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What are the Top IT Companies in Johannesburg?

Information technology has by far become one of the most talked about and coveted industries to work for by people all over the world. The IT industry focuses on fields including machine learning, networking, cloud computing, the internet of things, online development, and mobile development. Given that IT businesses are adapting to new technologies to meet user demands, many companies are actively hiring professionals with viable skills.

In the technology sector, South Africa is gaining traction, and the cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg are home to a thriving start-up community. Several foreign investors have also recognized the chance to invest in and purchase South African technology enterprises. In this blog, we will examine the city of Johannesburg’s IT industry. The city is home to a large number of top IT companies, which is creating a steady stream of employment opportunities.

IT Sector in Johannesburg

In practically every sector of the economy and area of our life, technology is pushing change and development. It is essential for the expansion and development of the modern economy. Thankfully, we can state that Johannesburg is positioned itself to reach larger and far bigger heights in terms of technical development.

South African tech centers are currently expanding due to the continent’s expanding, creative communities. This city has seen enormous progress in its technological ecosystems during the past few years. Growth is being fueled in part by increased corporate involvement and venture capital funding. Over the past two years, a project has been running to promote a section of central Johannesburg as a hub for digital innovation and entrepreneurship in South Africa.

Johannesburg has experienced a revolution similar to that of the rest of the world due to the digitalization and advancement of technology. The necessity for various technology and innovation centers to support the startup ecosystem and aid in expanding startups in the city’s market has resulted from this.

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Best IT Companies in Johannesburg

1. Zensar Technologies

Zensar Technologies is among the top software services providers in South Africa, collaborating with businesses in the banking and financial services, insurance, retail, consumer services, and high-tech manufacturing sectors, all of which have a daily impact on people’s lives and alter the world.  Zensar has 6500+ associates with sales and operations presence across the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, the Middle East, South Africa, Singapore, China, and Australia. And the company has a size of 5000 to 10,000 employees worldwide!

Zensar offers complete services in e-business, business process management, mission-critical applications, enterprise applications, and knowledge services. In order to provide its clients with cutting-edge business solutions and a quick “go-to-market” capacity, Zensar has developed tools and procedures, including the exclusive Solution BluePrint (SBP). It provides software business solutions to Fortune 500 companies to help them compete in the digital economy.

2. BBD Software Solutions

The education, financial services, insurance, gambling, public, and telecommunications industries are among those served by BBD, a provider of software development and application design solutions, which has 38 years of technical experience. Throughout the development cycle, the professionals at BBD Software Solutions provide advice, create, and implement solutions that assist organizations in achieving their goals by using cutting-edge strategies and dedication to overcoming technological obstacles.

BBD is the market leader in independent software development with over 1000 highly qualified, driven, and experienced IT experts working for it. The company hires top analysts and software developers worldwide to address near- and co-shoring requirements from its location in Johannesburg. With access to in-demand skills, they make sure to deliver on that focus for every client.

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3. Genpact

A multinational professional services company, Genpact, provides results that transform clients’ businesses and influence their destinies. The company has practical expertise in managing and revamping tens of thousands of procedures for a large number of international businesses serve. 

Genpact clients are mostly Fortune Global 500 companies, who work with them in part because of their exceptional capacity to bring together in-depth industry and functional knowledge, top talent, and tried-and-true methodologies to foster collaborative innovation that transforms ideas into action and yields results at scale. By operating digitally connected operations and utilizing Data-Tech-AI services to design, construct, and change their businesses, Genpact help its clients and their customers gain sustainable competitive advantages.

4. Google

The American company Google’s search engine is its most well-known feature. Although the company was founded as a search engine and still derives the great majority of its income from advertising, it has since expanded into a number of fields, including cloud computing, software, hardware, consumer electronics, e-commerce and many more.

The ability of Google to release a product prototype or beta version and make modifications with each iteration has been a key factor in the success of the company. Ninety percent of the staff members who have reviewed the company on Glassdoor say they would recommend it to a friend! The approximately 17,000 employee ratings that makeup Google’s current 4.5 out of 5 Glassdoor rating. 

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5. Entelect – End-to-End Technology Solutions

Entelect is a cutting-edge software engineering firm that combines technology and best practices to provide cutting-edge solutions to a variety of industries. Entelect has an unmatched caliber of people and depth of knowledge dedicated to addressing your needs on your terms. Dr. Charles Pritchard, who was then teaching at Wits University in Johannesburg’s Electrical Engineering department, launched Entelect there in 2001. He began to expose the top university graduates to the market since he had a clear vision for creating a technology services company that offers high-quality solutions and a talent for spotting talent.

