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What Are The Top IT Companies In Guwahati?


Guwahati has seen tremendous growth in recent year and embraced the new innovation to develop the city with new tch solutions. The process of management has shown enhanced opportunities to build a successful place for the IT sector. Technology has boomed with software development and new applications have emerged to ease the life of human beings. 

The IT companies transformed themselves into various technological services like web development, cloud computing, cyber security, etc. Guwahati has established itself lately as one of the leading IT companies with a strong base. The perspective of the city has broadened itself and shown efficient growth in the IT sector. 

History Of Guwahati:

Guwahati has a rich history in terms of art and traditional culture. The city was previously known as Pragjyotishpura and it was initiated by the old term Jyotish which meant Astrology. The city, pragjyotishpura served the Varman and pala dynasties and was also the capital of Assam till the 11th century AD. The ancient Guwahati has mythological beliefs and the city had kings called Bhagadatta and Narakasura. The city has witnessed old Ramayana and Mahabharata references which are inclined with history. 

Guwahati is a hilly place located in the northeastern part of India. The city is famous for its rulers and military authority. The Ahom ruler has ruled the city of Guwahati for around 600 years and has given civil responsibilities to Borphukans. During the rulers of Ahom, a battle was fought with Saraighat near Guwahati to chase the guidance of Ahom. The city was initially started to be known by the name Gowhatty instead of Guwahati because of pre-colonial rule. 

The final change was taken from Gauhati to Guwahati by British rule in the year 1980. The city has seen a massive change in various education and industrial sectors over time which increased its growth to develop the town. Guwahati is known for its epic stories and inbuilt famous temples like Kamakhya Temple, Rudreswar Temple, Lankeshwar Temple, etc. Guwahati is also known for its biggest Brahmaputra river which lies in the hill station of Shillong. 

Guwahati is said to be the largest city situated in Northern India which has a diverse ecosystem and wildlife. The city flourished with abundant nature and beauty. The city has various sightseeing places including- Pobitora wildlife sanctuary, the State museum of Assam, Kaziranga national park, Guwahati planetarium, etc. 

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Economic Stature Of Guwahati:

The vast land of agriculture supports the economy of Guwahati moreover, the city-states are the largest economic region in Northern India. Guwahati is also famous for tea plantations which contribute to the city’s economy. The tea plantation is globally famous as the production rate has risen and exported all over the world. The city and its industrial growth have integrated the GDP to 4.10 trillion in the year 2021-2022. 

The city has stood for the import and export system of petroleum products, coal products, and tea plantations which overall makes around 415.33 million which counts the economic stature of Guwahati. The activities which grow the economic sector of the company are mostly trading work, tea plantation, and transportation services. Guwahati is also famous for fancy handicraft items that include bamboo products, pottery, traditional paintings and embroidery handloom work, etc. which includes economic activities and raises the business for city growth.

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IT Sector In Guwahati:

Technology has grown in the city of Guwahati and has pitched many IT industries which have shown growth in terms of skills, design, digitalization, etc. Even small industry and startup has shown possible capabilities to grow themselves and make their place in the city with a consistent flow of knowledge and growth. The IT sector has expanded, with huge development and communication to nurture the company’s productivity. The recruitment process has a positive response in terms of recruiting young talent to help run the IT industry through their understanding.

Innovation has taken place in technology which increases the demand for enriching production in business marketing and digitalization. The possibility of growing oneself in the IT sector would be an excellent idea to start their career to keep their perspective. Guwahati nurtures young talent and provides them with significant opportunities to surpass.

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What are the Top IT Companies in Guwahati?

1. Web.com: 

Web.com is one of the leading IT companies in Guwahati. The company specializes in web development, software development, web application, digital marketing, mobile app development, etc and it provides an ample amount of services to its employees and clients. The company is said to be reputed and experienced in Guwahati and serves a tie-up with iconic brands diversely from the public sector. Web.com has spread its service to all units of the IT sector in Guwahati which yields positive results for the company. The company has a commitment policy that guides employees to maintain client feedback, team support, assurance of quality, etc.

2. Vasp Technologies PVT. LTD:

Vasp technology is another Top IT sector that offers counselling on software services and provides applications to modify the development process of technology. The company helps with technical solutions to customers in related fields of designing services and strategy development. The company has a rating of 4.2 according to the ambition box which shows the suitability and growth of the company according to the review process. It’s a software company that deals with the internet market, and networking, and also plays an effective role in internet transactions.  The reach of the company has widened its market services thoroughly. 

3. IBM India PVT. LTD:

IBM India PVT.LTD stands with a rating of 4.0 and is a Top IT Company in Guwahati. The company established itself in Guwahati in the year of 2010 and since then it has marked positive results to gain striving experience. IBM India PVT.LTD has led the company to long-term business commitment which ensures work quality and prime effectiveness. It is a B2B company that offers business growth 10 times faster and rapidly grows in the business sector. IBM has partnered with educational institutes like IIT( Indian Institute of Technology) to innovate technological talent. IBM provides services like design strategy, application services Tech support services, etc.

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4. Geekworkx Technologies:

Having acquired a place as one of the top IT companies in Guwahati, Geekworkx Technologies has done marvellous work in the industry. The company is well known for its efficient work performance and provides services like SEO, website development, digital marketing, mobile application development, etc. The company is loyal towards its brands and cultivates custom businesses to run sales. Geekworkx technologies serve digital success with innovative solutions that develop the needs of companies.

