What are the Top IT Companies in Malaysia?

What are the Top IT Companies in Malaysia?
What are the Top IT Companies in Malaysia?

The speed of technological advancement in our day has been astounding. The more time goes on, the more dependent we are as a civilization on technology. Machines now carry out previously manual production tasks, and computers now conduct most of the thinking. New digital firms are popping up left and right in the business world as well, and they’re aiming to develop a number of cutting-edge technologies to simplify our daily lives and work processes.

Since the pandemic began, the information and technology (IT) sector has experienced phenomenal growth. It is currently one of the markets in Malaysia with the quickest growth rates. The Global Data Market Opportunities Forecasts research projects that by 2023, Malaysian IT spending would total RM 103.75 billion.

Malaysia’s IT industries are constantly developing and expanding. Multinational corporations in Malaysia are mostly well-known throughout the world and have long-standing operations in the country. These businesses have spread their corporate wings quickly over the globe!

What is the history of Malaysia?

The history of Malaysia spans a wide range of events, from the prehistoric period to the colonial control that was instituted here in the 15th century, followed by the British government, the ensuing war for independence, and a variety of subsequent problems. But in the present, the country’s rich and illustrious past shapes its great present and paves the road for a happy and peaceful future.

The Srivijaya and Majapahit kingdoms, followed by the Melaka Sultanate, governed modern-day Malaysia long before European colonial forces dared to imagine taking over Southeast Asia. Hindu influences began to expand throughout the peninsula and archipelago during the early eras. During the heyday of the Melaka Sultanate, Arab traders imported Islam, the predominant religion of Malaysia. 

Like other nations in Southeast Asia, Malaysia rose to prominence as a sizable British colony. However, Malaysia is full of fascinating surprises because ancient kingdoms and Dutch settlers also had a significant impact on the nation’s history. Just 12 years after World War II, Malaysia initially declared its independence from Britain in 1957. The nation’s initial six years were spent under the name Malaya.

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A modern civilization that hasn’t lost its deep, traditional origins was also made possible by numerous cultural groups. There is still a strong influence of old Malay, British, Dutch, Portuguese, and Hindu culture in many areas of the nation, which has produced a wide variety of local architecture, languages, religions, and cuisine. A significant influx of Chinese and Indian migrant workers was brought about by British labour migration laws in the 19th century. Today, the Malay population, which makes up 52% of the population, is only surpassed by the offspring of these labourers, who make up over 30% of the population. 

Despite this diversity, the Malaysian government issued a contentious document known as the “National Cultural Policy” with the aim of forging a unified national cultural identity. Malay is currently recognised as the official culture of Malaysia. This has occasionally led to unrest, particularly among non-Malayan minorities like the Chinese and Indian people.

Today, Malaysia takes pride in being a nation with an upper-middle income and a dependable multi-sector economy. There is a peaceful coexistence of people from many ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, including those from China, Malaysia, India, and Europe. The world-famous Petronas Twin Towers are located in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, and the country’s beaches and rainforests entice travellers from all over the world to come and experience Malaysian culture!

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Economy of Malaysia

Malaysia is often recognised as one of the most successful non-western nations to have accomplished a relatively smooth transition to contemporary economic growth over the course of the previous century or so. Tin, rubber, palm oil, lumber, oil, liquefied natural gas, and other basic products have been key export to industrialised nations since the late nineteenth century. Malaysia’s GDP (gross domestic product) is anticipated to reach $0.53 trillion in US dollars in 2025.

Malaysia has a strong infrastructure, a stable economy, and is geographically located with easy access to other nations. With a score of 68.1, Malaysia has the 42nd-freest economy in the 2022 Index. In the Asia-Pacific area, Malaysia is placed eighth out of 39 nations, and its overall rating is higher than both the average for the region and the entire world.

Since Malaysia is moving forward economically, technology companies in Malaysia are responsible for a significant portion of that success. In this nation, the tech sector contributes significantly to the national economy. It goes without saying that there is a constant and rising demand for technology enterprises in Malaysia.

IT Growth in Malaysia

Information technology-related industries appear to be in high demand, both locally and globally, along with other economic niches that are available. It is not necessary to mention that the IT sectors contribute a significant amount of income each year. The number of companies and the level of competition are both continuing on the rise, and the rise of IT companies has not yet reached its peak.

It appears that Malaysia’s IT industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution, which is propelling the country even further ahead in the information technology-dominated world of today. Each year, a growing number of foreign IT corporations establish regional offices. 

ICT has been highlighted as the main sector for growth in the nation, with an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 9.0% over a seven-year period. Outside of Silicon Valley/San Francisco, Kuala Lumpur was regarded as the 9th best city in the ASPAC area by industry insiders as a leading centre for technological innovation during the next four years. Due to its cost, talent pool, and quality of life, the Kuala Lumpur metropolitan area is also supported as the desired location by many other global corporations.

