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What are the Top IT Companies in Myanmar?

The technology sector is driven by the desire to pioneer new territory. Tech industry professionals are ingrained in a culture of growth and advancement. New and creative ideas can emerge and evolve in a tech-related workplace. Myanmar has been rapidly advancing its digital ambitions as a country regardless only starting to embrace digitalization about five years ago. The population is becoming more and more likely to own smartphones, even outside of urban centers, and 3G-enabled internet access is widely and inexpensively available.

A Brief History of Myanmar

The country of Myanmar, often called Burma, has endured decades of oppressive military dictatorship, extreme poverty, and civil fighting with ethnic minority groups.

Burmese colonial historians asserted that the country’s ancient civilizations were created under Indian influence and could not have existed much earlier than 500 CE. Recent studies suggest, however, that the Irrawaddy valley in Burma’s civilization is very old; 3,500 years ago, its people were cultivating rice, keeping livestock, and using bronze tools. However, the adoption of the Theravada school of Buddhism from South India in the fourth century marked this culture’s turning point. 

In 1886, the British imposed significant structural changes on Burma by making it a province of India. Many Burmese people developed resentment because Indians were brought in to fill civil service positions and because Chinese and Indian business interests in Burma were encouraged. Burma became the largest rice exporter in the world as a result of agriculture that was geared toward export. Up until 1890, resistance to British rule persisted in the northern territories.

The Burmese flag was flown above Yangon at 4.20 am on January 4, 1948, thereby establishing Burma’s independence. Burma chose against joining the British Commonwealth, in contrast to other colonies that had previously achieved independence, since anti-British sentiment was so strong. Upon a military takeover in 1962, the name of the nation was changed from “Union of Burma” at the time of independence in 1948 to “Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma” in 1974. The capital and third-largest city of Myanmar is Naypyidaw, which is officially spelled Nay Pyi Taw. It stands out among Myanmar’s cities because it is a completely planned city that is not part of any state or region. 

The “fledgling” democracy that resulted from these early elections has continued to develop since 2010, and in 2016, following the most transparent election process in Myanmar’s history, Htin Kyaw was sworn in as president, putting an end to the country’s protracted and difficult journey towards the establishment of a democratic system.

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What industries make up the Myanmar economy?

The country of Myanmar is well-known for its Buddhism, Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, and the unique fusion of British colonial architecture and gilded pagodas. In 2021, Myanmar’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was estimated to be worth 65.07 billion US dollars, according to official World Bank estimates. Myanmar’s GDP makes up 0.05 percent of the global economy. The three industries that contribute the most to Myanmar’s economy are agriculture, forestry, and fishing combined.The primary sector of Myanmar’s economy is agriculture where a significant portion of people is employed. Many people who work in other economic sectors indirectly support agriculture by transporting, processing, selling, and exporting agricultural products, for example. 

The nominal GDP of Myanmar’s economy is projected to be US$69.26 billion in 2022, and the IMF projects that the purchasing power adjusted GDP would be US$257.34 billion. The majority of Myanmar’s exports are oil and natural gas. Vegetables, wood, fish, textiles, rubber, and fruits are among the other exports. The top trading partners for Myanmar’s exports are China, India, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. In addition to having considerable reserves of precious and semiprecious stones, Myanmar is rich in resources, including metal ores, petroleum, and natural gas.

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Is Myanmar technologically advanced?

Myanmar has been rapidly advancing its digital ambitions as a country regardless only starting to embrace digitalization about a few years ago. The population is becoming more and more likely to own smartphones, even outside of urban centers, and 3G-enabled internet access is widely and inexpensively available.

Recent political and socioeconomic developments in Myanmar have indicated a readiness to reintegrate into the global economy. The nation should benefit from digital technology in order to advance the economy and speed up growth. This study evaluates the information and communication technology (ICT) sector in Myanmar, identifies the challenges it faces, and makes policy recommendations to assist the government in overcoming those challenges. The agriculture and information and communications technology (ICT) sector in Myanmar has shown to be impressively robust. 

