What are the Top IT Companies in Cape Town?

What are the Top IT Companies in Cape Town?
What are the Top IT Companies in Cape Town?

Whichever direction a firm chooses to go, technology will always be the main character in the story. There is no doubt that those wishing to make a difference may use technology to unleash the potential they envision, notwithstanding any future challenges the technology business may encounter due to ethical dilemmas or regulatory maneuvering. Technology is said to have the power to speed up solutions for people with the proper perspective. The tech sector in South Africa is said to be growing by leaps and bounds. In a study that examined South Africa’s potential to become a global leader in numerous fields, the country came out on top! Technology is increasingly centered in South African cities, particularly Cape Town.

Cape Town as an IT Hub

Cape Town is a city with solid infrastructure, a supportive community, and corporate and government partnerships. The digital capital of Africa, Cape Town, is teeming with start-ups from a wide range of sectors, new technology, and entrepreneurs. According to the 2018 Ventureburn Tech Start-up Survey, With 36% of start-ups here earning a profit or producing significant revenue in the last year compared to 22% in Gauteng, the Western Cape is seen as an alluring location to develop a successful start-up. 

Despite the fact that Cape Town’s startup environment has advanced significantly over the past 20 years, there is still much work to be done. If talent and finance access is increased, Cape Town may join the ranks of other international superstars. Many cutting-edge fintech solutions have emerged as a result of the presence of some of South Africa’s top financial institutions in Cape Town, but success is not limited to this industry.

There are also 73 Edtech startups in Cape Town that offer online learning possibilities for subjects including engineering, business services, and data science, to name just a few. The amount of foreign investment in Cape Town keeps increasing quickly. Data gathered by fDi Intelligence shows that this area is quickly becoming a prominent location for tech firms, home to more than 40,000 professionals. 

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The Top IT Companies in Cape Town

While the country’s economic center may be in Johannesburg, Africa’s technical center is quickly transforming from Cape Town. Millions of rands have been invested in the city’s tech companies over the previous few years.

The Western Cape is home to 47% of the industry’s start-ups in the technology sector, with Gauteng coming in second with 44%. Also, according to the Ventureburn Tech Startup Study 2017, Cape Town is home to the biggest telecommunications market and the majority of venture capital agreements in South Africa, which total 75% of all deals in the nation. 

Let’s get going with the list of best IT companies in Cape Town

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Service is a premier multinational IT company that has a reputation for elevating representatives’ skills. The company’s adaptability, paid leave, employee commitment initiatives, and numerous other comparative benefits and advantages make it one of the greatest IT firms in Cape Town, South Africa.

Automation and AI, cybersecurity, cognitive business operations, engineering and industrial services, cloud, TCS interactive, quality engineering, internet of things, corporate apps, consultancy, analytics and insights, and blockchain are a few of the IT services offered by the organization. The organization offers a variety of benefits to its employees, including free transportation, health insurance, access to a cafeteria and gym, training in soft skills, job training, child care, and help.


Digital streaming, cloud computing, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence are the key focus areas for Amazon, a global technology firm with headquarters in the United States. It is regarded as “one of the most significant economic and cultural forces on the planet” and is among the most valuable brands in the world.

The Big Five, or the five biggest and most significant technology companies in Cape Town, include Amazon.com, which is a mainstay of the Fortune 100. They must be resourceful, imaginative, and able to deal with ambiguity due to the size and complexity of Amazon’s mission. It is challenging to produce and distribute products that were previously unthinkable, but Amazon does it every day.

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Oracle is a worldwide American company with a branch in Cape Town. The key areas of concentration for Oracle include database management systems, cloud-engineered solutions, business software, and database software and technology. It comes in exactly behind Microsoft as the second-largest software corporation in the world in terms of revenue.

 In the past, Oracle made significant investments in technologies related to user interfaces, the internet of things, blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. One of the most creative businesses on this list of the top 10 IT companies in the world is Oracle.


IBM develops and scales the distinguishing technologies of each age. Since 1911, IBM has been consistently developing and is now one of the largest technology, consulting, and research businesses in the world. Its goal is to make the world run more smoothly while respecting the principles of openness, trust, and support for a more inclusive society. They are dedicated to advancing technology in an ethical manner and improving society.