Large corporations demand ongoing technology and software assistance. They frequently seek out specialised or Bespoke software for their company, which is different from software used by other businesses. As a result, Malaysia is home to numerous technology businesses.

The first factor that comes to mind when considering a country that is expanding quickly is frequently the advancement of information technology inside that country. Malaysia appears to be competing for this type of development method. Without a doubt, it can be said that as time goes on, the number of IT companies in this area is growing.

1. IBM

IBM develops and scales the technologies that characterise each age. IBM is one of the biggest technology, consulting, and research companies in the world and have been continuously innovating since 1911. Its mission is to improve the way the world operates while upholding the values of trust, openness, and support for a more inclusive society. They are dedicated to developing responsible technology and contributing to the greater good.

IBMers are change agents; by joining this team, you’ll join a storied, illustrious, and international community where you’ll be respected and able to make a genuine difference with your skills.

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2. Honeywell International Inc

The Fortune 500 lists Honeywell International Inc., based in Morris Plains, New Jersey, USA, as a top brand and among the top 100 American businesses by sales. One of the multinational companies that have chosen to relocate their operations from ASEAN to Malaysia and are available to the market is Honeywell. 

Because they have thus far been successful in hiring the proper expertise for their shared services operations, having their headquarters in Greater Kuala Lumpur has been fortunate. It’s vital to emphasise that the centre doesn’t use low-value activities but rather skilled specialists.

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3. HCL

HCL was one of the first IT and software firms in Malaysia to get the renowned MSC certification, a designation provided by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation to participants in ICT activities around the nation.

Leading global technology company HCL Technologies helps businesses rethink their business models for the digital era. The company’s technology offerings are built on four decades of innovation, a well-known management philosophy, a thriving culture of creativity and risk-taking, and an unflinching dedication to the demands of the customer.

HCL takes great pride in its many programmes that promote diversification, civic conscience, sustainability, and education. With its global network of R&D facilities and co-innovation laboratories, global delivery capabilities, and more than 159,000 “Ideapreneurs” across 50 countries, HCL provides extensive facilities across business areas to top companies, together with 250 of the Fortune 500 and 650 of the Global 2000.

 Over 60 businesses from the banking and financial services, insurance, telecommunications, semiconductor, oil and gas, high-tech, retail, manufacturing, logistics, travel, and automotive industries are among HCL’s clients in the region.

4. DXC Technology

Mission-critical systems are managed by DXC Technology using the most recent technological advancements to produce better business results and new levels of performance, competitiveness, and experiences for our clients.

Customers across all industries are particularly aware of the importance of the IT estate. In addition to managing prior investments in enterprise IT, they must also migrate a portion of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. DXC Technologies concentrates more on workplace modernisation, data-driven operations, and on-premises and cloud IT modernization. Due to the breadth and depth of services offered by the Enterprise Technology Stack, DXC is in an ideal position to assist clients in managing their IT infrastructure.

DXC Technology also supplies services in analytics, application services, business process services, cloud and platform services, consulting services, enterprise and cloud apps as well as modern workplace services.

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5. SYN System Solutions 

One of Malaysia’s top IT firms, they provide custom software development. They are among the top software firms in Malaysia. They offer a range of services, including custom system development, web app development, mobile app development, and windows applications. They offer top-notch services that cater to the requirements of companies of various sizes operating in many spheres of the economy.

As a top software provider, they will work with you to create a customised system that is completely capable of adjusting to your particular business requirements. You have total control over the features of the system.

6. Veritas Technologies (M) 

Thanks to Veritas Technologies, businesses of all sizes can finally learn the truth about their most precious digital asset. Companies may utilise the Veritas platform to accelerate their digital transformation and take care of crucial IT and business issues like multi-cloud data management, data protection, storage optimization, compliance readiness, and workload mobility without being locked into a particular cloud vendor. Today, Veritas is relied upon by 94% of the Fortune 100 to deliver data insights that power competitive advantage. They work on the domains of data protection, virtualization, data visibility, multi-cloud and solutions!

7. Wipro Ltd

Wipro is enabling a more resilient future for clients and communities as the world adjusts to a new normal. Wipro assists businesses in thriving in a world defined by disruption and powered by transformative technology. This assistance ranges from developing more adaptive “business-anywhere” frameworks to cutting-edge technologies that power the intelligent enterprise.

Wipro offers services in data analytics, digital operations and AI applications, Consulting, and Infrastructure Services to name a few.

