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What Are The Top IT Companies In Nagpur?

Nagpur is the largest city in the state of Maharastra and is also called the Tiger capital of India because the city connects many tiger reserves from India to the world. In terms of technology, the city is ahead in the IT sector and is precisely doing well after Pune. Technology in Nagpur has recently transformed its IT infrastructure to mould into a growing city and improve fast digitalization. The city steadily rise its IT sector and established many software industries to provide opportunities to grow professionally in various services which include graphic design, web design, mobile applications, digital marketing, content marketing, etc.

Nagpur is nurturing itself to be technically involved in all places including markets and banking sectors. The IT companies in Nagpur innovate new idea that empowers new skills and aims to grow significantly. There are many engineering institutes, IIT and NIT that aim to discover new technologies and choose their career accordingly to match the skills and services needed by IT firms. The institutes give proper training to students filled with technical knowledge that will help them meet technological demands. Nagpur has a broad vision for technological development and it’s improving daily. 

What is the History of Nagpur?

Nagpur was founded in prehistoric times in the year 1702 by Deogad king, “Bakht Buland Shah”. Nagpur was named after the river nag and the people of the city were called nag people. The city is popularly known for its trade centre as it exports oranges in large amounts in all locations of India. In the year 1743, Nagpur city turns into the capital of Raghoji Rao Bhonsle’s Kingdom which introduced the Bhonsle period and it relatively witnessed peace, culture, and prosperity. During the 18th century, the cotton and handloom industry started blooming in Nagpur but later britisher came into being and annexed the entire city with its power and rules. 

The British Government renovated the city of Nagpur and named it the central province in the mid-19th Century which remained till 1956. The Nag River gave importance to the Kanhan River that flows towards the Serpentine path and hence this is now the city that found its name Nagpur. After Independence day, Nagpur was the capital of Madhya Bharat and along with it, a new region merged which was called Maharashtra. According to mythology, Lord Ram from Ramayana built a hut to rest and it was the place he vowed himself to get rid of all the evils and demons from the world. The same place now has turned into a temple and is called Ramtek which is located in Nagpur itself. With a rich history, Nagpur now turned into the most busiest and famous city in India. 

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What is the Economic Stature of Nagpur?

Nagpur, a metropolitan city is said to be a millionaire city as it has grown rapidly after digitalization has taken place. Banking is the main sector in Nagpur because the regional office of RBI is situated here and it has two branches that hold entire assets. The commercial market in Nagpur is Itwari Mahal and Sitabuldi market which adds financial support to the city. The economic sector of Nagpur recovered with time and brought stability after the establishment of an IT firm took its place. In the year 2004, Nagpur Government sanctioned 500 crores to build the best IT infrastructure to solve the problems of unemployment and economic downturn.

The IT sector plays a vital role in cities like Nagpur as it provides economic stability and growth. Nagpur is also famous for mining and agriculture which truly contribute to the economic growth of the city. The major crops that are grown here are pulses, mung, wheat, gram, jowar, linseed, sugarcane, etc which have a high demand for selling. The economic potential of the city depends mainly on educational institutes, industrial firms, agriculture, business markets, transportation, etc. The total GDP of Nagpur city is around $43 billion and it includes all major sectors.

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How is the IT Sector in Nagpur?

Nagpur has recently accelerated its growth in the IT sector and it gives ample amount of opportunities to engineering students who want to pursue their careers as developers or programmers. The city has many decent institutes that graduate young talent in various fields and make them ready for IT jobs to develop the company’s prospects with their ideas and point of view. The city has seen less unemployment after the IT firms have come into being and accepted new talents to discover their potential to work and evolve. 

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What are the Top IT Companies in Nagpur?

1. Persistent Systems Ltd:

Persistent Systems Ltd is the top IT company in Nagpur and it was founded in the year 1990 with a profound aim to transform digitally and economically. It is a global company that provides services on software development and web development. The company stands with the top rating of 4.5 and provides an authentic environment to perform in your respective niches. The employees who work with us are confident, work-driven, creative, and ingenious which leads them to success. 

2. GlobaILogic:

GlobaILogic is a leading IT company in Nagpur that connects software engineers to perform efficiently for the industry. The company is a global organization of research firm that continues to transform digitally and grow business revenue with its strong services. The company helped business brands like Adobe, Panasonic, and Volvo to shape their future. The team of experts will assist you to design new digital solutions, build digital platforms and develop revenue rates, etc. The company believes in learning, stability, and growth that adds value to the employee’s professions.

3. Tech Mahindra:

Tech Mahindra is a leading IT company in Nagpur and its headquarters resides in Pune. The employee size is around 158,000 which adds up to 90 countries including Nagpur and ranked 5th among India’s Top IT firms. The company prefers new talent to discover their ideas and encourages them to work and bring growth to the company. The work culture of Tech Mahindra is impressive and a lot of employees want to evolve their careers in this  IT industry. The work environment is pleasant and calm which makes the workflow easy.

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4. NICE System:

NICE System is a top IT company in Nagpur and provides strong services in application development, UI/UX design development, etc. The company provides business solutions and leverages data for better analytical solutions. NICE System specializes mainly in telephone voice recording, surveillance, and data security that promises to meet software solutions. It focuses on projects to meet client’s demands and build a sustainable environment for business market growth.