The Internet of Things, data analytics, cloud computing, cognitive computing, IT infrastructures, and securities all create substantial revenue. By becoming a member of this group, you’ll join a storied, illustrious, and international community where you’ll be valued and have the opportunity to put your abilities to use in real-world change. IBM employees are innovators.

In the future, IBM will be well-positioned to help customers and clients create smarter businesses utilising AI and data analytics. But, IBM’s position in key, high-value IT sector segments including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud computing, and information security is also taken into consideration by top management. In the future, IBM will be in a great position to assist customers and clients in employing AI and data analytics to develop smarter organizations.

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Headquartered in New York, Bloomberg is the world’s primary distributor of financial data and a top news provider of the 21st century. “It’s our purpose.” is the company’s motto. With the slogan “Come find yours,” Bloomberg has developed into a major player in the information and technology industries, solving challenging issues on a daily basis with a dynamic network of data, concepts, and analysis.

At Bloomberg in Cape Town, they are guided by four core values that are the foundation of the company, driving its success; InnovationCollaborationCustomer Service, and Doing the Right Thing. The company harnesses the power of data and technology to organize, understand and improve the world.


It shouldn’t be shocking that Google is thought of as one of Cape Town’s top product-based businesses. In addition to hardware, software, cloud computing, online advertising, and a search engine, Google provides a wide range of products and services. Larry Page and Sergey Binn established the California-based business in 1998.

One of the leading IT firms in Cape Town is Google, which is also one of the tech giants of Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Over the years, they have bought a variety of firms and organizations. Cloud computing, software, hardware, and web-based search and display advertising technologies are Google’s primary research interests. It is a well-known technology business that concentrates on providing goods and services for online users. Customers all throughout the world can access support from Google.

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As the parent organization of edX, 2U collaborates with premier partners to provide top-notch online education and services, ranging from free courses to degree programs. 2U has a mission-driven, student-centered culture that is motivated to support partners in thriving in the digital era.

Having 230+ partners, and 4000+ digital offerings they are dedicated to assisting their collaborators in developing educational options that let lifelong learners realize their full potential and address pressing societal issues. Innovative educational technology, innovative and clear procedures, and Unmatched assistance are what they seek to offer. The company works with prestigious nonprofit universities and international organizations as a transformation partner.


The market leader in the development and production of software, along with services and goods related to it, is the Microsoft Corporation, which was created in 1975. The American software giant Microsoft Corporation is a pioneer in information technology. Computers, consumer electronics, and workplace software are all needed in today’s culture. It is said that Microsoft workers are among the happiest individuals on the planet. In order to create a culture built on values, the company encourages its founders or leadership. This is one of the leading IT businesses in Cape Town.

In the 2020 Fortune 500 rankings of the biggest American companies by total revenue, Microsoft was ranked No. 21, making it the world’s largest software manufacturer by revenue. It is one of the Big Five American technology companies, along with Google, Amazon, Apple, and Meta.

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Thomson Reuters

The tech giant Thomson Reuters continues to be the most trusted source of critical news, tools, and useful information for the businesses that make the world go round. The business is committed to giving people and organizations the best enterprise software and network solutions available. It also has over 10,000 passionate employees worldwide.

A large portion of SA’s network and software solutions are managed by the corporation. They have become the most well-liked network supplier in the country as a result. They genuinely want to redefine the strategy and way in which professionals work.


SAP is the market leader in ERP and a multinational software provider that provides services to more than 180 countries and offers on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment types. System Analysis Program Development was the original name for SAP when it was first translated from German. 

At SAP, the employees work with the purpose of helping the world run better and improving people’s lives. The company promises to innovate business solutions and help every customer become a best-run in business. They engineer solutions that fuel innovation, foster quality, and spread opportunity across borders and cultures. SAP enables the world to function more effectively and enhances people’s lives through a global network of clients, partners, employees, and thought leaders. 

