What are the Top IT Companies in the Philippines?

What are the Top IT Companies in the Philippines?
What are the Top IT Companies in the Philippines?

The phrase “tech startup boom” has gained a lot of traction in Southeast Asia as a result of numerous international studies complimenting the area’s potential for foreign investment, startup viability, and overall economic growth.

The Philippines is no exception, and in some ways, the country may be regarded as one of the region’s leaders in the tech startup industry.

The Evolution of the Philippines

About 50 million years ago, volcanic eruptions helped to create the Philippine archipelago. Its earliest residents lived there some 30,000 years ago, and by the tenth century A.D., Chinese settlers and Muslim traders from Borneo had taken up residence. The Philippines early immigrants brought the cultures of India, China, and Southeast Asia there centuries before the impact of the West could be felt there. The Philippine Islands were a part of a massive Hindu-Malayan empire from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries that was governed from Java and Sumatra.

The colony of the Philippines was governed under Spanish law, and this was always done to the advantage of the mother nation and its representatives there. Few minor roles were held by Filipinos. Their rights and desires were largely ignored, and they were denied the benefits of public education. They weren’t protected by the laws that were in existence. The unity of the population it controlled was one of Spain’s most significant contributions to the growth of the nation. First and foremost, a shared religion brought the Filipino people together. But more significantly, they were brought together by a shared loathing of the Spanish conqueror and everything he stood for.

Before the American Revolution, the Filipinos had risen up against their Spanish oppressors a dozen times, and there had been other smaller uprisings as well. The Katipunan, a secret club of the ordinary people, was established in 1892 as a result of the Filipinos’ failure to achieve reforms through peaceful means during the nineteenth century. Finally erupting in August 1896, the revolution was further stoked by Jose Rizal execution, a national hero and leader of the Filipino people. The Republic of the Philippines is a sovereign state with a democratic system of administration and a presidential form of government. To put it mildly, the history of the Philippines has been turbulent. Collectively, the nation has experienced a number of conquests, laws, and conflicts.

The country’s history just contributes to its grandeur and enriches its heritage, doesn’t it? 1945 saw the return of the Philippines to Commonwealth status following the war, and the Treaty of Manila, signed in 1946, gave the country’s independence to the US. Democracy was brought back to the Philippines through a succession of political upheaval and corruption. Under a number of presidents, it experienced sound economic expansion. As of January 2021, President Rodrigo Duterte is in charge of the Philippine government.

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How is the Economy of Philippines?

The Philippines has one of the most dynamic economies in the East Asia Pacific area. Substantial consumer demand, which is supported by a thriving labor market and strong remittances, is the foundation of the Philippines’ economic vitality. The nation has a huge and youthful population, expanding urbanization, and a burgeoning middle class. The business sector, which comprises the real estate, banking, and insurance sectors as well as business process outsourcing, is doing well.

Manufacturing and agriculture are among the Philippines’ main economic sectors. Pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, electronics, and semiconductors are the primary focal areas in the manufacturing, mining, and mineral processing industries. One of the Asia-Pacific region’s most desirable pharmaceutical markets is the Philippines. The major components of agribusiness include processed fruits and vegetables, purees and juices from tropical fruits, fresh tropical fruits, mango seed oil, sugar cane, seaweed, bioethanol, biofuels, and coco methyl ester. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the Philippines was 8.2% in the first quarter of 2022 and 7.4% in the second, both of which were still on pace with the country’s official 2022 growth target.

Over the past few years, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in the Philippines has grown significantly. This industry is a source of tremendous opportunity and bright future prospects, especially with the number of start-ups in the Philippines increasing. In addition, more Filipinos who are now working abroad are anticipated to come home to hunt for work in the wake of the recent introduction of a third telecommunications carrier.

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Philippines as an IT hub

The Philippine startup environment is expanding quickly, and the nation is well-positioned to become the next significant startup hotspot in Asia. Fintech firms make up approximately 15% of the startup ecosystem. By this year, the transaction value of Fintech firms in Manila is anticipated to nearly treble to $10.5 billion.

Additionally, there is no disagreement regarding the nation’s workforce’s IT skills. The second-fastest expanding economy worldwide is that of the Philippines. The nation’s pool of programmers has been strengthened by the presence of tech behemoths like Google and Microsoft. Each year, 130,000 IT and engineering graduates come out of Philippine universities, and the majority of them are proficient in the most popular programming languages, such as Java, Python, Ruby, and PHP. 

