What are the Top IT Companies in Indonesia?

What are the Top IT Companies in Indonesia?
What are the Top IT Companies in Indonesia?

We are aware that occupations based on current digital technology won’t advance as quickly as the technology itself. Our understanding of the social, cultural, environmental, and political aspects of emerging technologies is also evolving in novel and fascinating ways, much as our understanding of how technology is governed. We are becoming more aware of the difficulties and necessity of charting all the ways that technology is transforming our society.

Indonesia, the biggest inhabited island in the world, is nestled between stunning beaches, active volcanoes, and the Indian and Pacific Oceans. This place is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world because of its spectacular beauty as well as its fascinating history and culture. But this country’s past intrigues the mind more than its strange and captivating beauty.

History of Indonesia

The history and culture of Indonesia are particularly significant today because the island country is a rising power in the area under a charismatic new leader. It is a country with a vast and rich history that dates back more than a thousand years, one that is incredibly diverse and full of paradoxes.

When the 17,000 islands that makeup Indonesia came under the influence of Hindu priests and traders in the first and second century A.D., the islands were home to a variety of civilizations and indigenous beliefs. The majority of the archipelago converted to Islam by the 15th century after Muslim invasions started in the 13th century. Early in the following century, Portuguese traders arrived, but around 1595, the Dutch drove them out. 

Early trading ties were formed between Indonesia and South India. The names of Java and Sumatra were changed to “the rice island” and “the island of gold,” respectively, and there were more interactions between the Hindu kingdoms of Crivijaya in Sumatra and Nalanda in South India than only religious and cultural ones. They later established diplomatic ties and even engaged in a variety of trade activities. To monopolize the trade in spices, the Dutch United East India Company established outposts on the island of Java.

Previously designated as the Dutch East Indies, Indonesia (or Netherlands East Indies). Although a German geographer first used the name Indonesia in 1884, it was not officially adopted until the country gained its independence. It is believed to have originated from the Greek words indos, which means “India,” and nesos, which means “island.” During World War II, Indonesia was occupied by the Japanese from 1942 until 1945, at which point it proclaimed its independence from the Netherlands.

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The economy of Indonesia

The gross domestic product (GDP) of Indonesia is the largest in Southeast Asia and the sixteenth largest in the world, with an estimated value of USD 940.9 billion annually (2016). With respect to economic factors, Indonesia differs significantly from its Asian neighbors Singapore and Thailand. Particularly, Indonesia’s economy is primarily fueled by domestic activity rather than exports, which helped to insulate it from the 2008–2009 global financial crisis. 

Currently, Indonesia has the fourth-largest population in the world and the tenth-largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity. Climate change in Indonesia is projected to have an impact on urban growth, especially in coastal areas, disaster risk management, the availability of water, health and nutrition, and poverty and inequality.

A significant portion of the international community has taken note of Indonesia’s enormous economic potential. The largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, has a variety of features that make it well-suited for recent sophisticated economic development. The top trading partners in Indonesia are South Korea, Singapore, China, and Japan. Additionally, the United States is a large export market. Oil and gas, minerals, unrefined palm oil, electrical appliances, and rubber products make up the bulk of Indonesia’s exports.

Government policies, the abundance of natural resources in the country, and its young and expanding labor force have all influenced Indonesia’s economic performance. Over the past 50 years, Indonesia’s commercial openness has grown alongside the industrialization of its economy. In 2026, it is anticipated that Indonesia’s GDP (gross domestic product) will reach US$1.69 trillion. (STATISTA)

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IT in Indonesia

Asia’s most enigmatic nation is Indonesia. Indonesia has developed a reputation as a highly tech-savvy nation as a result of its love of the Internet and frequent smartphone use. In Indonesia, startups are thriving. The country is progressing at a rate that was not anticipated by the government itself because of the quickest rate of Internet adoption and an online market that is still comparatively undeveloped and unformed. 

 There are more and more startups in Indonesia. The number of startups in Indonesia climbed from 1,400 in 2017 to 2,200 in 2019, according to Startup Ranking (2020), making Indonesia the fifth country with the highest startup growth behind the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Still very social and becoming more connected, Indonesia is moving closer to becoming a significant digital powerhouse in Asia. With its fastest-growing market and established position among emerging economies, Indonesia has emerged in the twenty-first century as one of Southeast Asia’s largest IT giants.

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The Top Tech Companies in Indonesia

1. GITS Indonesia

GITS is a digital marketing firm with a focus on IT consulting, offering a variety of services, such as the design of websites, mobile applications, applications audits, discovery & co-creation, and more. Their solutions are designed to support further commercial expansion for your organization. Governments, businesses, foreign governments, and international corporations are some of our clientele.

Since 2010, GITS Indonesia has operated in the IT sector. Since then, they have created a large number of applications, both on their own initiative and in response to client demands. GITS Indonesia provides its clients with services by employing information technology to grow the clients’ businesses and raise the value of their competitiveness. 

2. Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is the industry leader in producing software systems and applications for personal computers. According to sales, Microsoft is the largest software manufacturer in the world as of 2019. It was rated No. 21 in the 2020 Fortune 500 list of the largest American companies. Along with Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Meta, it ranks among the Big Five American technological firms.

Microsoft should hire people who are passionate about what they do and want to change the world—through their work, the community, and the world. Microsoft is a remarkable company that is not just in the IT industry. Here, smart people flourish on their own terms and use their full mental potential. You have the opportunity to set new objectives and chart your own course at Microsoft thanks to the astonishing array of career options and prospects.

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3. Grab

The worldwide technology business Grab Holdings Inc., also known as Grab, is based in Singapore. It is the creator of the Grab super-app, which offers customers mobile apps for digital payments, food delivery, and transportation. In order to link millions of customers with the over 9 million partners that have earning prospects on their platform, they enable them to access the basic services they need.

Grab is of the opinion that a company can benefit from socially beneficial actions. They are a triple-bottom-line firm, that works to make sure that the communities and environments look forward to benefiting the majority through growth in themselves.

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4. Octobot

Octobot gives businesses software consultancy that is developed with a highly trained eye to anticipate and thoroughly understand the client’s demands as software consultants for major industry leaders so that they can consistently come up with the best solutions. 

They have completed over 150 projects for new businesses, governmental agencies, charities, and well-established corporations. transforming users’ digital experiences by creating cutting-edge web and mobile apps. Agtech, B2B SaaS, Government, Healthcare, Retail, and Fintech are their areas of expertise.

5. Google

Along with Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, and its parent firm Alphabet, this industry is known as the “Big Five” in the United States. When people discuss a fantastic workplace environment, Google’s organizational culture is nearly always brought up. It’s frequently one of the main motives for wanting to work at Google in the first place. That plus the fact that it’s one of the biggest, most powerful corporations in the world, of course.

Google LLC is a multinational technology firm that focuses on internet-related services and goods. The Company’s main areas of interest are search engines, cloud computing, software, and hardware, as well as web-based search and display advertising solutions. Google offers services to users globally.

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6. Resolute Software 

Resolute Software focuses on agile, continuous, and predictable delivery of solutions in software engineering and consulting services that assist clients in growing their digital footprint. They offer unique approaches to software development, enthusiasm for creating long-lasting, future-proof solutions, and dedication to comprehending clients’ needs and the ecosystem in which they operate.

7. Terravision Technologies

An information technology and services firm with headquarters in Indonesia is called PT. TerraVision Indonesia. PT Terravision Indonesia focuses on the system integration, technical support, and implementation of several system technologies for the Indonesian market that make use of satellite networks, satellite data, high-performance databases, and user-friendly applications.

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The independent member firms of the KPMG network are connected to the Swiss organization KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”). Each KPMG firm considers itself to be a unique and distinct legal entity.

KPMG is one of the Big Four accounting firms and provides businesses all over the world with accounting, auditing, and business consulting services. Despite being highly renowned for its roles in accounting and finance, the company also offers chances in other areas like consulting, research, and science.

KPMG is a network of professional companies that provide audit, tax, and advisory services on a global scale. The sector emphasis enables professionals at KPMG firms to get a deep understanding of client’s businesses as well as the knowledge, abilities, and resources needed to handle difficulties and opportunities unique to their respective industries.

9. PwC

PwC, sometimes known as PricewaterhouseCoopers, offers clients a variety of professional business services, including accounting, auditing, human resources consulting, and strategy management. It is one of the “Big Four” professional services firms, along with KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and others. 

They are one of the world’s top professional services networks with offices in 152 countries and over 328,000 employees. By offering top-notch assurance, tax, and advisory services, they assist businesses and people in generating the value they desire. PwC provides numerous options for professional growth, including formal coaching and mentoring, unofficial mentorship, top-notch training, and obvious advancement pathways.

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10. Accenture

Accenture is a top provider of professional services globally with experience in digital, cloud, and security. With unmatched expertise and specialized capabilities spanning more than 40 industries, Accenture offers Strategy & Consulting, Interactive, Technology, and Operations services. The largest global network of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Operations centers supports all of these services.

Every day, over 624,000 employees serve customers in more than 120 countries by delivering on the potential of technology and human imagination. In order to create value and shared success for the clients, employees, shareholders, partners, and communities, the company embraces the power of change.

11. Tokopedia

An Indonesian technology business called Tokopedia is on a mission to use technology to democratize trade. Tokopedia has been a driving force behind Indonesia’s digital development since its foundation in 2009. They have consistently worked to link millions of people, and as a result, they have now reached over 99% of Indonesia’s districts and given 12 million merchants listed their additional power.

Their goal is to establish an environment where anyone may start anything and learn anything. In Indonesia, the company has a market leader that enables millions of consumers and business owners to participate in the future of commerce.