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8. Win-Pro

The leading provider of outsourced IT support, IT consulting, and IT solutions are Win-Pro. The company have more than 28 years of expertise providing businesses in three major cities Singapore, Johor Bahru, and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia with the highest calibre of IT services, with a fourth city Batam, Indonesia under consideration.

Win-Pro Singapore-based IT consultancy division turns corporate strategy into workable technological solutions. They offer IT help desk services, enterprise system integration (SI) solutions like UTM Firewalls, cloud server hosting, and DNS, Web, Mail, and FTP hosting services. Win-Pro provides IT products and services such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Kaspersky, Fortinet, QNAP, Synology, ShadowProtect, APC UPS, Datto, HPE, Ubiquiti, 3CX, Lenovo, Palo Alto, Teamviewer, etc.

The company is constantly on the lookout for driven IT Support Engineers that are eager to contribute to our goal of becoming the best IT Support Company in the world.

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9. Original Intelligence (OI)

Original Intelligence (OI), which was founded in 2002, was in a position to provide clients with cutting-edge online business solutions that would help them break through and maintain an advantage in the cutthroat online marketplace. Growing steadily stronger, OI works on projects and provides services to large multinational corporations (MNCs), government-affiliated corporations (GLCs), and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). We are a Microsoft Certified Partner with a focus on the Microsoft.Net & MSSQL platforms.

OI is becoming a renowned top supplier of all-inclusive online business solutions and offering qualified IT services. The company’s goal is to fulfil this aim by offering specialised services, distinctive goods, and workable solutions that take advantage of advanced technology, efficient business practices, and broad industry knowledge. In order to help clients achieve their goals and objectives, their team is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and the most value.

10. Osiris Solutions

Osiris was established in 1999 by bringing together individuals with unrivalled technical proficiency and knowledge in a variety of IT sectors. Since 1999, the company have expanded its technical expertise beyond the desktop and server environment to include virtualization, disaster recovery, storage, active monitoring, and consulting. At Osiris, they approach every project as the beginning of a close relationship with our clients. Their strategic consulting is based on prior experiences, upcoming technology, a solid knowledge basis, and formal training.

With a combined 20 years of technical experience, the founders ensure that every member of their team receives regular training in specialised IT areas to keep them current with emerging technology and prepared for any new issues they may face at work.

In addition, team members receive training in non-technical values so they can effectively coordinate their efforts when working in teams, be able to see things from the perspective of others, such as customers, take initiative to take on responsibilities above and beyond their stated job, and practise self-management, which refers to effectively managing their time and work commitments. This translates to a prompt response to customer needs together with the assurance that the solutions offered are effective and efficient.

11. ETC Programming Plant 

With the aid of a group of software enthusiasts who are passionate about programming, they were founded in 2010. Popularly called the “programming factory” since they created more than 200 websites or applications annually to help businesses go from being offline to online.

System integration, website design, mobile application development, UI/UX, network servers/hosting, immersive services, VR, AR, AI, ERP, CRM, HRM, etc. are among their areas of expertise.

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12. The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS)

The Center for Applied Data Science (CADS) only knows how to do tasks in the proper and trustworthy manner. CADS believe in improving things, and improving the business, the nation, and the globe by improving themselves! In terms of results, the company always follow through on its commitments with exceptional quality, standards, accuracy, and efficiency.

For the workplace, the Center of Applied Data Science (CADS) remains a driver for change. By encouraging data-driven decision-making, boosting worker data literacy, and improving analytics for hiring, CADS is a Skill Intelligence Platform (SIP) that maximises company potential and transforms organisations into Data-Driven Organizations. CADS places high emphasis on the spirit of learning and progressing by creating wonderful opportunities from extensive challenges.

13. Quocent 

Quocent is a driven group of business owners, strategic business consultants, web programming gurus, and pixel-perfect designers who have worked with startups, innovators, and corporations all over the world to develop effective business solutions and sellable goods. 

The leading provider of business IT solutions, including artificial intelligence and software, is Digital Transformation Business & Strategy. They think that teamwork and bettering the consumer experience are two ways to grow. Whether it’s expertise, technical assistance, professional guidance, or innovative ideas!

14. Nextyug India IT Solution

Having developed mobile, web, and software solutions for more than five years, NEXTYUG INDIA is a top IT firm internationally. The staff at  Nextyug India IT Solution have expertise in a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including web application development, graphic design, and on-demand mobile app solutions. They are among the best businesses in India, Dubai, and Malaysia with actual experience completing more than 300 projects effectively for our clients.

The key services offered at the company are; Cross-Platform App Development, Full-Stack Development, Wearable and IoT Development, Mobile Application Development (Android, iOS), Web Application Development and JavaScript Development.