The Philippines’ newest clients are technology start-ups, and each year more of them visit the nation’s beach-lined coasts. Because of its young, educated workforce and English-speaking population, the Philippines is a desirable location for tech jobs beyond the obvious labor cost savings. This is especially true for American businesses (the fifth largest on the planet). Because of more than 30 years of American colonial authority over the Philippines, unlike other outsourcing hubs, Filipinos have a deep understanding of American culture.

According to a group of Israeli businesses, the Philippines may play a significant role in global technology and innovation if it increases its educational spending, creates a friendlier business environment, and works to enhance its international connections, particularly with major tech nations. For instance, the business-process outsourcing (BPO) sector offers a wealth of opportunities, knowledge, and technology that people are now making use of.

The list of IT Companies in the Philippines looks like a never-ending one, but the top companies that stand out from the crowd were manageable to gather, here, have a look at some of the Best IT Companies to work for in the Philippines. 

1. Novare Technologies

Novare Technologies works with the goal of developing, implementing, and inventing tech-forward solutions for multinational corporations across industries, enabling clients to use information technology to gain a competitive edge and cut costs. They have a team led by the most daring and creative minds in IT, that aspires to become the most reputable provider of IT solutions in the Philippines by providing top-notch services and beneficial business value to their partners, clients, and stakeholders.

The veteran systems integrator Micro-D International launched Novare in 2007 as its software division. With the motto “Think Build Run,” Novare Technologies created, implemented, and maintained enterprise applications for significant businesses both domestically and overseas. From a small group of Java developers, they have expanded into a 200-person powerhouse of software engineers, data scientists, cloud strategists, and IT visionaries serving millions of clients worldwide through online and mobile applications. 

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2. IBM Philippines

IBM is a global computer institution that has been around for more than 100 years and is still important today. Many Filipinos have enjoyed a steady stream of well-paying work as a result of their presence in the Philippines since 1937. With the corporation expanding to support IT services in addition to hardware and software activities, IBM Philippines not only offers reasonable compensation but also a vast variety of employment categories. The company, for instance, collaborates with Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, and other companies to develop mobile apps and workplace support systems, making it more significant than ever.

Compare the IBM employee experience below to that of a normal company. Compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based corporation, 76% of IBM employees regard their workplace to be excellent. Global Employee Engagement Study conducted by Great Place to Work® in 2021 as a source IBM has a long history of being a pioneer in promoting equity, inclusion, and diversity. Since the company’s inception in 1911, IBM has devoted itself to creating a culture of intentional inclusion and offering chances for all IBMers to contribute to societies across the world while being themselves at work.

3. Canon Philippines

Many engineers and developers are employed by Canon Philippines in its Manila office, working on projects involving cameras, printers, and other digital equipment. Additionally, despite the fact that remuneration is not as great as some might anticipate, Canon consistently receives high marks from its staff due to the numerous learning opportunities it provides. One of these is the opportunity to participate in lengthy, special initiatives in Japan that can last months or even years. Its employees value the opportunity to travel greatly, and the incentive that comes with it promotes lasting employment relationships.

4. Concentrix

For some of the top brands in the world, including over 100 Fortune Global 500 clients and over 125 new economy clients, Concentrix, Corporation is a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) solutions and technology.

Concentrix crew provides the next generation of customer experience every day from more than 40 countries and 6 continents, assisting businesses in strengthening their connections with their clients. Through the use of technology, talent, and strategy, they improve business outcomes and set themselves apart from their clients.  Services from Concentrix are offered to clients in the following key industry verticals: technology and consumer electronics; retail, travel, and e-commerce; banking, financial services, and insurance; healthcare; communications and media; automotive; energy; and public sector.

5. ADP

ADP works with more than 740,000 organizations worldwide to help their people work smarter, accept new challenges, and unleash their talent. It has been consistently named one of the “Most Admired Companies” by FORTUNE® Magazine and recognized by DiversityInc® as one of the “Top 50 Companies for Diversity.” In order to jointly open up a world of potential, they are “Always Designing for People,” by building platforms that will revolutionize how great work is accomplished.

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6. Capgemini

For more than 50 years, Capgemini has used technology as a leading strategic partner to businesses all over the world, enabling corporate transformation. From planning and design to managing operations, the company meets the full range of business needs. In order to accomplish this, they rely on extensive domain knowledge and command of the rapidly developing disciplines of cloud data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, digital engineering, and platforms.