Myanmar has ambitious goals to develop its digital economy and is working hard to strengthen the foundations of its digital ecosystem and turn its smartphone-owning population into online shoppers. To realize the nation’s digital economic potential, nevertheless, would require major legislative framework development as well as investments in ICT literacy and skills. 

The country has slowly established itself as a major actor in Southeast Asia over the past few years by maintaining the proper economic balance and growth. Over the past ten years, it has continuously had one of the world’s fastest-expanding economies. To ensure that the tech sector keeps expanding, it should go without saying that tech companies in Myanmar seek to entice and keep the greatest personnel. 

Here goes the list of top IT Companies in Myanmar;

1. B360 Marketing Consulting Firm Myanmar 

B360 is a marketing technology company that employs cutting-edge tools to find and engage the market in society, giving them a more significant piece of the future. Through data-based strategy and marketing analysis, they adhere to a customer-centric approach and are prepared to identify and develop unanticipated business prospects for development and competitive advantage. Their key strengths include brand communications, CRM, and website development.

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2. Pixellion

In Myanmar, Pixellion is a top-tier digital marketing agency that provides services like creative branding, social media marketing, influencer marketing, paid search, email marketing, and SMS marketing. They develop brands by offering comprehensive digital marketing services. Their team has been collaborating with Facebook, Adroll, Hubspot, Eskimi, Shopify, ManyChat, Wix, and more since 2014 to better serve their clients. Over 200 customers from more than 5 countries use the company.

3. Axon Active

is a Swiss offshore software development firm with extensive Agile IT competence and a broad range of successful worldwide projects, from tiny businesses to extremely complex multi-platform solutions for giant corporate clients. Axon Active forges strong relationships with its clients by putting together development teams that are specifically suited to their needs and who provide superior, cutting-edge solutions at a price that is quite reasonable.

In 2008, the high-performance, scalable software delivery infrastructure in Vietnam was built by the Swiss-owned and -managed Axon Active. The outsourcing company provides the ideal fusion of talent management, Agile, and Scrum methodologies, technology know-how, and industry expertise. Among the services the business provides are web app development, mobile app development, big data business intelligence, the internet of things, and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

4. Frontiir

Frontiir is a multinational corporation, with its principal operating subsidiary located in Myanmar. The goal of Frontiir is to close the global digital gap by offering individuals cheap access to the internet and helpful information services. The goal of Frontiir is to help close the digital gap by offering individuals cheap access to the internet and practical information services.

Three co-founders of Frontiir, who have a combined 30 years of experience in the US sector and are recognized experts in information and communication technologies (ICT), formed the company. The dynamic staff at Frontiir is strongly motivated to create solutions for problems that arise in the ICT sector of Myanmar. The company’s team’s strength stems from the love of technology, generosity, and hope for Myanmar’s future.

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5. Ooredoo

Ooredoo is a well-known international telecom provider of reasonably priced and user-friendly mobile communications services designed for the requirements of consumers and businesses in Myanmar. By delivering the advantages of mobile technology to Myanmar residents, they are dedicated to improving people’s lives and fostering human growth. The business cares about the welfare of its clients and strives to improve all of the communities throughout Myanmar as a community-focused organization.

6. Nexlabs

NexLabs is a leading global provider of enterprise intelligent technologies that are mission-critical for managing ever-growing digital content and delivering the appropriate information to the appropriate people at the appropriate time. Today, NexLabs has over 100 clients globally and its patented technology and solutions have won numerous awards and received high marks from numerous independent reviewers. The ground-breaking products from NexLabs are also market leaders in the fields of competitive intelligence, internet security, and business communication. The business provides consulting, brand identity management, internet security, business communications, and website development services.

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7. Global Wave Technologies

The most successful and well-regarded software development business in Myanmar is Global Wave Technology. The company has offered end-to-end solutions that simplify daily operations for the clients so they can concentrate on their core business requirements and increase profitability. 

