What Is AI? Know Everything About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What Is AI? Know Everything About Artificial Intelligence (AI)
What Is AI? Know Everything About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We have been hearing the coolest inventions of AI around the clock but what’s less common is an explanation of “What AI is” and why it is so cool?????

Be it a man’s best robot friend ‘AI robot dog’ running around to find your lost shoe or the ‘conversational AI’ giving weight loss tips, this science of making intelligent machines is the talk of the town in the tech world.

How did AI flip the world upside down?

How are companies leveraging AI to produce better results?

Just a few years ago, if you would have been talking about “Artificial intelligence” you would have been definitely laughed at. The time has changed now, do not be surprised if your kindergarten kid is asking “Cosmo” as a birthday gift!!!!

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

With most of the blockbuster movies talking about a Robot’s emotions when falling in love with a girl, this idea of building super machines capable of thinking like humans is not new to us. AI is building human-like machines that can think by themselves, reason and even attached with feelings, to effectively interpret this world of complex identities and personalities. Particularly, simulating their ability to learn from the huge chunk of data.

When we talk about AI one might end up with a fear of a computer-instigated apocalypse. Do not fret, it is not going to be scary.

We are in the process of building machines that can help us efficiently and even automate the tasks that are hazardous. With much research and development work going on in AI, it is constantly evolving even though it is a complicated subject. AI is similar to a young kid who sips a hot soup, his/her brain registers the pain and makes a note to not do it again.

Branching into two groups as “applied AI” and “generalized AI”, AI is highly potential to be useful for our mankind.

  • Applied AI talks about simulating human thought to perform one specific task. Be it your virtual assistant Apple’ Siri or self-driving cars, all the technologies that we have adapted now are the principles of Applied AI.
  • Generalised AI is all about developing machine intelligence that carries out any task, similar to how human beings do. Since a complete simulation of the human brain demands more computing power, Generalised AI is a bit far off.

Important developments of AI (Artificial Intelligence):

The most essential development of AI in recent years is “Machine learning” in fact it has become so famous that “AI” and “Machine Learning” are often interchangeably used. We have already discussed the differences between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in our previous article. Dive into it to see their differences.

To give you a brief introduction about Machine Learning, it can be cited as “Machines gaining the ability to learn by itself from the data and improve from their experiences without being explicitly programmed, mimicking our human brain”.

The next most important aspect that we need to look upon is “application of neuroscience to IT system”. Yes, we are talking about Artificial neural networks. This concept is not new as it was talked about much earlier but got restricted for nonavailability of the computer processing power and enough data to train them.

Exciting innovations of AI (Artificial Intelligence):

Our world is filled with technology advances and many exciting innovations have happened.
And, “Voilà!!!” the five important innovations are

  1. NASA using Machine Learning to discover two new planets.
  2. The Lekha smart toy to help children with autism
  3. Resistbot sending letters and concerns to representatives.
  4. Smart speakers dominating the consumer technology market.
  5. Incredible technologies included by Apple in the most popular “iPhone X”

Future of AI (Artificial Intelligence):

What happens when our computers turn smarter?” is the fear-inducing question that lays on our mind when anyone talks about AI.

It is definitely an understandable concern and a number of tech giants have formed a partnership to look at ethical implementations of AI and to set necessary guidelines for future research and deployment of robots and AI.

We can clearly say “Technology will enhance but not replace us”.

This is just a beginning of AI and has got a long road to travel. Knowing about AI and dwelling on it is a secret ingredient for the recipe of Success in your career. Take up a course on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning from us, DataMites™, a trusted partner and global institute for Data Science accredited by International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC) and start propelling your AI career.

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