue. Small-scale industries like handloom, crafts, art, pottery, etc. are leading sectors in today’s time.

Kanpur has scaled up in the economic sector steadily and the main sector of the economy is transportation and agriculture. The government of the Kanpur took initiative to set up a large IT firms to ensure the city’s growth and employment. The existing industry like data centre, textile, handloom, electronics, and manufacturing company all adds up and contribute in large amount to stable the city’s economic balance.

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Know about the growth of IT firms in Kanpur:

Kanpur has seen major industrial development in recent years and it is highly embracing digital changes to solve living standards. The city is nestled on the bank of the river Ganga and stands majorly as a centre for industrialization. Several innovations have taken place to meet the business markets and trends. Technology like blockchain, web designing, software development, and digital marketing are all services that are used in solving IT problems. The growth of tech innovation has accelerated itself to meet digital demands.

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Know everything about the Top-ranking IT Companies in Kanpur?

1. Webcure:

Webcure is a creative and prominent IT company in Kanpur that deliver web solutions to business markets. The company holds an authentic position in IT servicing and understands the value of online business and leading trends. Webcure’s top services are website design, logo design, graphic design, domain transfer, and web hosting. The company gives ample opportunities for freshers to develop their skill set and  to perform in their respective niches. 

2. Quartz Technologies:

Quartz Technologies is the best-known designing software company that is based in Kanpur. It helps you gain knowledge, trains you to understand the company’s prospects and reach, and develops your skill set. Quartz Technologies provides its main IT services on web designing and development. It has 10 years of experience that lead the company with high IT services and It solutions. The employees are dedicated and passionate enough to reach the company’s goal.

3. W3villa Technologies:

W3villa Technologies is a leading company in Kanpur, the company provides top IT services on redmine development, salesforce integration, cross-platform development, game development services, chatbot services, etc. It is a certified company and provides software solutions to maintain business strategies. With effective IT solutions, the company helps big and small companies meet their business values. W3villa Technologies believes in strong methodology and brings out excellence in the company.

4. Deific Digital:

Deific Digital is a leading IT company in Kanpur, it offering IT solutions to various business problems. The team of experts coordinates with the company’s aim and tries to fulfill the requirements. The services provided by Deific Digital are web development, application development, software consulting, etc.  It provides value-based services to its client and met their expectations. Freshers who are willing to start their career can join Deific Digital to get benefitted from their skills and adapt knowledge. 

5. FR Web Solution:

FR Web Solution is leading in Kanpur, the team of professionals are young and passionate towards work and provides quality services on web development, web design, e-Commerce, mobile application, software development, etc. The team caters to successful projects to a client on time and enhance productivity. It gives ample amounts of opportunities for freshers to learn and adapt new skills to fit in the IT firms. 

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6. Systoo Technologies:

Systoo Technologies is a leading IT company in Kanpur and provides top IT services in app development, local optimization, digital marketing, website designing, software development etc. The employees are dedicated and proficient enough to reach the company’s goal. The company work with overseas clients and delivers excellent projects on time. Systoo Technologies is attentive towards business goals and achieves a set of business values. The team of experts helps customers to update their technical tools. 

7. HTech Soft:

HTech Soft is the top IT company in Kanpur, it provides its best IT services in web designing, app development, web development, content marketing, etc. The experts of the company are trained specialists and delivered 300+ successful projects to its client before deadlines. The company also provides workshops and seminars to enhance the skills of fresh joiners. Fresher can dedicatedly work and enhance their technical skills thoroughly. 

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8. FutureZen Group:

FutureZen Group is a prominent IT company in Kanpur and it provides IT services on web designing, cyber security, digital marketing, content marketing, database analysis, etc. The company offers 24 hours support to their customers and their team of professionals fosters the project successfully. The mission of the company is to boost the business market and develop  IT services. It provides unique ideas for every business that overlaps the growth of the company.

9. Flatic Solutions:

Flatic Solution is a top IT company in Kanpur, it is known for fulfilling customers’ needs and effectively performing to achieve companies goals. The employees are determined and inspired to perform on their daily targets. The company focuses on some valuable key standards like respectability, genuineness, responsibility, quality, and individual space. The company is attentive towards customers’ needs and satisfies them with the best IT solutions. They provide services on mobile app development, Ios app development, web development, java development and e-Commerce development.

10. BillionByte IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd:

BillionByte IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a top IT company in Kanpur, it is known for its best consulting services that shape your business challenges. The company aims to provide exceptional IT services to develop your business values. The vision of the company focuses on helping clients by timely delivery of projects. The main IT services provided by Billion Byte IT solutions are- binary MLM, unilevel MLM plan, generation MLM plan etc. 

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11. Codesaces IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd:

Codesaces IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a top IT company in Kanpur, it gives more emphasis on design and digital space to enhance the core process of the company. The top services of Codesaces IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd is e-Commerce development, designing services, web application development, website maintenance, etc. The professional team helps in executing the website design and guides you to understand the process thoroughly. The company understand the need of its client’s business and accordingly deliver software solutions.

12. IDL Technologies:

 IDL Technologies is a leading IT company in Kanpur. It was established in the year 2013 and provides IT services on a digital signature, bulk SMS, Google service, SEO, etc. It helps all global companies by providing tech designs and business solutions. The company’s main aim is to meet the client’s requirements. IDL Technologies will offer support and services to fulfill business needs. The professionals of the company implement standards and growth through the IT development process.

 13. Elish Consulting:

Elish Consulting is a top IT company in Kanpur, the company has different IT domains in legal health, finance, accounting, media, and BPO operations. The professional experts of the company design and develop the business solution and take initiative for the software services. The main services of the company are software development, web management, web design, digital marketing, etc. Elish consulting will vendor IT products to meet clients’ requirements. 

 14. Panacea Software:

Panacea Software is a Top IT company in Kanpur, it provides IT services on web design, web development, E-commerce, ERP solution, etc. The company aims to provide effective IT solutions for business problems. It delivers successful projects to clients and ensures to deliver quality services on time. It focuses mainly on enhancing the business strategy and understanding the company’s approach toward growth. The employment is driven towards reaching its goal. 

 15. A&N Softech (P) Ltd:

A&N Softetch is a leading IT company in Kanpur and the team of professionals is highly dedicated towards their work. The company relies upon employees’ and teams’ performance to reach its goal. The company offers offshore projects to clients and adds the best IT solution to their business market. Being a leading company, A&N Softech (P) Ltd maintains their reputation by handling all IT services and solutions. The company provides main IT services on web design, web development, software development, web hosting, etc.

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What is the salary structure of a software engineer in Kanpur?

The tech hub in Kanpur has digitally developed and has given ample amounts of opportunities for people seeking employment. In giant companies, where the need for software engineers is high, the salary depends on the skills and experience they share for the benefit of the company. 

The average salary of a software engineer in Kanpur goes up to Rs 32540 month, according to a report shared in Ambition Box.

The software engineer salary in Kanpur is based on educational qualifications, skills, experience, etc. The salary ranges between Rs 4,19,171 per year according to Indeed.com.

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The rapid growth in technology has driven the city of Kanpur to many sectors. It has brought major transformations in educational institutes, the health sector, transportation, textile industries, IT firms, etc. Kanpur is known as the leather capital of India and is technically advanced in prominent IT services that bring stability and growth. The vast connection between technology and the business market has shaped the city. Many established engineering universities are being set up with a keen knowledge of upcoming trends in technology.

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