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DataMites Launches Data Science Classroom Course in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India- DataMites™, the most reputed training institute having a worldwide presence, announces the launch of the Data Science classroom course in Hyderabad. With demand for Data science professionals scoring high in the Hyderabad job market, the DataMites™ Data Science classroom course is considered to be a big boon for aspiring individuals.

Data Science is the sexiest job of the 21st century and Data Scientists are highly hunted professionals by top MNCs. Data Scientists use the available data to study trends and bring about better strategies for their business leaders which in turn brings a better future for the organization. Data Scientists play the most coveted role wherein the leaders of the company depend on them before making any important decision. Being such an important role, it always demands a blend of curious thinking, strong Data science knowledge and exposure to different real-time cases. Ideally, equipping with “right skill” is essential and it can happen right at doorsteps of DataMites™.

DataMites™ Data Science classroom training in Hyderabad:

DataMites™ Data Science classroom training in Hyderabad focuses on covering all the basic knowledge required to become a successful Data Science professional. DataMites™ is accredited by the prestigious Society “International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC)” for providing international certificates for Data Science professionals. Candidates can gain practical Knowledge and real-time exposure in Data Science with Python, R Programming, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Tableau, and Deep Learning. The Learning approach has been designed by industry experts which move in a structured process of theory, hands-on, case study, project, and Model deployment. Additionally, the classroom sessions are highly interactive with regular assessments to check your level of understanding.

Hence, DataMites™ Data Science classroom training is a better choice for all young grads and professionals looking to get into the Data Science field.

In the past decade, Hyderabad has formed itself as a hub for information technology, pharma, and biotech companies. Also, the hiring trend in Hyderabad is completely revamped, employers no longer ask a set of interview questions, they look for the candidate’s deep knowledge and how well they can perform at work if they are hired. DataMites Data Science classroom training can transform the participants into a highly-skilled professional with deep knowledge and expertise to handle Data Science tools and techniques in order to uncover the true potential from the huge chunks of raw data. We also have a PAT (Placement assistance) team that will assist the candidate at every step in pursuing their first Data Science job.

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