What are the Top IT Companies in Surat?

What are the Top IT Companies in Surat?
What are the Top IT Companies in Surat?

Technology has made a significant space in Surat after Ahmadabad. It has speedily transformed the city with its new technological innovations and established many IT firms. It’s known for its famous multi-billion diamond industry and innovative IT services. The city has already been considered one of the smartest cities in the state of Gujarat. With the establishment of IT industries, Surat has transitioned into a technological hub. As digitalization has become a prominent factor, it helps the city grow to maintain its standard of living. 

Surat is embracing the technological trends to undergo industrial transition for growth and to meet the economic standards. The IT industry is gaining prominence in recent years and has created momentum in Surat. The rise of Information Technology accelerated after the pandemic hit and flourished into the business market. According to a source, Vibesofindia.com there are currently 41,300 IT industries running in the city of Surat and is seeing growth in the position of innovation and digitalization. 

Everything you need to know about the history of Surat:

The city of Surat was formally known as Suryapur and has a glorious history of its times. It is a western Indian state of Gujarat, the meaning of Surat means Face and it is located near river Tapi which confluences with the Arabian sea. The city was founded during the medieval period and it became a prominent part of the Mughal Empire. The battle of Surat took place during the Medieval period where the Mughals were defeated by the Marathas. Later, the city was under the control of the Dutch and came to be known as the ‘ Dutch Suratte’. Surat is considered to be a Hindu town that was colonized by the Brigus, a king from Sauvira on the banks of river Tapi.

According to the mythological point of view, Surat was the place where Lord Krishna halted while moving toward Dwarka from Mathura. During the 16th century, the Portuguese Empire declared Surat port a prominent trading point which brought prosperity to the city and resulted in gaining fame as important merchandise and trading point. Surat was considered one of the great trading centers that earned a higher reputation during that time. The city has significant art culture that enhances its history and diversification. 

Surat is well-known for the Diamond and Silk industries. The city process 92% of diamond in the world as it manufactures diamonds in large and small cutting factories. After the independence of India, the East India Company was handed the government of surat to the Mumbai operation center. The Britishers established 70% of the city and brought prosperity and peace in every sector. Surat became unstoppable after the emergence of technology and embraces fast digitalization for the benefit of the citizens. 

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What is the economic status of Surat?

Surat is known for its diamond industry which shares half a portion of economic growth. In surat, 80% of diamonds are cut and polished which makes around $12 billion as its total income. The city also contributes to exporting manmade fibers and fisheries. It also shares some of the renowned silk sarees which contribute to the flourishing economy. Agriculture also contributes a major share in vegetables, fruits, and pulses that increase economic growth. The city largely produces chili, turmeric, and ginger. 

The economic position of Surat is better because of giant industries that have various sectors like oil and petroleum, energy, IT startups, etc. The city has set up a thermal power plants to produce lignite in Gujrat and increase the number of real-estate businesses to further grow the economy of the city. There are endless fields that help the city grow smart and nurture large productivity. The effective tech companies and industries serve a lot to balance the economic status of Surat. 

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How is Information Technology growing in the city of Surat?

Surat enabled fast technology that drives industrial and economic growth for the benefit of the citizen. The government of Surat focuses on the digital transition to bring changes in software technology and IT firms. The growth of entrepreneurship has overtaken the space of digital innovation that plays a larger role in pitching new opportunities to achieve IT transformation. Surat is thriving in the business market because of software innovation and became a prominent place for industrialization, eCommerce and IT startups, etc.

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Top IT companies in Surat

1. Narola Infotech:

Surat has emerged as one of the known technology hubs and many IT companies have been set up already Narola Infotech is one of them. It is one of the leading companies in Surat. The prime aim of the company is to serve its clients who are spread overseas. The team of professionals helps the fresh candidates grow and upskill their talent. The company holds more than 13+ years of technical experience and serves the best IT solutions to transit the growth.

2.  Xcellence IT:

Xcellence IT is a top IT company in Surat and it was founded in the year 2007. It is a startup company built by young minds to expand their vision into reality. The company provides reliable IT services on e-Commerce portal development, web application development, software product development etc. Xcellence IT is an outsourcing company that depends on business values and achieves positive interaction with customers. It helps clients with their business needs and provides them with business satisfaction.

3. Triveni Global Software Services:

Triveni Global Software Services is an experienced top IT company in Surat that guides its employees to perform well to meet the company’s needs. The company specializes in making custom products for various industries and helping them build their business statistics. It focuses majorly on digital technology and secure, scalable and easy-to-use products for the industry. The team of experts works efficiently to bring positive insight to the company. It chooses right candidates to flourish their tech talents. 

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4. Techno Bridge Infotech:

Surat is the home for many IT firms and Techno Bridge Infotech is one among them. It is a known software development company and it provides top IT services on mobile app development, website development, interface design, logo design, etc. It accepts every kind of business and works according to high-grade process development. It gives ample amount of scope to freshers who can grow and upskill themselves.

