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AI Engineer in Jaipur – Job Openings, Salary, Course Fee-

Are you knowledgeable in AI or just want to comprehend further about how that might help you prosper your career in one of the most pertinent new-age technologies used mostly by sectors around the world? Then you’ve found the right place because AI has immense potential in India. Despite the fact that AI is still in its inception, it is being used in a variety of contexts, including agriculture, vehicles, education, and transportation. India will play a big role in the Digital revolution.

AI Engineer in Jaipur - Job Openings, Salary, Course Fee-

As companies improve their AI maturity, market growth will accelerate. According to a recent projection from Gartner, global artificial intelligence (AI) software revenue will reach $62.5 billion in 2022, up 21.3 percent from 2021.

In the previous two decades, Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital and largest city, has undergone significant growth. Unlike other tier-2 cities, the Pink City has a lot of opportunities for innovative businesses in terms of market size, cash flow, staff cost and quality, educated consumers, technology users, and so on. In less than ten years, we include over 10,000+ startups in Jaipur.

What opportunities are available in Jaipur?

Some of the brightest minds in the world are based in Jaipur, and they are on their way to making it big in the tech-savvy world. AI has applications in almost every field or sector, and recent breakthroughs will further boost AI’s significance and use in almost every domain of human activity. As a beginner, you may believe that AI is a relatively new technology. AI has been under development for much longer than you might believe.

AI analysts and developers, data scientists, AI engineers and scientists, AI researchers, AI algorithm specialists, Robotics experts, Software engineers, Big Data Engineers, and Business Intelligence Developers are just a few of the AI job roles.

According to Naukri.com, there are 23,676 job openings in India as of January 2022. AI career opportunities in Jaipur are widening in unison with the instantaneous rise in technology enterprises.

Who is an AI Engineer?

Artificial intelligence specialists are in higher demand than they’ve ever been, seeing that artificial intelligence itself is being more and more a more actively used and diversifying form of technology. The ironic part is that the AI market offers a multitude of opportunities; make sure to keep on a mix of chores and responsibilities depending on your job, expertise, and inclinations.

A person who puts the focus on artificial intelligence problems or solutions is referred to as an AI engineer. Machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and other artificial intelligence approaches are used by an artificial intelligence engineer. Regardless of the fact that AI engineers excel at data engineering, they are rarely called upon to build the strategies that enable long-term data exchange.

An AI Engineer must have a strong understanding of programming skills. You’ll need to know object-oriented programming languages like Python, C#, or C++ to work as an AI engineer. You’ll need to know how to leverage frameworks like Keras and Tensorflow to create AI solutions. Agile and Scrum are two software development methodologies that you should be familiar with. Knowledge of cloud computing is useful. Expertise in big data, data science, and data manipulation

Skills for an AI Engineer:

AI engineers should possess skills in Programming language, Data Engineering, Applied maths and algorithms, Communication, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Emotional intelligence, Organization, Problem-solving, Relationship building, Stress management and Teamwork.

What are AI Engineers responsible for?

  • Integrating data transformation and ingestion infrastructure.
  • Actively creating intelligence models.
  • Explaining the value of the AI models they develop to a variety of people in the company, including stakeholders and product managers.
  • Establishing APIs that other programmes can use to connect with machine learning models.
  • The data science team’s critical infrastructure is being automated.
  • Enabling data transformation and ingestion infrastructure.
  • Modeling AI and communicating with stakeholders and product managers.
  • To turn machine learning models into APIs that may be used by other apps.

In Jaipur, how much do AI Engineers earn?

An AI engineer’s salary in Jaipur on a yearly basis differs from 10,80,000 INR to 13,80,000 INR, as reported by Ambitionbox.com.

How to be an AI Engineer?

You’ll most likely need to meet specific educational criteria to work as an artificial intelligence engineer. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, such as IT, Informatics, ICT, Economics, Computer Science, Statistics and Finance.
Securing certification courses in the subject matter can be very extremely helpful, as the candidates’ standard of training and knowledge on the topic will have a dramatic impact on the job selection.

Kickstart your Artificial Intelligence Career-

DataMites AI Certification Training covers all significant AI courses:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  2. Artificial Intelligence Expert
  3. Artificial Intelligence for Managers
  4. Certified NLP Expert
  5. Artificial Intelligence Foundation

Our courses have been accredited by IABAC, a globally recognised organisation.

Our Artificial Intelligence Engineer Certification Course is intended to provide you with all of the theoretical learning and practical oriented experience you’ll need to make it big as an AI Engineer.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Course Fee in Jaipur

The AI Engineer salary in Jaipur might depend a lot on not only the talents and years of experience but also the geographical area and other skills that reveal the person’s brilliance.

The AI Engineer Course is a proactive approach with a price of up to 1,50,000 INR.

However, at DataMites the AI Classroom Course Fee in Jaipur is 99,000 INR but we provide the training at just 60,353 INR.

AI Engineer Online Training Fee in Jaipur is 99,000 INR but the discounted price is 51,578 INR.


Because of the overwhelming amount of data and the maturing of other breakthroughs in cloud processing and computing capacity, AI adoption is spreading at a phenomenal rate than it has ever been. Companies now have exposure to massive data sets, including unstructured information that they traditionally had no clue of. These authentic pearls are a major boost to AI development.

According to Indeed.com, the demand for AI skills has climbed sharply in recent years, with the number of job ads doubling by 119 percent.

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