5. Ekodus Technologies Private Limited:

With the leading IT sector, Ekodus Technology Pvt. Ltd has now grown tremendously to be a Top IT company in Guwahati. The company has creatively shown innovation and foundation to the IT sector to provide digital solutions to clients. Ekodus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has expanded its work horizon to various sectors like business and IT corporates. The company provides services like software development, digital marketing, Digital publishing, IT training, etc.

6. Borgos Technologies PVT.LTD:

Borgos technologies offer services like cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, digital marketing, etc which has expanded its tech medium to the city of Guwahati. The company has superb infrastructure which will mould any individual to start their career in such a creative place after all workspace matters most for clear thinking. The company believes in passion and a broad vision to develop itself in all services. The company has started to solve the tech problem of clients with efficient solutions. The services provided by the company are big data services, business applications, managed cloud services, etc.

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7. Quest Innovation:

Quest Innovation is the best IT company in Guwahati which has broadened its services like designing, web applications, eCommerce websites, app development etc. The company provides a multitasking dimension with a vision to explore leading web services. It aims to maintain the company’s work and increase the audience to pitch their idea to grow the company more efficiently. Quest Innovation handles all the web promotion through SEO service and provides high-maintenance work to the client. The company handles all the website-related designs and applications to evolve the consulting company. 

8. Assam Technologies:

One of the professional Top IT companies in Guwahati is Assam Technologies which is rich in the innovation of web design and development. The company has been rated 4.5 for its services and team management. Assam technologies, with the help of young talent, show improvement in the work method and provide excellent results. The company assures you of top-quality services that will develop the high potential value of the IT sector. 

9. Codepilot Technologies PVT. LTD:

Codepilot Technologies Pvt. Ltd is known for its web designing and app development which has established itself as a Top IT company in Guwahati. The company has a dedicated team of software developers who have an access to digital technologies with a set of delivering projects on time. It delivers software products to all social platforms with enriched experiences and globally appreciated services by the company. The company expertise helps the employees to diversify their work as a team to multiply their growth and empower the customers.

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10. Zaloni:

Zaloni, a software company in Guwahati is a platform for big data software and cloud data architecture that plays a vital role in data collection, preparation, and quality. It has better consumption of workflow that delivers better business strategy. The company has positive reviews and stands with a rating of 4.6 which shows that the work atmosphere would be visionary and innovative. Zaloni’s headquarter resides in Dubai and has developed itself in aspects of technology. The company values employees’ opinions and accepts the change which impacts the growth of Zaloni. 

11. Siqes:

Siqes provides an information service that welcomes the new infrastructure of the company. The company has developed itself in terms of system integration, IP telephony, surveillance security etc. The company helps you to reach the valuable aspects of the IT sector. The headquarters of Siqes resides in Noida and it gives reliable service to the employees to grow themselves. Based on the review from the ambition box there are around 20+ positive reviews acknowledged by the company’s employees which keep the reputation. 

12. Aurkin:

Aurkin has a standard rating of 4.9 which makes it the best IT company in Guwahati. Aurkin serves the best services like web designing, SEO, mobile application, software development, etc. The company strives to grow itself with long-term business commitments that will provide profit to the company. The company provides an effective solution for the business that ensures better results.

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13. ABH Software:

ABH Software is one of the known companies in Guwahati that serves better services like IOS application, mobile application, software development, etc that optimizes the organization that further creates definite innovation. The environment of the company is fruitful for the employee which leads them to clear thinking and develop the best application services. It provides a wide range of software services that make it easy to grasp all the programming languages.

14. The Digi Point:

The Digi Point is a digital agency that helps you build a tech-driven employee who would learn the strategy of creative tech, innovative design tech, and technical content based on business leaders. The industry serves the influencing division of social media campaigns, brand recognition, awareness of social sites, etc. The Digi points bring better brands that enhance the business service. The Digi point stands out with a rating of 5.0 and positive reviews from company staff and employees who are benefited from the company.

15. Wipro LTD:

Wipro is a well-recognized IT company that provides the best work balance to its employees. The management of the company is observed by the core team to satisfy the demands of the client and ensures a better work culture. The chance of growing in the Wipro company is based on how fast you learn and grow yourself in the environment. Better opportunities are provided by the company to provide inclusive management of the work environment. 

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What is the Software Engineer’s Salary in Guwahati?

Guwahati has grown massively in terms of the IT industry and education which helped the city grow financially and independently. If we acknowledge software engineer salaries in Guwahati they may vary based on experience. The salary of software engineers is classified according to fresher, mid-senior, and experienced employees.

The salary structure of freshers in Guwahati starts from 7.0 LPA which verifies employees’ resumes and interview results.

The salary structure of the mid-fresher in Guwahati starts from 9.0 LPA which observes their work qualification and employee development in the company.

The salary structure of the experienced ones in Guwahati ranges from 10 to 15 LPA as they understand the work culture and have enhanced work capabilities.

According to indeed.com, the estimated salary of an IT employee/ software engineer in Guwahati is up to 35,957 to 37,183 a month.


Guwahati, the largest city in Assam has grown in the IT industry to flourish with the rapid demands of services provided by the company. As we understand, the evolution of technology has enhanced itself and transformation of life has taken place to ease human life. With the help of digitalization, work progress has made an effective change and helped society to take profit from every sector. The IT Industry has eased transportation, shopping, communication, transactions, etc. for the benefit of humans. Planning for one such exciting job in the IT sector? Join DataMites, a well-recognized global institute that provides training on Data science course, artificial intelligence course, python course, Deep learning, machine learning course, Internet of things course, Mlops Training and Data Analytics Training. Here we provide in-depth learning of all the courses that will open your mind to new segments. All the courses of DataMites are accredited by IABAC which provides certification from the same.

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