With a solid 55-year history and broad industry knowledge, Capgemini is trusted by its clients to handle the full range of their business needs, from strategy and design to operations. This trust is a result of the company’s strong industry knowledge and heritage, which are fueled by the rapidly changing and innovative worlds of cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software, digital engineering, and platforms.

7. SAP

Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg is home to the international software business SAP SE. To manage business operations and customer relationships, it creates enterprise software. The business sells the most enterprise resource planning software in the entire world. SAP works with the goal of enhancing people’s lives and making the world a better place. They pledge to innovate so that their clients can perform at their peak levels. SAP is dedicated to assisting each client in becoming the best-run company possible. They design solutions that encourage innovation, equality, and the spread of opportunity across boundaries and cultures. Together with their clients and partners, they have the power to transform industries, expand economies, improve societies, and protect the environment. 

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8. Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise helps organizations speed up results by gaining value from all of their data, wherever it may be. Based on decades of reimagining the future and creating to enhance how people live and work, HPE offers innovative, open, and intelligent technology solutions as a service. HPE offers a unified experience across all clouds and edges with products spanning Cloud Services, Compute, Software, and Storage, High-Performance Computing & AI, and Intelligent Edge. This helps clients develop new business strategies, interact in novel ways, and improve operational performance.

The way people live and work is being improved by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a worldwide edge-to-cloud enterprise. They assist businesses in connecting, safeguarding, analyzing, and acting on their data and apps wherever they reside, from edge to cloud, so they can quickly transform insights into results and succeed in the complicated world of today. 

Their culture thrives on developing fresh, improved methods for advancing the future. They are aware of how successful this place is when people from different backgrounds come together. The employees have the freedom to balance their needs at work and at home. 

9. Google

A worldwide technology company based in the United States, Google LLC is focused on consumer electronics, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and search engine technology. Alphabet Inc. will take over as the publicly traded corporation from Google Inc., and all Google shares will instantly convert into an equivalent number of Alphabet shares, each with identical rights. Google will be owned by Alphabet in its entirety.

The commitment to constant innovation is the more intriguing aspect of Google’s continuing success story. Google encourages employee creativity and regards innovation as a crucial component of the company’s goal.


Leading technology services and consulting firm committed to developing cutting-edge solutions to clients’ most demanding digital transformation demands. A top provider of technology services and consultancy, Wipro Limited focuses on developing cutting-edge solutions to meet the most challenging needs of its clients in terms of digital transformation. To assist customers in realizing their grandest aspirations and creating sustainable, forward-thinking enterprises, they draw on a comprehensive portfolio of expertise in consulting, design, engineering, operations, and emerging technologies.

Wipro has around 1300 active global clients and over 250,000 devoted people serving customers in 66 countries. They are a firm that is well-known across the world for its extensive variety of services, strong dedication to sustainability, and good corporate citizenship. 

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11. Fujitsu

Through their technology and solutions, Fujitsu, a leading worldwide ICT company, impacts the lives of millions of people every day, conducting banking transactions, high street shopping, issuing driving permits, enabling airline reservations, and many other things.

They work with the mission of engaging with clients from all over the world in a variety of industries to develop new commercial value and advance a thriving, sustainable future for society. Take the opportunity to mold your career with Fujitsu by exploring the range of positions they have available. By offering an engaging workplace where teamwork, a customer-focused approach, and a passion for outcomes make a difference, Fujitsu is able to draw in and keep the top candidates. The development of a diverse workforce is a priority for Fujitsu.

12. Dell Technologies

An American technology firm called Dell, which is owned by its parent company Dell Technologies, creates, markets, fixes, and supports computers and related goods and services. It was created as a result of Dell and EMC Corporation’s merger in September 2016. (which later became Dell EMC). Microsoft Corporation EMC Corporation and Dell Inc. merged on September 7, 2016. With their remarkable capabilities, Dell Technologies are one of the top technology firms in the world, transforming people’s lives. 

13. TaskUS

Fast-growing technology organizations can turn to TaskUs for outsourced digital services and next-generation consumer experiences. TaskUs assists its clients in representing, safeguarding, and expanding their brands. The fastest-growing industries, such as social networking, e-commerce, gaming, streaming media, food delivery, ridesharing, HiTech, FinTech, and HealthTech, are served by TaskUs, which rely on a cloud-based infrastructure. By June 30, 2022, TaskUs employed over 45,300 people across 26 locations in 13 nations, including the US, the Philippines, and India. The goal is to unite the world’s greatest employees with cutting-edge technology to provide the best customer experience possible.

