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What are the Top IT Companies in Faridabad?

In Faridabad, technology is excelling highly and empowering people to embrace the change that brings prosperity, growth, and better educational qualifications. The development of IT firms is finely booming and making its space in the city. Faridabad has the potential to develop tremendous IT companies and promote new industries to facilitate IT services. The city rebuilds the image of the IT structure and brings innovations to bring growth in Faridabad.

Faridabad is another Tech hub after Haryana and it is nurturing its IT sector and accepting innovation. There is a rapid growth in the academic institutes which play a vital role in emerging new technologies. Many renowned universities put effective implementation on new digital India and launches schemes to flourish new digital space. The city is exposed to research fields and developments, developing technologies like Artificial Intelligence, etc.

What is the history of Faridabad?

Faridabad was initially founded in the year 1607 by Shaikh Farīd, the city famously known as the treasurer for the Mughal emperor Jahāngīr, as a means of protecting the Delhi and Agra highroad. Faridabad constituted its first municipality in the year 1867. A major project was initiated for Pakistani refugee resettlement and light industrial development in the year 1950. Faridabad was previously known as Sheikh Farid or Baba Farid. The establishment of the city took place in 1607 AD to defend the highway which crosses through Baba Farid Tomb which was located here in the city and that made the famous attraction for Faridabad.

Faridabad is known as the largest city in the state of Haryana. The city is an attraction for Industrial firms and started many IT firms that have grown rapidly. The city holds popular history which is quite fascinating. The emperor of Faridabad, Sheikh Farid oppose to it the city to get its name and fame. The city has famous forts and mosques which get rich tourist attractions. The headquarter of Faridabad is built by Jagir, who was the ruler of Ballabgarh, later Raja Nahar came into power, who was the king of Ballabgrah and built many famous Ballabgarh forts and Raja Nahar Singh Palace. 

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Know briefly about the economic status of Faridabad:

The economic Faridabad is flourishing, and industrialization is scaling to new heights to meet economic demands. The economy and business have met the standard level of new IT sectors and segments. Faridabad is known to be an apple’s eye for many government and private investors. The business value and economic growth add profit to the city and often it benefits the industrial and real estate sector. In terms of Agricultural value, it put more revenue into the city by supplying its crops to many other cities and states. The main agricultural product in Faridabad is Heena, and a large number of Heena is exported all over the world and the revenue ranges up to 500 crores. 

According to sources, Faridabad is known to be the manufacturing capital of the country because many industrial startups are taking place in the city and evolving its digitalization. The rapid flow of transformation took place and reinvented the city in various ways. The development took place in railways, health centers, schools and colleges, transportation, etc. The city grew and the manufacturing sector expanded to add more to the city’s growth.  

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Know about the growth of Technology in Faridabad:

Technology is reinvented for Faridabad and the city also improved itself in terms of educational institutes and IT firms. With the vision to develop itself, it started gaining numerous credibility in IT services and soon identified its tech fame. In 2010, the city started to be called a smart city because it leaped itself to industrialization and digitalization. The city tries to improve the small-scale industries and develop its sector to be identified. 

Know everything about the significant IT companies in Faridabad:

1. Softsynth Software Solutions:

Softsynth Software Solutions is a top IT company in Faridabad, it provides main IT services like web development, app development, software development, etc. The company works to transform the software application and develop the applications in a fast process. It also provides training services in JAVA, web design training, python training, android training, etc. The company is reliant and trustworthy and balances the working system. 

2. Damco Solutions Private Limited:

Damco Solutions Private Limited is a top IT company in Faridabad. The company is technologically reformed and is partnered with digital enterprises to bring success and growth to the industry. The IT services provided by the company are mobility services, digital marketing, data processing, cloud application development, etc. The company was founded in the year 1996 with a vision to ensure reliable business outcomes and leading IT services.

3. Vocso Technologies:

Vosco Technologies is a top IT company in Faridabad, it focuses on spectacular IT services that include web design, web development, digital marketing, etc. The company aims to follow new trends to deliver project models to clients and meet their requirements on time. The experts and professionals are eager to take up new challenges and believe in their work. The company’s employees generally works on a team and their goal-oriented attitude helps them reach to the industrial goal. The company was founded in the year 2009 with a vision to grow efficiently.

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4. Creative Orion:

Creative Orion is a top IT company in Faridabad. It handles all types of businesses from small to large scale. It was founded in the year 2021 and provides IT services on static websites, B2B Marketplace, and WordPress development. The company understands your business and tailors your vision that is needed for business value. The company is reputed and awarded for holding the best business position in Faridabad. The company mainly focuses on content development, on-site optimization, Java script, 2D Animation etc. 

5. Aakarist- Website designing company:

Aakarist a top IT company in Faridabad, was established in the year 2018 and provides the best website designs. The company works on imagination and turns it into reality. The website is made out of a plan, focus, strategy, and research. The team comprises experts and professionals who provide you with digital needs and simply help you accelerate the company’s growth. Aakarist has a strong foundation and believes in achieving goals that bring extensive growth to the industry.