5. InforCepts:

InfoCepts is a Top IT company in Nagpur that provides insightful business strategies and values. The company stands with a rating of 4.4 according to the Ambition box report with 210+ positive reviews by the employees working currently. InfoCepts has an impressive tagline that says “Make smarter decisions and achieve better outcomes”. It handles projects for data analytics and delivers successful business prospects that give valuable outcomes to the industry. The company believes in teamwork and performs accordingly to reap growth and achieves business transformation.

6. Hexaware Technologies:

Hexaware Technologies has grown into a top IT company in Khapri, Nagpur and it is growing its IT services at the fastest rate. The company experts have brilliant minds to execute new ideas and find better ways to accelerate growth and bring revenue. The work culture of Hexaware Technologies is filled with creativity and thoughtful ideology. The company provides services like software development and website development that has a wide range of business products that brings stability to the industry.

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7. Kloud Data:

Kloud Data is a leading IT company in Nagpur and is a certified SAP silver partner that has a record to deliver projects on time and fulfilling clients’ needs. The company has various organizations that offer IT services and strengthen them with technological innovations. Kloud Data aims to help the customer and lead it to global solutions. The headquarter of Kloud Data resides in California and has several offices in overseas areas including Washington DC and Bangkok.

8. Lighthouse Info Systems:

Lighthouse Info Systems is a leading IT company in Nagpur and it thoroughly works on custom development solutions, digital transformation, and business process management, all the process is done through innovative design, technology, expertise ideas, and by implementing best practices. Lighthouse Info System believes in evolving its marketing values through smart work and dedication. The important services provided by the company are Mobile app development, software development, digital marketing, etc.

9. ICEICO Technologies

ICEICO Technologies is best known for blockchain technology and stands out in providing strong services to enhance revenue. The employee finds better space to learn and evolve in their respective niches and adapt to new technologies. The company aims to reach 21,000 employees size by the year 2023 to expand its industry areas with various opportunities and new ideas from young professionals. The reason to continue in the company is its strong base, learning environment, job security, and stable life with a handsome salary.

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10. Excellon Software:

Excellon Software is a renowned IT company in Nagur and is known for its cutting-edge technology. The company aims towards enriching growth and evolving market values to gain excellence. Excellon software has 15 years of work experience and provides extreme efficiency to improve organizations. The work culture of the company is accumulated with tangible insights and sparking ideas to nurture the growth of the industry. 

11. Infosys:

Infosys is another Top IT company in Mihan, Nagpur and it has many office locations across India which provide the best services to grow the stability of the company. It is known for its best opportunities and believes in teamwork. The company gives proper training to freshers and helps them develop their career life in Infosys. It deals mainly with digital transformation and delivers digital outcomes to customers on regular basis. It embraces new technologies and accepts new challenges to perform and navigate digital transformation. 

12. Amdocs:

Amdocs is a top IT company in Nagpur. The company helps in providing cloud services and accelerating digitalization to work profoundly. The employee size is around 30,000 and has many office locations across the world. Amdocs develops your vision and provides you with opportunities to reach industry goals. Freshers seeking job opportunities can apply for Amdocs and start their career journey. It’s a leading company that gives access to new technologies.

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13. ArenalTech PVT. LTD:

ArenalTech PVT.LTD is a leading IT company in Nagpur and it has a rating of 4.8 according to the Ambition box report with top reviews by employees working in a cultured environment. It has several technological services which help the company to upgrade. It offers services like digital marketing, web development, application development, etc. It aims to reach clients’ requirements and fulfil their demands which ensures better opportunities for the company. The company is known for its impactful service and functionalities.

14. Virtual Galaxy Infotech PVT.LTD:

Virtual Galaxy Infotech Pvt. Ltd is another leading company in Nagpur and is thriving with success. It has a rich experience of 24 years and was established in the year 1997. They deal with clients with proper understanding and analytic solutions. It is a global organization that runs with an expert and professional team. It provides high-quality IT services like software development, cloud computing, big data, the Internet of things, etc. 

15. Digitron Software and Technology:

Digitron Software Technology is a standard IT company in Nagpur. It is a tech-driven company that brings great innovations to business markets. The motto of the company is to perform well in providing projects to clients without hitting deadlines. The expert professionals of the company overall check the whole management and develop the needed areas by promoting ideas and tech solutions. It is the right place to start a career where you can learn and develop your skills.

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What Is The Salary Structure Of Software Engineers In Nagpur?

Nagpur is ahead in technological transformation and it has new startup industries across India. All industries are recruiting passionate engineers and developers to work in their field and bring tech progress to the company.

If we analyze the average salary of software engineers in Nagpur then it will be around Rs.45,000 according to an Indeed.com report. 

Software engineers and developers put more effort into bringing the efficiency of the company and stability in the industry’s income. The salary estimated for a software engineer who joined as a fresher goes up from Rs. 25000 to Rs. 35,000.

The report varies from Ambition box that estimated the average salary of a software engineer goes up to Rs. 30,000 that depends on company standards. 


The IT sector has advanced in the city of Nagpur and many tech companies have started to grow their digital transformation and bring innovation to society. The impact of technology is affecting in positive ways and helping Education, the banking sector, and the healthcare sector in profound ways. Many startup companies are applying visionary ideas to transit and bring modernism to make it a lifestyle. 

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