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14. Collabera

Information technology consultancy is offered by Collabera Inc. Basking Ridge, New Jersey serves as its North American headquarters, while Vadodara, Gujarat, India serves as its Asia Pacific headquarters.

One of the top minority-owned businesses offering entire talent solutions, Collabera is based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Since more than 25 years ago, they have offered Fortune 1000 companies in the financial services, healthcare, life sciences, energy, retail, telecom, technology, manufacturing, and engineering fields IT and professional contract staffing, direct hire placement, custom training solutions to upskill and reskill staff, as well as the early talent program and global remote talent platform. 

Collabera puts everything in place to develop clients’ future personnel solutions and collaborate to advance initiatives and strategies for hiring people from diverse backgrounds. Good pay and a nice workplace Good salary and opportunities are provided. nonetheless, I’m unsure of work security.

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15. [24]7.ai 

The way businesses connect with customers is being redefined by [24]7.ai. The [24]7.ai platform enables businesses to provide a personalized, anticipatory, and seamless customer experience across all channels by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand consumer intent. Intent-driven interaction from [24]7.ai is being used by the biggest and most known companies in the world to help several hundred million visitors each year through more than 1.5 billion conversations, the majority of which are automated. The adoption of digital technology, customer happiness, and revenue growth all experience significant improvement as a result. [24]7.ai has a mission to make it easy for customers to contact businesses and complete transactions.

16. Amazon

Amazon began as a corporation that sold books online, but it has since evolved into a web-based corporate enterprise that focuses primarily on offering e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence (AI) services. For the second year in a row, Amazon has been named the best place to work in the United States. The rating is determined by the company’s capacity to draw in and keep top talent, as well as by the career growth chances the company offer to workers from various backgrounds. The company began as an online bookshop but has since grown to cover practically all retail segments. Along with the items it sells through its e-commerce site, Amazon also owns subsidiaries like Whole Foods Market and the home security start-up Ring.

17. Xerox

The workplace experience has been continuously transformed by Xerox for more than 100 years. The company has moved into software and services to sustainably power the workforce of today by leveraging the company’s leadership position in office and production print technologies. No matter where clients are working, from corporate to industrial settings, their unique business solutions, and financial services are made to improve productivity every day. The disruptive technologies being developed by Xerox scientists and engineers today include those for digital transformation, augmented reality, robotic process automation, additive manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things, and cleantech.

The name Xerox comes from xerography, a technique for copying images and documents. Electrostatic charges are the cornerstone of how xerography operates. In photocopiers, laser printers, and fax machines, the xerography process is utilized as the primary technique for reproducing images and printing computer data.

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18. UST

A global provider of digital transformation solutions is UST. To create a genuine effect via transformation, UST has collaborated with the top businesses in the world for more than 20 years. UST partners with their clients from design to operation, driven by technology, motivated by people, and guided by purpose.

UST integrates innovation and agility into their clients’ companies through deep subject expertise and a future-proof mentality. UST builds for limitless impact, affecting billions of lives with over 30,000 people across 30 countries. The company collaborates with clients to identify the key issues, then use an agile, hands-on approach to design, develop, and implement experiences that quickly and empathetically address those issues. 

19. HCL

The company HCL Technologies Ltd. has been recognized as a Great Place to Work®  that is regarded as the “Gold Standard” for discovering and recognizing Great Workplace Cultures by both employees and employers alike. HCL collaborates with clients in all significant industry sectors, offering business solutions for the financial services, manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, technology and services, telecom and media, retail and consumer packaged goods, and public services sectors. As of the fiscal year that ended in September 2022, total revenues were $12.1 billion. With several firsts to its name, including the release of the 8-bit microprocessor-based computer in 1978 well ahead of its global contemporaries, HCL is a pioneer of contemporary computing. It was founded in 1976 as one of India’s earliest IT garage start-ups.

20. Honeywell

With its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, Honeywell International Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate firm that is publicly traded. In terms of business, it principally focuses on four sectors: aerospace, building technologies, performance materials and technologies, and safety and productivity solutions.

This Fortune 100 firm develops and produces technology to tackle difficult problems related to major worldwide trends including safety, security, and energy. They have a relentless focus on quality, delivery, value, and technology in everything they manufacture and do. The company employs around 100,000 people worldwide, including more than 19,000 engineers and scientists.

21. Nielsen

As a leader in audience insights, data, and analytics globally, Nielsen impacts the media and content of the globe. They provide clients with impartial and actionable intelligence through an understanding of people and their behaviors across all platforms and channels, enabling them to connect and interact with their audiences both now and in the future.

