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What are the Top IT Companies in Abu Dhabi?

Technology has sown seeds for new companies in Abu Dhabi and has set dynamic start-up cultures to meet success in IT production. As time has revolutionized the IT sector it has also brought innovation in education, healthcare, banking, retail and manufacturing system. The business industries in Abu Dhabi have now made trending technologies a necessity for the better optimization of the organization. Technologies like Cyber security, Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, etc have come as connecting dots to provide stability and profit to secure digitalization and business production.

Abu Dhabi has put a glorious impact on IT inventions, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, the economy, etc to increase its optimization in the business sector. As Abu Dhabi has grown tremendously into an IT hub and has supported to set-up newest start-up companies in the city to extend its economic value. Digitalization has set an example in Abu Dhabi to develop urbanism in recent years and shape the city in terms of remote workers and freelancers to make the cost of living standardized. 

How is the IT Sector in Abu Dhabi?

According to the surveys, the employee working in the IT sector of Abu Dhabi is earning the highest salary across the globe. IT jobs are in demand in Abu Dhabi because trending technologies like artificial intelligence, deep learning, and data analytics have continued to grow and expand their productivity in the industry. Abu Dhabi focuses on economic structure and tries to grow revenue by implementing different sectors like healthcare, banking, tourism, education, retail and manufacturing for financial growth. 

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What are the leading IT companies in Abu Dhabi?

Let’s get into the brief concept of IT companies in Abu Dhabi:

1. Tranetech Software Solutions

Tranetech Software Solutions is a leading IT company in Abu Dhabi that has customized ERP software solutions such as HRMS, Property management, software services, and accounting solutions. The company is providing top services like digital marketing, SEO, application development, web development, logo designing etc to bring productivity to the workspace. 

Tranetech Software Solutions is an efficient IT company that is offering dynamic solutions to complex business problems. The company aims to fulfil the demand of the client and serve them with projects before hitting deadlines. The goal of the company is to achieve world-class products and services. 


LRB INFOR TECH is an ever-growing IT company in Abu Dhabi that provides high-performing solutions for design concepts. LRB INFO TECH is a renowned web-designing company in Abu Dhabi and combines core web technologies with an understanding of business procedures. It provides unique solutions that will best suit the profitability of the business outcomes and deliver high-performing, better and smart functional design. 

LRB INFO TECH provides services in web branding, web design, digital marketing, IoT, mobility big data, cloud implementation, cyber security, identity management, etc. LBR INFO TECH is best known for its project and submits it before timelines.

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3. Swift IT

Swift IT company is a top IT company in Abu Dhabi and its goal is to provide a broad spectrum of IT solutions and support the organisation with valuable services. Swift IT deliberately fulfils the demands of clients and provides them with the best services. 

It is among the best IT maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi that are ADMCC approved and are a leader in CCTV camera installation in UAE. Swift IT holds 12 years of experience in delivering IT solutions in Abu Dhabi and increases overall efficiency to meet the demands of the industry.

4. Zero Gravity Group LLC

Zero Gravity Group LLC is a trending and developed IT company in Abu Dabhi that was initially founded in the year 2015. The company has a strong vision to bring boundless solutions and provide innovative projects to clients. The top services provided by the company are telecommunications, cyber security, printing solutions, broadcasting, etc. 

The company has professionals who deliver the best solutions to the clients and innovate the company by bringing growth and revenue.  The company brings excellence and sustainable growth to the entire organization and delivers long-term services to the customers. 

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Apple is one the finest and most popular IT companies in Abu Dhabi and it is founded by Steve Jobs on April 1, 1976. The company specializes in electronic products such as Smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Apple has a loyal customer base and it provides high-quality products/ services to its customers. 

The most significant selling products of Apple are Mac Book and iPhone. Apple company provides numerous positions to professionals to grow and serve the industry with their young and bright ideas. 

6. Honeywell

Honeywell is a top IT company in Abu Dhabi that provides services in many industries like Aerospace, Tourism, Retail, Building Technologies, Healthcare etc. The company aims to provide financial support to communities and is well known for providing 100+ years of innovative products and services. 

The company mainly focuses on sustainable development, integrity, diversity and inclusivity. Those who seek a better career in Honeywell should get the benefit of real connection, community, new connection and support to bring out the best of talent in them.  Honeywell provides efficient products to maintain the overall services of the organization.

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7. Amazon

Amazon is founded by Jeff Bezos in the year July 5th 1994 and it is one of the leading IT companies in Abu Dhabi. Amazon is an American multinational company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital invasion, artificial intelligence, etc. Amazon is an e-commerce company that is the most influential economic and cultural force across the globe.

It was at first an online marketplace for books but later it expanded its categories and turned it into a multitude of products that earned fame vigorously. Today many candidates dream to be an Amazon employee for its big brand name and better economic structure. 