With more than 100 IT specialists, Global Wave Technology was founded in 2005 and offers software development, outsourcing, and IT consulting services. Government, SME, midsized, and enterprise businesses across various industries have benefited from the company’s solutions and services for more than ten years. The company’s products & services are used every day by over 3000 clients. The company assists clients in meeting the needs and challenges of today’s technology and business by providing skilled professionals and live technologies.

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8. Vision to Motion

V2M aspires to provide you with an unwavering dedication to their client’s success, cutting-edge solutions, and expedited value implementation. V2M is a top provider of technology and expertise that aids in digital transformation, business services, and solutions that advance and improve business prospects. The staff at Vision to Motion are aware that every day begins with a struggle to alter the current situation. 

The firm helps clients exploit a competitive edge, synchronizes business processes, and improves client business performance while providing them with strategic advantages! Some of the most sought-after services provided by the business include consulting, business services, and ICT solutions.

9. NetSmart

Electronic health records (EHRs), solutions, and services that are strong, user-friendly, and delivered by Netsmart. Members of the care teams in behavioral health, home care, senior living, and social services have easy access to accurate, current information on their platform. For the past 50 years, Netsmart has been dedicated to offering a standard platform for integrating care. Simple. Private. POWERFUL.

To create and implement technology that automates and coordinates everything from clinical to financial to administrative tasks, the company’s more than 2,200 associates collaborate with their 600,000+ users in more than 25,000 organizations across the United States.

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10. Digital Media Solutions

Leading supplier of tech-enabled digital performance advertising solutions, Digital Media Solutions® connects consumers and advertisers. With the help of the DMS first-party data asset, proprietary technology, wide-ranging digital media reach, and data-driven processes, clients in the digital advertising industry can reduce the risk associated with their advertising spending while growing their customer bases.

By facilitating easier access to options, discounts, and promotions for consumers and assisting the advertiser clients in connecting with consumers with high intent to purchase their goods and services, DMS is fostering a more effective advertising ecosystem.

11. DKMads

DKMads Co., Ltd was founded in order to assist entrepreneurs in selling their goods not just through social networking platforms but also by advertising on several digital platforms as technology progresses nowadays. DKMads have more than 8 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. In Myanmar, their team members have the most experience in FMCG, pharmacy, automotive, telecom, and other brand and product categories. 

Within a few years of the company’s founding, they had developed a specialty in programmatic advertising for numerous clients and brands. The company also now offers website and mobile app development, social media advertising, and other services with like-minded personnel. In Myanmar, the field of digital marketing is rapidly growing, and DKMads wants to improve the country’s attitude toward digital advertising.

12. Myanwei Digital Solutions 

Providing All-Innovative One Stop Solutions to Improve Band Engagement in Myanmar armed with in-depth knowledge of the benefits of social media, local market insights, consumer behaviors, and resources from tested portfolios.

Both creating social media video campaigns and implementing the most recent mobile-first creative strategy are successful endeavors for their team. To provide a seamless customer experience and a significant competitive advantage in the market, they optimize social media and websites. With operations in Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and English, Myanwei Digital Solutions is one of Myanmar’s best multilingual businesses.

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13. Digital Dots

With the primary purpose of assisting businesses in fully using the digital world through the use of cutting-edge technology, tools, and services, Yangon, Myanmar-based DigitalDots was established in 2013. The team is made up of a group of professional designers and developers who work together to provide their domestic and international clients with original and innovative ideas.

The company’s goal is to use its knowledge to develop high-caliber business applications that people can be proud of. Building trust by becoming a devoted digital partner for their clients is their stated goal. To stay current with web and mobile technology and to provide dependable and long-lasting solutions to their clients, “lifelong learning” is a core value of the company.

14. NTT Data

With more than 139,000 experts across more than 50 countries, NTT DATA is a top 6 global provider of business and IT services. NTT DATA collaborates with clients to help them understand and negotiate the complicated worlds of business and technology today, providing the insights, options, and results in that matter most. By fusing in-depth domain knowledge with applicable advancements in digital, cloud, and automation across a wide range of consulting, apps, infrastructure, and business process services, the company produces measurable business results.