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Computacenter is a leading independent technology and services provider in Cape Town, South Africa. The company assists its clients in procuring, transforming, and managing their technological infrastructure in order to enable digital transformation, empowering people and businesses. Building long-lasting trust with customers, partners, employees, and communities is key to their purpose: to enable success. 

The company is proud of the working environment that they have created; where people who wish to join have a fantastic reputation within the industry and offer the perfect place for them to learn, earn, and have fun. The company employs over 17,000 people all around the world and is even quoted on the London FTSE 250!

ACI Worldwide

Founded in 1975, ACI worldwide serves a wide array of customers in over 95 countries, with offices in 34 of them, and employs a talent pool of 4000+ people. Mission-critical project implementation and upkeep have been successfully completed by ACI Worldwide for more than 45 years. Due to the fact that the company has a number of regional offices, they have a thorough awareness of the opportunities and problems that exist throughout the African continent.

One of the industry’s leaders in real-time payments, ACI Worldwide, provides businesses with the mission-critical real-time payments software solutions needed to process and manage digital payments, power omni-commerce transactions, present and process bill payments, and control fraud and risk.

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Founded somewhere in approximately 1981, the business currently employs more than 12,000 people and has millions of prosperous clients across 23 nations. The goal of the company is for every business organization to be successful by utilizing modern digital tools and signatures.

Sage Technologies’ primary areas of focus are computer hardware and software, and prospective customers receive ongoing guidance from their customer care representatives. They can also get assistance from the company’s global network of specialists and local experts who can help them with their particular business issues. Not only that, but these professionals are always willing to offer advice that will increase their clients’ self-confidence and help them realize their professional goals.


DigiAta is a team of technology experts with years of experience in the financial services sector who have come together to provide services to clients that make running client businesses easier and more efficient. Digiata was established in the 200, with a founding goal of becoming the go-to integration partner for the financial services industry.

Currently, Digiata provides end-to-end solutions that address a variety of business processes used in the financial sector, such as client experience, process automation, reconciliation, and sophisticated integration. The company has a proven track record with more than 140 employees, all of them are top talent from elite universities.

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DXC Technology South Africa

A global leader in IT services, according to the Fortune 500, is DXC Technologies. The delivery of what matters most is entrusted to more than 130,000 employees in more than 70 countries by the company’s clients. Strong principles and a culture of inclusiveness, belonging, and corporate citizenship is characteristics of DXC, a top employer. 

With over 60+ years of facilitating innovation, DXC is an IT services company leveraging technology to improve the lives of its clients, employees, communities, and the environment. Delivering mission-critical IT services across the Enterprise Technology Stack is how the company harnesses technology’s power to make a real difference in the lives of people and businesses. 

How much is the Salary for a Software Engineer in Cape Town?

There is an unmatched demand for qualified software engineers as a result of technological breakthroughs and a population that keeps embracing cutting-edge technologies. At the heart of all significant innovations are software developers. Whether it’s a new feature on your preferred social media platform or a device that enables groceries to be delivered right to your door, a software engineer is in charge. Software developers are getting harder and harder to find because of their unequaled tenacity and commitment to perfection.

In Cape Town, software engineers are increasingly paid higher salaries. This amount is expected to grow even further and better given that the city has huge potential in the technology industry.

  • According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a software engineer in Cape Town is 41,159 ZAR a month.
  • Per Indeed.com, a software engineer’s salary in Cape Town is ZAR 674,423 a year and ZAR 47,750 a month which is 11% above the national average salary for software engineers in South Africa.
  • While the payscale data states that a software engineer in Cape Town would earn an average yearly salary of ZAR 427,893. For an entry-level software engineer in Cape Town, the salary range is likely to be ZAR 306,984 a year. An early career software engineer in the city is expected to receive a salary of ZAR 399,072 a year. A mid-career software engineer in Cape Town is likely to get paid ZAR 559,885 a year. While an experienced software engineer in Cape Town is expected to earn an average salary of ZAR 683,219 a year.

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The employment of contemporary technology can have a significant impact in a number of areas, including increasing sales, increasing production, and improving customer service. Businesses will profit more and see a higher return on investment if they adopt the most recent technologies. Beyond supporting companies, the Cape’s tech scene now promotes the abilities required for continued advancement. 

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