15. Mphasis Pte Ltd

Mphasis uses cutting-edge technology to assist companies in transforming their industries globally. The Front2Back Transformation strategy used by Mphasis reflects the company’s commitment to customer centricity. Front2Back gives clients and their end customers a digital experience that is highly tailored because of the exponential power of the cloud and cognitive. 

By applying digital technologies across legacy infrastructures within a company, Mphasis’ Service Transformation strategy helps “reduce the core” and enables firms to stay ahead in a changing world. Building successful partnerships with high-profile clients requires Mphasis’ fundamental reference architectures and tools, speed, and innovation with domain understanding and specialisation.

Their services are in a variety of domains like application, blockchain, business, cloud, cognitive, cyber security and DevOps to mention some.

16. Suria Labs Development 

Suria Labs is a full-stack development and consultancy firm with a brand-new location in Bangsar South’s MSC Cybercity. They are experts in providing web and mobile applications to clients with cutting-edge tools like Rails and React Native and Ruby. The company offers high-quality, reliable and sustainable software that functions well and is simple to maintain and further develop. By utilising test-driven development, daily code review, and a well-established agile project management technique, the company consistently provide this.

Suria labs help with product conception, market validation, and the creation of blueprints that are frequently shown to potential investors.  A group of knowledgeable, capable, inquisitive, and unstoppable people who work together to form Suria Labs. Every endeavour is propelled forward by our voracious desire to achieve. The company has a goal of growing into one of the top development companies in the world.

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17. Wizlynx Malaysia 

Wizlynx has not only established a strong foundation of expertise in project management, quality assurance, and information security, but also our associates are renowned for their capacity to apply the appropriate soft skills at the appropriate time to best serve our customers. The company take the time to comprehend our customers’ environments, requirements, and problems in order to provide them with quick, efficient, and high-quality results. 

18. Qloud MSP

Qloud MSP thinks that technology ought to benefit companies. They are fervently committed to assisting businesses in implementing technology that will improve decisions, reduce costs and time, enhance brand recognition, and, most importantly, win over customers’ trust.

Cloud computing, cybersecurity, data hosting and protection, backup, and disaster recovery are some of their areas of expertise. With a constant focus on the newest technological developments, Qloud MSP offers its partners a more complete solution at a reasonable cost with immediate results.

19. RedSquare Technologies 

By introducing and maintaining scalable technology, RedSquare Software assists clients in achieving their business objectives. As a niche-focused boutique software company, the company take each of their clients seriously and provide them with devoted assistance and devotion.

20. Halliburton Manufacturing & Technology 

One of the largest global suppliers of goods and services to the energy sector is Halliburton, which was founded in 1919. The business helps its clients maximise value across the reservoir lifecycle, from finding hydrocarbons and maintaining geological data to drilling and evaluating formations, building and finishing wells, and maximising output over the asset’s lifespan. More than 40,000 of its workers come from more than 70 different nations and 130 different nationalities.

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How much is the software engineer’s salary in Malaysia?

Malaysia is aiming to become a regional centre for the growth of high-performing start-ups, establishing itself at the forefront of Southeast Asia’s thriving start-up ecosystem. Large sums of money are being poured into every aspect of Malaysia’s technology sector, which will not only help the industry grow but will also be a vital factor in the development of the tech talent pool.

There is a considerable skill shortage in the field of information and computer technology (ICT), compared to the demand for that talent. The Malaysian government is openly committed to developing the nation digitally via the MyDigital project, with the goal of luring and stimulating investments in the digital economy to generate at least 500,000 employment by 2025.

As per Indeed.com, the average salary for a software engineer in Malaysia is MYR  65,994 a year and MYR 4,672 a month respectively.

According to Payscale.com, the average software engineer salary in Malaysia is 48,153 MYR a year. 

  • The salary for an entry-level software engineer is MYR 36,611 per annum in Malaysia.
  • The salary for an early career software engineer with 1 to 4 years of experience is MYR 47,373 in Malaysia.
  • The salary for a mid-career software engineer with 5 to 9 years of experience is MYR 71,877 a year in Malaysia.
  • The salary for an experienced software engineer in Malaysia with 10+ years of expertise is MYR 90,000 a year.
  • The salary for a software engineer in Kuala Lumpur is 4,400 MYR per month as per glassdoor.com. 
  • According to Economic Research Institute, the average software engineer salary in Kuala Lumpur is MYR 155,140 per annum.

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Due to its dominance in the continent’s economy, the 21st-century advocateartificials for the Asian Century. Asians are becoming more influential over the world, as seen by the advancing demographic, economic, and cultural trends. Business executives are considering and growing in Asia.

Due to this, Malaysia has become one of the most popular investment destinations and is recognised as one of the most developed countries in South-East Asia.

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