The company collaborates with its clients to help businesses move from excellent to exceptional by providing end-to-end technology services and solutions. They help businesses understand and construct solutions that generate tangible results, from strategy and design to development, testing, and rollout. They employ the best software developers in South Africa and have successfully created and deployed hundreds of unique systems both domestically and internationally.

6. Nielson

As a pioneer in audience insights, data, and analytics, Nielsen has an impact on international media and content. They provide clients with unbiased and actionable intelligence that enables them to engage and interact with their audiences both now and in the future by comprehending people and their behaviors across all platforms and channels.

Nielsen has a score of 4.0 out of 5 on AmbitionBox based on the opinions of 1.1k employees. Business culture, which is highly valued and has a Nielsen score of 4.1, is well-known. As a leading global authority on audience insights, data, and analytics, Nielsen transforms global media and content.

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7. Honeywell

American aerospace, automotive, and engineering corporation Honeywell International. With an expected market value of more than 130 billion dollars as of 2022, Honeywell is the fourth-largest company in the world, headquartered in the US with a significant presence in South Africa.

In addition to providing energy-efficient goods and services, Honeywell also provides spare parts, management and technical services, repair, overhaul, and maintenance services, specialty chemicals, process technologies, electronic and advanced materials, productivity, sensing, safety, and security technologies, and spare parts. The business develops and produces technology to address problems in a number of fields, including energy, security, safety, productivity, and global urbanization. 

8. HCL Tech

HCLTech is a global technology firm that uses a range of technology services and solutions to provide engineering, cloud, and digital expertise that is unmatched in the market. Almost 219,000 HCLTech employees work in 54 different countries.

 Offering business solutions for the manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, technology, and services, telecom and media, retail and consumer packaged goods, and public services sectors, the company is renowned for working closely with clients in all important industrial areas.

By combining the most skilled people with cutting-edge technology, HCL hopes to hasten growth. The HCL staff promotes a culture of proactive thinking and problem-solving. These are multigenerational, intercultural, and international talents that represent 167 different nationalities.

9. Cipherwave

Cipherwave, one of the top IT companies in the country, is the leading cloud storage provider in South Africa. Established in 2007, this prestigious South African Technology company is headquartered in Johannesburg. More than 200 people are employed at Cipherwave, which has an annual revenue of around $25 million. This well-known South African software company was founded by James Grcic and Jonathan Mason, and it is well-known for its data recovery services.

Since its founding in 2010, the company has had strong partnerships that enabled to provide top-tier, global technology solutions and expertise to South African businesses in growth. They work hard to establish trusting bonds with the people running the companies they collaborate with.

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10. IBM

The global leader in computing, IBM, has been around for more than a century and is still significant today. IBM, Johannesburg not only provides fair pay but also a wide range of employment categories as the company grows to provide IT services in addition to hardware and software activities. 

The IBM employee experience is contrasted below with that of a typical corporation. 76% of IBM employees think their workplace is great, compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. For a very long time, IBM led the way in advancing equity, inclusion, and diversity. Since its founding in 1911, IBM has devoted itself to fostering an environment of deliberate inclusiveness and providing opportunities for all IBMers to make a positive contribution to societies across the world while being themselves at work.

11. Amazon

Amazon was once a company that sold books online, but it has since changed into a web-based corporate operation with a primary focus on providing e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence (AI) services. Amazon has been recognized as the finest place to work in the US for the second consecutive year.

The ability of the business to recruit and retain top talent, as well as the career advancement opportunities it provides to employees from different backgrounds, are used to determine the ranking. When the company first launched, it was an online bookstore, but it has since expanded to include almost all retail categories. Amazon owns subsidiaries like Whole Foods Market and the start-up company for home security in addition to the goods it sells through its e-commerce website.

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12. Microsoft

With a yearly revenue of more than $125.8 billion, Microsoft is one of the best businesses and the biggest IT corporation in the world. One of the biggest IT firms in the world, Microsoft Corporation, was established in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

It creates, produces, distributes, and sells software for desktop computers, laptops, consumer gadgets, and services, as well as grants licenses and provides support for it. Xbox, the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems, the Office suite, the web browsers Internet Explorer and Edge, and the Microsoft Office suite are some of its most well-known software products. The company also creates a wide variety of other desktop and server apps for consumers and businesses. There is immense scope for those wishing to pursue a career in IT in this amazingly popular corporation!

13. Sage

Sage is the market leader in integrated accounting, payroll, and payment solutions, supporting businesspeople’s objectives all over the world. Sage began as a little business but has grown beyond all expectations, much like many of the businesses they collaborate with. Millions of entrepreneurs in more than 20 nations are now supported by over 11,000 coworkers as they propel the global economy.