8. Cognizant Technology Solutions

Cognizant Technology Solutions is a keen provider of Information technology, business process outsourcing, and consulting services. The company aims to help other companies modernize their technology, and transform experiences. Cognizant is known for its fast services that stay ahead of the competition. 

Professionals seeking Cognizant careers can apply for many roles to flourish in a career that provides them with an exciting environment to learn, grow and enrich. The top services provided by Cognizant Technology Solutions are Applications Services and Modernization, Cloud Solutions, Infrastructure Services and proper Security. 

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9. Etisalat

Etisalat is a leading IT company in Abu Dhabi that provides efficient services to IT employees to optimize the organization. The company overlooks its productivity and helps them to stay forefront with its innovative solutions. Etisalat has niche and expert experience in multiple domains that cover areas such as Telecom and analytics that address various technology areas. The popular services Etisalat provides are IoT, Digital Signage, Business intelligence, Datawarehouse, Oracle E-Biz, Media analytics, etc. The company aims to stay in the frontline by providing innovative products and services.

10. Wipro 

Wipro is a leading multinational corporation company in Abu Dhabi. Wipro is known for its global information technology that provides key information to strengthen the productivity of the organization. 

The company harnesses its power through cognitive computing, analytics, robotics, and hyper-automation that helps clients in various aspects and meets the industry’s success through successful projects. The company also aims to help the IT infrastructure develop modern technologies. Having a career in Wipro would help an employee grow personally and professionally.

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11. Parsons International LTD

Parsons International LTD is a top IT company in Abu Dhabi and the company has grown in terms of community and trade-setting technology. The company provides a wide spectrum of significant projects that grows the productivity of the industry. Parsons International LTD provides an innovative solution to complex business problems to make the surrounding more enthusiastic and connected.

Parsons International LTD is founded in the year 1944 that has enabled digital solutions to focus on defence infrastructure markets and intelligence. The company seeks eligible candidates and young minds to bring nourishing ideas to turn the organization successful.

12. Microsoft

Microsoft is founded by Bill Gates on April 4th 1975 and is a multinational company in Abu Dhabi. Microsoft provides remarkable career opportunities to candidates who want to grow as IT professionals. The company has 300 employees and is an expert in many areas to bring economic and financial growth.

Microsoft recently provides Microsoft Power BI which processes relevant data from multiple sources to bring security standards within the organization. Microsoft has ranked no. 21 among Fortune 500 companies and provides services that will stabilize the company’s revenue. 

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13. Atlas Analytics

Atlas Analytics is a Top IT start-up company in Abu Dhabi. The company provides B2B sales and business development solutions to run a thoughtful campaign to generate opportunities and meaningful relationships with clients that will be further beneficial to the organizations. 

The company provides a data-driven approach that helps us meet the right people for our services. Atlas Analytics focuses on business and sales development that will lead the company to the forefront and build a strong curriculum around the company for its optimised performance.

14. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is a developed IT company in Abu Dhabi that was founded in the year 2011. The professionals working under Hyperlink Infosystem are proficient and experienced in web development and bring the successful result that optimizes business and IT results. The company delivers an efficient solution for e-commerce development and block-chain solution to improve the Metaverse, NFT and everything in between. 

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15. Uniquesoft

Uniquesoft is a leading IT company in Abu Dhabi that enables businesses to achieve solutions that will help in overcoming complex problems. The company fulfils the demand of clients and caters for them with services that will help them with their rich production in businesses. Uniquesoft provides services like VAT accounting solutions, POS systems, Event management systems, Karate management systems, etc. The company aims to work on bringing the best and most relevant solutions to the customers.

What is the Salary Structure of a Software Engineer in Abu Dhabi?

Technology has always been the top-tier priority in Abu Dhabi and it has allured other modern technology to make its contribution towards the city’s economic and fundamental growth. Candidates are applying for many IT jobs and are excelling in terms of innovation and generating igniting ideas to optimise business production. In Abu Dhabi, the software engineer earns a fat salary and lives a standardized life which allows them facilities like housing, cab, meals, etc.

  • According to a Glassdoor report, the average salary of a software engineer in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 19,500 per month.
  • The average salary of a software engineer in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 99,996 per year according to a Grab Jobs report.
  • The software engineer’s salary in Abu Dhabi goes up to 234,000 AED per year according to a Salary Explorer report. The salary of the candidates highly depends on their educational eligibility, work experience, skills ability, and internship experience.

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Summing Up

The emerging technology has established a technological hub in the city of Abu Dhabi and it has connected digital aspects to ease the living standard of humans. Abu Dhabi is known for its trade and business process which brings enormous revenue to the city and helps the city grow vastly by embracing modern technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, etc. Abu Dhabi builds a competitive field to flourish in an effective and global business environment to develop socio-economic surroundings. 

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