Based on 1.1k employee ratings on AmbitionBox, Nielsen has a score of 4.0 out of 5. Company culture, which is regarded at the top and given a rating of 4.1 by Nielsen, is well-known.  As a world authority on audience insights, information, and analytics, Nielsen revolutionizes the media and content of the world. 

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IGT Solutions (IGT) is a leading international supplier of IT, BPM, and digital products and services to the tourism and hospitality sectors. IGT is dedicated to providing innovation and commercial excellence across the full range of the travel and hospitality market. They provide players with enjoyable and responsible gaming experiences across all regulated channels and market niches, from lotteries and gaming machines to sports betting and digital. Their solutions offer unparalleled gaming experiences that engage players and promote growth by utilizing a wealth of appealing content, significant investment in innovation, player insights, operational expertise, and cutting-edge technology. In more than 100 nations on six continents, IGT provides top-notch goods and services to licensed, regulated commercial and public gaming operators.

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23. NTT Data

NTT DATA has contributed significantly to the development and expansion of IT infrastructure since its founding in 1967. With a Tokyo headquarters and company operations in more than 50 nations and regions, they place an emphasis on long-term commitment and combine local intimacy with a worldwide reach to offer the best professional services, ranging from consulting, system development, and business IT outsourcing.

With its headquarters in Plano, Texas, NTT DATA Services is a division of NTT DATA Corporation, one of the top 10 worldwide business and IT services providers with 118,000+ employees in more than 50 countries, and NTT Group, a partner to 88% of the world’s major corporations. Delivering the insights, solutions, and results that matter most, NTT DATA Services works in partnership with clients to manage and simplify the contemporary complexities of business and technology. The company combines in-depth sector experience with applied advances in digital, cloud, and automation across a wide range of consulting, apps, infrastructure, and business process services to produce real business results.

24. Amdocs

Amdocs has 30,000 workers across the world to speed up their customers’ migration to the cloud, set them apart in the 5G era, digitalize and automate their business processes, and give end users the next-generation communication and media experiences that will blow everyone away.

Amdocs is a fantastic place to work as a company. They always make an effort to make working for them simple and hassle-free. They offer a welcoming environment with top-notch benefits. Some of the largest names in media and communications rely on Amdocs as a top supplier of software and services. They assist their clients in self-reinvention while facilitating their digital and network expansion through innovative concepts, deft operations, and delivery know-how.

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25. Conduent

Conduent, a market leader today and one of the BPO industry’s early pioneers, has a significant and wide understanding of a range of business industries. They provide process improvements, cost reductions, and long-term income growth for organizations and governments. They are able to offer vital services to millions of individuals every day because they comprehend how they clients’ businesses operate.

Conduent has a mission of offering vital services and solutions that produce remarkable results. Conduent delivers mission-critical services and solutions on behalf of businesses and governments through its diverse and committed partners, producing outstanding results for their clients and the millions of people who depend on them. They are relied upon by the vast majority of Fortune 100 corporations and more than 500 governments at critical times.

26. Microsoft

With its headquarters at the Microsoft Redmond campus in Redmond, Washington, the United States, Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology company that makes computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. Microsoft was the world’s largest software maker by revenue as of 2019, and it was rated No. 21 in the 2020 Fortune 500 rankings of the largest American firms by total revenue. Alongside Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Meta, it is one of the Big Five American technological firms.

The 1975-founded Microsoft Corporation is the market leader in the creation and manufacturing of software, as well as services and products connected to the software. Microsoft, which has its corporate headquarters in Washington and was once known for producing personal computers, today provides a range of desktop operating systems and software.

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27. Atos

With headquarters in Bezons, France, and offices all over the world, Atos is a French international information technology service and consulting firm. With headquarters in Bezons, France, and offices all over the world, Atos is a French international information technology service and consulting firm. 

It specializes in cloud, big data, cybersecurity, unified communications, and high-tech transactional services. Working with Atos is really a wonderful choice. Work-life balance is favorable. In order to help those who wish to learn anything find the right path, Atos also covers all certification fees. 

With 111,000 workers and around €11 billion in yearly revenue, Atos is a market leader in digital transformation. The Group offers customized end-to-end solutions for all industries in 71 countries, making it the European leader in high-performance computing, the cloud, and cybersecurity.

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28. Trend Micro Inc.