It has 6.1 million customers worldwide and is the top provider to small businesses. It is also the second-largest technology company in the UK and the third-largest provider of enterprise resource planning software globally (behind Oracle and SAP). Sage has a significant presence in South Africa and offers a variety of work opportunities to people who are interested in the industry.

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14. Cisco Systems

Cisco is an acronym for the place where two computer scientists from Stanford University, Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, founded the company in 1984. In the early years of the firm, Bosack and Lerner were keen that the lowercase “cisco” be used to identify Cisco’s products.

Cisco Systems has specialized in a number of areas, including switches, routers, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things. Cisco creates, manufactures, and sells telecommunications equipment, networking hardware, software, and other high-tech products and services. The logo of the networking and IT firm can be found on the majority of conference or business phones. Cisco established a warm atmosphere to help contract workers feel like valued members of the team.

15. DVT Software

DVT has 20 years of experience developing bespoke software. With this knowledge and skills, they create unique software applications for business, online, desktop, and mobile platforms. With offices in South Africa, Kenya, and Europe, DVT was established in 1999 and has since expanded to over 600 employees (UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland).

DVT Software provides services to over 100 medium-sized and large businesses and creates lasting relationships with them. In order to assist clients have a positive influence on their digital journey, DVT creates custom software solutions and services. With more than twenty years of expertise in sectors like banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, and media, the company seeks to make a difference. 

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16. ASG IT Support Services

With nearly 30 years of expertise, qualifications in the ICT technology sector, and a track record of assisting clients in maintaining the efficiency of their IT systems, ASG, one of Johannesburg’s leading IT firms and South Africa’s Premier Outsourced IT Division.

ASG, which was founded in 1988, has over 30 years of experience and qualifications in assisting customers to keep their IT systems operating efficiently. ASG has assisted hundreds of companies with 15 to 100 or more computer users with their IT infrastructure and computer networks by offering specialized IT strategies, support, security, and data backups.

17. Westech 

Westech is a Johannesburg, South Africa-based software development and technology consulting firm that focuses on providing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. They have more than 15 years of experience in the industry and are one of the leading suppliers of IT solutions. This includes software development, network infrastructure, support services, and hardware.

They specialize in developing custom software, security, IT audits, IT connectivity, networking, web applications, and mobile apps. They also offer to consult and support services to small and medium-sized businesses. By providing their clients with trustworthy information and practical tools for making crucial decisions concerning technology solutions, their goal is to build long-lasting partnerships with them.

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18. Rectron Holdings

Rectron Holdings, one of the top ten software companies in South Africa, offers workplace automation solutions along with IT goods like laptops and smartphones, cloud storage choices, and B2B options including industrial storage and computing services.

Rectron Holdings, one of the Top IT companies in Johannesburg, was founded in 1995 and is headquartered there. This leading IT company has facilities all across the continent and is the largest personal computer assembling company in South Africa. Software, networking, data center solutions, surveillance, data storage, and cloud computing are all provided by Rectron. The company has employees ranging from 500 and 1000.

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How much is a software engineer’s salary in Johannesburg?

Given the countless alternatives you have in the IT industry thanks to the Best IT Companies in Johannesburg, you should be aware that this list is never-ending. Most students in this country hope to have a tech job with high pay and job stability. Yet, in order to be considered for such positions, applicants must be qualified, have the necessary abilities, and be aware of the job profiles that would pay them the best salaries. Let’s look at the city’s salary for software engineers;

  • According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a software engineer in Johannesburg is 33,850 ZAR a month.
  • Per Indeed.com, a software engineer’s salary in Johannesburg is ZAR 760,429 a year and ZAR 53,840 a month which is 26% above the national average salary for software engineers in South Africa.

Although there are many lucrative job options in the IT business, it’s crucial to realize that compensation standards differ among organizations and industries. Also, your income will be influenced by your educational background, abilities, and experience.

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End Note

The IT industry has had a significant positive impact on society in terms of effectiveness, excellence, speed, and agility. New technology in business models, analytics, and IT has completely changed how we do our jobs. The rapid growth of the industry in Johannesburg was greatly aided by the IT sector’s technology, which included telemedicine, virtual learning, online counselling, etc. Let me assure you that starting a career in the IT industry is not as challenging as it may sound.

DataMites offers the most cutting-edge subject matter expertise in the most popular fields, including data science, machine learning, python, artificial intelligence, and more. This could help you break into the technology industry. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take one of our IABAC-approved courses!

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