5. White Orange Software:

White Orange Software is a top IT company in Surat, White Orange Software initially founded in the year 2014. The standard rating of the company is 4.6 according to the Google review summary. It helps the employees to nurture themselves at their own pace and help them understand the goal of the company. The company believes in teamwork and satisfying the need of clients by delivering successful projects on time.

6. Tenacious Techies:

Tenacious Techies is among the top IT companies in Surat. It has rich experience in IT solutions and provides IT services on SEO, web development, web design, video development, digital marketing, etc. The vision of the company is to fulfill the needs for digital change and transform the tech requirements. The employees are dedicated and passionate about their work and the growth of the company. The company believes in teamwork and quality design to meet the company’s goal. 

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7. Webmasters Technologies:

Webmasters Technologies is a prominent IT company in Surat. The company aims to help and expand small and large businesses to grow for the company’s benefit. The top services provided by Webmasters Technologies are website development, web development, mobile app development, game app development, etc. Webmasters Technologies has grown tremendously in recent years and has completed 2500+ projects that made the company grow. 

8. Crest Infosystems Pvt. Ltd:

Crest Infosystems Pvt. Ltd is a top IT company in Surat. It was established in the year 2010. The company comprises a team size of 100 to 249 employees who are ready to bring growth and development to the industry. They have provided 80+ successful projects to their clients and fulfilled their business requirements. Crest Infosysetms Pvt Ltd provides top IT services on UX/UI design, blockchain technology, digital marketing, cloud computing, etc. The company transforms its business value and empowers clients to value the provided services.

9. Diffrerenz System:

Surat has empowered technology transition and brought IT services to the city. Differenz System is another leading IT company in Surat. The company aims to provide better IT solutions to its clients and help them grow their businesses. The company places significant importance on high performance, increased productivity, and instilling positive energy at work. Diffrerenz System helps its employees to understand the goal of the company and achieve customer needs. The top service of Differenz System is a mobile app development, software development, custom application, and web development.

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10. ELaunch Solution Pvt. Ltd

ELaunch Solution Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company in Surat. It is a reliable company that provides prominent IT services for mobile application development, website development, desktop application, game development, etc. The company has experienced tremendous changes and brought tech innovation for economic growth. It supports the talent of young minds and allows them to explore software technology to upskill their knowledge.

11. August Infotech:

August Infotech is a top IT company in Surat, came into existence in the year 2001 and aims to bring modification in terms of technology innovation, work environment, and learning environment in the company. August Infotech is a trusted company that has completed 15+ years of experience in building excellence. The company provide successful projects to clients and help them grow their businesses. The top IT services provided by August Infotech are CMS development, blockchain development services, mobile app development, cloud computing services, etc.

12. Tribit Infotech:

Tribit Infotech is a top IT company in Surat, Tribit Infotech provides expert solutions to business problems. The team of professionals implements new tech innovations to optimize the standard of the company. It provides IT services on e-commerce software development, SEO, android application development, etc. Tribit Infotech tries to implement new services of technology and fulfill the business target to build online brands. 

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13. Dominant Infotech:

Surat has established the city majorly in terms of digitalization and technology. Dominant infotech is one of the leading IT companies in Surat and it has 5+ years of experience in IT services like web designing, mobile applications, website development, etc, social media marketing, SEO, etc. Dominant Infotech aims to focus on its clients to develop their business needs and deliver their projects on time. It gives a learning space for candidates to upskill their talent. 

14. Sky Zone Group:

Sky Zone Group is a leading IT company in Surat and it aims to provide successful projects to its client before the deadline. Sky Zone Group is known for its reliable work and the employers are filled with passion to reach the company’s goal. It is known for its efficient performance and for delivering projects on time. Freshers can learn and adapt to the company environment easily. 

What is the salary structure of a software engineer in Surat?

Surat has emerged in terms of technology and digitalization which makes IT services prominent. A Software engineer in Surat earns well because the demand for IT services is increasing. IT companies refer software engineers to bring growth and economic stability to their companies.

In Surat, the average salary of a software engineer goes up to Rs 20890 per month according to an Indeed.com report and it depends on their workflow, skills, and years of experience. 

The salary of software engineers in Surat majorly depends on their educational qualifications and work experience. According to a Glassdoor report, the salary goes up to Rs 25,432 per month. 

Giant companies looks for software engineers and as the demand grows for the desired role it also changes the structure of the salary which marks up from Rs 3.4 Lakhs Per Annum to Rs 10.0 Lakhs Per Annum.

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Surat has transformed itself and aims to provide global IT solutions across the world. It is thriving in establishing an IT firms that will develop software services to enhance technology and innovation. The IT companies provides prominent services on ERP solutions, web design, web development, and software development. Many young talents are skilled to show their performance in the IT companies and route their career. With the increased level of employment, some companies are hiring the right candidates to perform in the designated field.

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