Leading cybersecurity company Trend Micro works to create a secure environment for the exchange of digital information. The company’s cybersecurity platform safeguards hundreds of thousands of companies and millions of people across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints thanks to decades of security knowledge, industry-leading global threat research and intelligence, and constant innovation. Trend Micro helps businesses secure and simplify their connected world with 7,000 people spread over 65 countries. The goal is to make digital information exchange secure throughout the world.

29. Stefanini

With offices in 40 countries across the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia, Stefanini is a $1 billion global provider of business IT solutions. The company was founded in 1987. Application development services, IT infrastructure outsourcing (help desk support and desktop services), systems integration, consulting, and strategic staffing are just a few of the services that Stefanini, an onshore, offshore, and nearshore IT services provider with over 25,000 employees, provides to Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. The global corporate headquarters are located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as opposed to metropolitan Detroit, which is where the North American and European corporate headquarters are.

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30. Cisco

Cisco is transforming itself and supporting its clients in thriving in their digital landscapes. Cisco offers software, security, blockchain, and AI/ML services. The ideas and skill sets that come from people with different backgrounds are valued by Cisco. Due to this, Cisco is increasing the possibilities for finding top talent by putting more emphasis on developing potential in applicants rather than just looking for those with experience and a college degree.

More than 30,000 Cisco employees take part in their employee resource groups, known as inclusive communities, where they network, develop as knowledgeable allies, and fight to improve things. 

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31. Western Digital

Western Digital® cultivates conditions that allow data to flourish. They are driving the effort to realize the promise of data anywhere it is recorded, stored, accessed, and changed. Their sector-leading solutions create settings where the flow of information results in wiser decisions, ground-breaking discoveries, and deeper relationships. These environments may be found in advanced data centers, mobile sensors, personal gadgets, and other places.

Western Digital is revolutionizing how the world stores and uses data because they believe in its potential. They support the technology and create products that turn the potential of data into reality. 

32. Genpact

A multinational professional services company that brings about corporate transformation is called Genpact (NYSE: G). They help clients innovate using digital means and operate intelligent operations that are supported by digital means. All 78,000+ employees at Genpact are detail-oriented and fixated on operations. Genpact offers the end-to-end experience to link every dot, reimagine every process, and revolutionize businesses’ working methods. Genpact has offices in New York, New Delhi, and more than 20 other locations. 

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How much does a software engineer make in the Philippines?

Growing industries typically have more profitable businesses, which results in higher-paying positions. Additionally, a greater number of jobs are available due to the quick rate of expansion. These jobs will have greater job security than those in falling or stagnant industries, assuming that the industry keeps expanding. You have the chance to create and alter things for the better of the earth and society at large when you work in a developing business.

The demand for graduates with solid educational backgrounds has grown as technology becomes increasingly pervasive in the Philippines. For employment opportunities in this profession, recent grads should keep an eye out. The demand for developers, project managers, human resource specialists, and software engineers and managers is significant.

According to Indeed.com, the average salary for a software engineer in the Philippines is 41,326 PHP per month. 

According to payscale.com, the average salary for a software engineer in the Philippines is stated to be 454,961 PHP.

  • An entry-level software engineer in the Philippines ( Less than a year of experience) can expect to earn an average yearly pay of PHP 299,940.
  • An early career software engineer in the Philippines (1 to 4 years of experience) can earn an average salary of PHP 409,942.
  • A mid-career software engineer in the Philippines with over (5 to 9 years of experience) can earn an average yearly income of 677,508 PHP.
  • With an experience of 10 to 19 years in the domain, the software engineer’s salary in the Philippines can go up to 912,228 PHP.

Manila, the only Philippine city to reach the Top 10, is known as one of the “Super City” leaders. Manila has been a major contributor to the country’s general economy and to the growth of employment possibilities up to the present. Tholons claims that the city’s thriving business environment and helpful government laws are what are driving the city’s tech growth. According to glassdoor.com, a software engineer’s salary in Manila is 40,000 PHP per month. This sum can vary from 20,550 PHP at the lowest per month to 87,700 PHP at the highest salary per month. 

Whereas according to Indeed.com, the average salary for a software engineer in Manila is PHP 830,521 a year which is 42% higher than the national average, and the monthly salary for a software engineer in Manila is stated to be 58,802 PHP

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Loyalty, honesty, and diligence are the cornerstones of Philippine culture. The Philippines is therefore poised to be an exciting place to work in technology in the near future thanks to the abundance of talent available and the shared cultural background; not only will it contribute to the success of tech start-ups globally, but it will also have many locally produced success stories to brag about.

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