Tokopedia gave millions of Indonesians without bank account access to digital products for the first time when it began its fintech and digital business in 2016. Tokopedia has also integrated more than 50 payment methods to address the issue of trust and assist in bringing Indonesia’s rural population into the digital economy.

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12. Oracle

The 1995 founding year of Oracle Indonesia, PT. The firm’s line of work includes the wholesale distribution of computers, computer peripherals, and software. Only Oracle has an entire portfolio of integrated cloud apps and a cloud infrastructure platform. From current business workloads to fresh cloud-native apps and data platforms, the Oracle Cloud provides all the services you need to transfer, construct, and manage your IT. Oracle provides its database management systems and cloud-engineering services and solutions through the four primary business sectors of the company: cloud and license, hardware, and services.

13. Nielson

The future of media in Indonesia is being shaped by Nielsen, a pioneer in audience measurement, data, and analytics globally. An information, data, and market measuring company are The Nielsen Company. By gathering information on what people watch and buy, Nielsen aims to give its clients insightful knowledge of consumer behavior and marketing data.

The future of media is being shaped by Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, data, and analytics. By analyzing audience behavior across all channels and platforms, they provide clients with reliable intelligence that motivates action. 

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 14. IBM

With operations in more than 170 countries and more than 345,000 employees globally, International Business Machines Corporation, also known as IBM, is one of the largest technology corporations in the world. IBM is well-recognized for creating and marketing computer products, including cloud computing and data analytics. With notable inventions including the floppy disc, the hard disc drive, and the UPC barcode, the firm has also played a crucial role as a research and development corporation over the years. 

A technological business that offers hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions is International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). It provides integrated products and solutions for businesses and sectors that use data and information technology (IT).

15. Geomotiv

Geomotiv has been providing outstanding software development services that give companies a competitive edge since 2010. Their ground-breaking approaches to Healthcare, Linear and OTT TV, EdTech, AdTech, MarTech, online, and mobile have earned them many clients and established the company as a dependable software development partner supported by a dream team of experts.

A multinational custom software development firm, Geomotiv has a staff of experts skilled in a variety of cutting-edge technologies.

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16. Exoft

Exoft is a software company with a long history of offering solutions to meet business needs. The company provides exceptional software development services, putting equal emphasis on the calibre of the final product and its interactions with clients. The company now has a great deal of expertise in creating software systems of various kinds and degrees of complexity. 

17. Virtualspirits

A startup called Virtualspirit offers free technology consultancy services. They constantly seek to spread technological expertise in order to assist others in building successful internet businesses. Moreover, they think that starting this firm was a good idea giving customers the best experiences and recommendations.

Virtualspirit is an app development company that offers online and mobile-based digital solutions. They also offer technology consultation services so that business owners can learn how technology functions and how to turn their company digital. Their clients included publicly traded businesses, and rapidly expanding startups.

18. Google

Google has expanded significantly since its founding in 1998. Google began with two computer science students in a college dorm room, and today they have over 100,000 workers and more than 100 offices throughout the world. These Google employees develop goods that open up chances for people nearby and around the world. Their mission is to assemble knowledge and make it universally useful and accessible.

Your work at Google is an opportunity to make a difference, whether you want to participate in creating cutting-edge technology, marketing, products, or collaborations. Visit careers.google.com to find out more about their employment opportunities, teams, offices, benefits, and work environment. 

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How much is the software engineer’s salary in Indonesia?

The largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, has a number of advantages that position the nation for rapid economic growth. Since the country is only getting started with the adoption of IT solutions, there is still plenty of room for growth, and the information and communication technology (ICT) sector in Indonesia has a bright future. Indonesia is one of the most promising ICT markets in the coming years since so much of its potential has yet to be realized. The platforms cloud, mobile, social media, and big data and analytics are expected to fuel the increase of traditional tech spending.

A Software Engineer’s Salary in Indonesia is IDR 122,843,356 a year. 

The average total remuneration for an entry-level Software Engineer with less than one year of experience is IDR 96,558,907. The average annual salary for software engineers in Indonesia in their early career with 1-4 years of experience is IDR 119,269,112. The average annual salary of a mid-career software engineer with five to nine years of experience is IDR 194,166,018. A software engineer with 10 to 19 years of experience makes an average of IDR 180,000,000 in total remuneration.

With almost 10 million residents, Jakarta is the largest metropolitan area in Southeast Asia. One of the places that consistently tops the list of new start-up hotspots with enormous promise is Jakarta.

In Jakarta, the average salary for a software engineer is roughly 14,000,000 IDR. The lowest salary is 6,730,000 IDR, while the highest is 22,000,000 IDR (highest). (Salaryexplorer.com)

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There is no denying the market potential of Indonesia, and for early-stage enterprises, having easy access to sizable expansion pools is essential for success. Nevertheless, there is an excess of demand despite the increased demand for smart engineers, leading some technology businesses to acquire overseas-based technology outsourcing firms in order to fill the void.

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