Through Global Delivery Center in India, China, and Myanmar, the company effectively offers its service around the clock to the entire world. Their services are provided through the use of highly skilled and reasonably priced resources using defined techniques.

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15. Global New Wave Technology

Global New Wave Technology provides web development, mobile app development, and custom software development services in Myanmar. With the help of talented developers and designers, they have successfully finished more than 300 local and international projects. The company has provided services to customers in the UK, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Korea, Singapore, France, and Vietnam. They offer both online and offline services in full. 

Global New Wave Technology has a track record of success and a solid reputation in the integration of payment gateways, portal development, e-commerce software development, business application and automation software development, custom software solutions, and online collaboration tools for business-to-business collaborations.

16. Excellent Softwares Distribution

Built in 2009, Excellent Softwares Distribution is a company licensed to sell software licenses in Myanmar. Home and business users are their target market. The company is selling software licenses in retail and wholesale throughout the country of Myanmar. the Excellent Group of Companies’ approval. Currently, Kaspersky, MCafee, TechSmith, Stellar, and Wonderfox are just a few of the over 90 organizations that Excellent Softwares Distribution works with.

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17. T-Work Systems

Since the company’s founding in 2010, T-WORK SYSTEM has provided services to local businesses, computer sales and service, and thin client solutions. The business began offering website development and hosting services in 2015. The company updated its business model in 2016 and added additional services like enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-commerce integrations, Google SEO-friendly solutions, and multi-seat desktop virtualization. additionally, provide digital marketing.

18. Blue Ocean Operating Management Company

For a long time, Myanmar was an isolated nation with few reliable sources of information, making it challenging for its citizens to gather accurate information. In recognition of this, Blue Ocean Operating Management, also known as BOOM, was established in November 2009. Business and marketing management services were the focus of BOOM’s initial operations. After introducing the call centre service in late 2011, it rose to the position of the top ICT company. In order to improve people’s quality of life, BOOM aims to provide unrestricted access to information.

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19. GlobalNet 

As a market leader in Myanmar, GlobalNet (Global Technology Company) offers a full range of ICT solutions that are supported by an extensive data network and infrastructure that connects major commercial hubs and markets in the area. They also have 11 offices throughout more than 4 nations. Incorporating managed services, cloud computing, software-defined networks, software-defined data centres, IT services, and expert consultancy, GlobalNet offers businesses and governments full and integrated ICT solutions. With their strong technical support network and hassle-free service delivery, businesses can benefit from working with us to optimize, scale, manage, and plan for their next-generation business networks.

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Software Engineer Salary in Myanmar

Almost every industry in the modern economy employs software engineers. You can work in this industry to design and develop software that complies with industry standards and make a good living. The growing popularity of the field of software engineering makes it a fantastic option for many people right now. In Myanmar, the average salary for a software engineer is roughly 510,000 MMK. The lowest salary is 255,000 MMK, while the highest is 790,000 MMK (highest). (Salaryexplorer.com)

A software engineer in Myanmar can expect to make an average yearly salary of 6,118,800 MMK, with the lowest average salary being around 3,061,300 MMK and the highest average salary being 9,478,900 MMK.

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Winding Up

A technological revolution is taking place in Myanmar. The nation went online almost immediately thanks to a tremendous advancement in technology. This evolving technology is helping the people of Myanmar in their daily lives. It is indisputable that technology is spurring development and rising living standards in Myanmar, even though not everyone with access to the internet is making use of all the benefits that come with it.By becoming a member of DataMites, you may increase your work prospects and ensure a long and prosperous career in high technology fields. Interested? We are the market’s leading provider of in-depth instruction in cutting-edge fields like data science, artificial intelligence, Python, and machine learning. Our programs have been accredited by the IABAC, which is focused on the EU framework.

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