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6. Digital Ultras:

Digital Ultras, a leading IT company in Faridabad, gives main emphasis to digital marketing.  It offers services like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. The company relies on its best website development services and accordingly performs to bring growth. Digital Ultras satisfies the needs of clients by providing their projects before the deadline. They aim to support small-scale industries by providing them with Their services to grow digitally. The digitally-driven company was founded in the year 2021.

7. Get Right Marketing Solutions:

Get Right Marketing Solutions is a leading IT company in Faridabad. A young company with a broad vision to achieve the clients’ targets on time. It was initially founded in the year 2020 with an initiative to serve the best digital marketing services across industries. The company solves the problems that are related to website design, building a brand, and optimization of e-commerce services. The company is ranked among 47% of top IT companies and believes in growth acceleration,

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8. Dean Infotech:

Dean Infotech is a renowned IT company in Faridabad, it was established in the year 1995. The team size of the companyis 50-249 employees being a government registered company, Dean Infotech aims to provide end-to-end software development services. The leading IT services of the company are digital marketing, mobile app development, software development, etc. The team of professionals and experts are highly dedicated and tries to bring effective results in favour of the company. It has a strong company profile and is the right place to start your career.

9. DGTLmart:

DGTLmart is a top IT company in Faridabad, and came into being in the year 2015. DGTLmart provides its services in website development and content marketing, the company aims to help organizations to have the right approach towards digital marketing. This fast-growing company aims to offer end-to-end digital solutions and perform well in reaching its prospect. They grow according to business values and maintain time to serve the client its best results.

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10. Digitx Media:

An award-winning agency and no.1 IT company in Faridabad, Digitx Media came into being in the year 2018 and is growing to meet the industry’s needs. The company aims to transform IT innovation into digitalization. The team of experts are passionate about their work and simply brings fortune to the company. The company helps in building small businesses into large ones. The IT services provided by Digitx Media include designing, web development, logo design, graphic design, strategy, etc. The company understands the client’s demands and works efficiently to meet their needs. 

11. Dixinfotech:

Dixinfotech is a top IT company in Faridabad, a well-established digital marketing agency that provides the best IT services and makes the city ahead with its innovative ideas and business proposals. The company aims to provide creative solutions to tech problems. The company searches for candidates who can match their extraordinary skills and meet the levels of standards. The company works prominently to make it a subtle place to perform and build. Dixinfotech is excelling in terms of its services and helping it to meet the industry’s requirements. 

12. Inforises Technologies:

Inforises Technologies is a top IT company in Faridabad and the company holds a standard rating of 4.8 according to a Google review summary. It is known for serving the best website design to other companies and bringing them remarkable business values. The company has 9 years of experience in designing services and the clients are satisfied with the projects which brought them revenue. The vision of the company is to deal with all sorts of business services and website services. Owing to the company’s expertise ind ensign and development the workflow is being amplified.  

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13.  WebMatriks: 

WebMatrix is a top IT company in Faridabad, It provides a high range of IT services on SEO, website development, website designing, mobile app development, etc. The company provides its services to all small and large size of businesses to grow market values. The services help you to excel against the competitors and provide you best exposure to overcome the challenges faced by the company. The company offers affordability, resources, and free support to grow your business markets.


Web2Rise is a leading IT company in Faridabad, that has achieved a high number of projects and excelled in meeting the client’s requirements on time. The employees are highly motivated and dedicated, they are generally known for their satisfactory work. The company’s main focus is to look for the functionality of the work and maintain regulatory deadlines. The key IT services are Web development, logo designing, graphic designing, SEO, SEM, etc. 

15. Agdova:

The company stands with a rating of 4.1 according to a Google review summary making it a top IT company in Faridabad. Agdova has the best IT professionals and they are keen to adapt to the new innovative tech trends. The company provides well-experienced IT services that include SEO, web designing, content marketing, branding, etc. The vision of the company is to bring innovative ideas to flourish digital marketing services.

What is the salary structure of a software engineer in Faridabad?

Faridabad accepted the power of innovation, industrialization, and digital transformation a long back. The city adapts the proliferating IT firms to bring revenue growth. 

The average salary of a software engineer in Faridabad ranges between Rs 2.8 LPA to Rs12.0 LPA according to the Ambition Box report. 

The salary of a software engineer varies from Indeed.com reports which range from Rs 29753 per month based on their workability. 

The big tech companies have overlapped the salary description of software engineers and it ranges from Rs 6 LPA to Rs 15 LPA according to a Glassdoor report. 

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Faridabad is already emerging in its IT sector and brought digitalization as its core element to reach the goal of industries. Smart cities have evolved already and now bringing innovations to develop in terms of educational institutions, the healthcare sector, transportation, industrialization, etc. The reform has taken place long before and now many hi-tech companies are evolving in the place of Faridabad. The dazzling shift is revolutionary and brings changes all around. 

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