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What are the Top IT Companies in Nepal?

With every year that goes by, the globe makes a huge step closer to a new, amazing technological age thanks to the growth and popularity of information and technology. Unstoppable and continuing to go forward for a better tomorrow, the process. A society’s and a nation’s progress are greatly aided by information and technology. Information and technology have made the world into a single global village. Nepal is not an outlier and has good prospects in the IT industry. 

The Evolution of Nepal

The name of a sage named “Ne,” who settled in the Nepal Valley, is said to be the source of the word “Nepal,” according to local tradition, popularly called the Kathmandu Valley now. Nepal is a multi-religious, multi-lingual, multi-racial, and multi-cultural nation with a vast and rich past that extends back to 11,000 years, and what we see today as this approximately rectangular, little landlocked country wedged between the contemporary giants of India and China! 

The Kiratis, the first known kings of Nepal, arrived from the East around the seventh or eighth century BCE, marking the beginning of Nepal’s history as it is currently understood. The Lichhavis, the first governing family with Indian ancestry, ousted the Kiratis at the start of the fourth century CE. 

The Lichhavis, who built most of Kathmandu’s architecture and culture, presided over a prosperous Nepal throughout this time. The Changu Narayan Temple at Bhaktapur and the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu are two of Nepal’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are products of the Lichhavis.

The Shah Rulers of the 19th century were reduced to just symbolic rulers owing to their attempts to impose centralized power, while the real power was concentrated in the hands of wealthy families like the Rana family. A constitution and democratic elections were introduced during the time that followed, beginning the process of democratization.

There was a Maoist rebellion and unsuccessful democratic attempts in Nepal following the massive protests in the shape of the people’s movement. The 240-year-old monarchy in Nepal was announced to be abolished in 2008 when the country was declared to be the Federal Democratic Republic. Although it continues to struggle with modernization, Nepal has unquestionably made progress.

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What constitutes the majority of the Nepalese Economy?

Nepal’s economy is growing and the economic structure is gradually moving away from agriculture. Four to six million Nepalis are thought to be employed overseas, mostly in India, Malaysia, and the Gulf nations.

But since the 1950s, the nation has made strides in the direction of sustainable economic growth. The country was made more accessible to economic liberalization, which resulted in economic growth and higher living standards than in the past.

The industrial sector’s two largest subsectors are manufacturing and construction, which together contribute 15.1% of the GDP. Real estate, trade, transport, communications, and education are the main subsectors of the services sector, which accounts for 57.4% of GDP. Trading Economics global macro models and analysts estimate that Nepal’s GDP will reach $30.90 billion by the end of 2022.

In an effort to advance its economic development, Nepal has adopted a number of five-year plans. In 2002, the country’s ninth economic development plan was finished, its currency was converted, and 17 state-owned businesses were privatized. More than half of Nepal’s budget for development is made up of foreign donations.

The World Bank‘s Ease of Doing Business rankings saw an increase in Nepal’s standing from 110 in 2018 to 94 in 2020, moving it up from fourth to third in South Asia. The World Bank highlights improvements in contract formulation, foreign commerce, and credit mobilization as part of the process for obtaining a license to conduct business in Nepal!

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Where does Nepal stand in the Information Technology domain?

The center of the modern world is IT. It is playing a significant role on a global scale. It does this by producing better jobs, better sustainable improvements, good government, better leadership, better transportation, and easily available information, among other things. Nepali software businesses work to support the government in e-governance by supporting it.

The discipline of information technology (IT) is ballooning at a full tilt both globally and in Nepal. The Nepalese are also gradually becoming more tech-savvy. Since technology is currently Nepal’s most inventive and rapidly expanding industry, online commerce is booming. Since Nepal is still developing, a number of IT businesses have already been founded there, and their rate of expansion is exponential over time. 

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Information technology services are offered by a number of companies in Nepal. However, the majority of Nepal’s IT businesses are developing their goods abroad. In this article, we will take a look at the top IT firms in Nepal that can provide job opportunities for aspiring IT professionals.

1. Fusemachines 

Fusemachines Inc., which has more than 240 employees worldwide, is one of the biggest companies in Nepal. On-site and online Artificial Intelligence education programs are offered by this company to businesses and students. They also offer AI talent and strategic consulting to their clients in order to produce AI products and solutions. A business that specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Fusemachines Nepal, founded the Fuse AI center there first.

The company has committed to using this program to create a variety of products and services by combining the skills of data science, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing. With the establishment of the AI hub, it is expected that the development of AI in Nepal would advance.

One of the well-known international IT firms in Nepal is Fusemachines. They employ more than 240 people worldwide, including more than 200 engineers and 10 PhDs. The objective they are undertaking is called “Democratize AI.” Its goal is to open up AI to all people. 10,000+ of the more than 20,000 students involved in Democratize AI have received scholarships. For their social significance, they are currently working in 25 high schools and more than 10 institutions. In total, they have also registered more than 40 patents.

AI solutions, IOS application development, Web development, Artificial Intelligence training programs, and IOS application development are the top services provided by Fusemachines.

2. Artificial Info Tech Pvt Ltd

Since 2010, Artificial Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has been striving to provide the greatest IT field customer service with the top team members. To advance IT innovation for a better world is their goal. Young and spirited business people from a variety of backgrounds, including IT, banking, and CA, make up the Artificial Info teams in Nepal and make sure to deliver the best customer services and relationship expertise to their clients. 

The company believes that customer happiness is a key factor in a customer’s business success and always works to increase its customers’ businesses by providing the greatest customer service and high-quality products. Artificial Info seeks a long-term business partnership as a result. Some of the major services offered by Artificial Infotech are Software Development, Web Development, Domain Registration, Hosting, and Website design.

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3. Asterdio

The most demanding enterprises partner with Asterdio as their technology and design provider. With more than 30 experts on staff and more than 5 years of expertise, the business provides a full spectrum of custom software development solutions, including web and mobile development, DevOps services, product design, quality assurance, and branding and identity design.

Asterdio has expertise in developing custom software for startups, enterprises, the public, and government companies. They also are specialized in marketplaces, PropTech, fintech, EdTech, GIS, marketing automation, and employee benefit systems.

4. SoftNEP

The independent, cutting-edge software development company SoftNEP has an abundance of prowess in developing digital goods and the systems that support them. This business is specialized in creating web applications. Mobile app development for Android and iOS is another service offered by SoftNEP. 

Software development firm SoftNEP has a wealth of expertise in producing online services.  They have been offering comprehensive production services for over 16 years, from inspiration to design and marketing. Through strategic development, product positioning targeted marketing, and a user experience that is well thought out, SoftNep helps businesses improve their product offering. 

5. Elscript Technology 

Elscript Technology is a software development, data-driven digital marketing, and IT support company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Elscript provides a wide range of all-inclusive marketing services to aid in the growth of businesses, from design to development to writing to implementation. It emphasizes social media management, SEO, software development, the creation of mobile applications, and the creation of graphics and written material.

Elscript specializes in brand research and has created digital marketing plans that are unique to each brand they work with and their specific goals. In order to deliver unmatched creative solutions whether it comes to software development or other digital services, Elscript typically spends the time to get to know its clients.

Elscript Technology is committed to helping the company make the most of its brand value and marketing potential. They make sure that the client’s internet presence is felt by everyone by utilizing tried-and-true marketing strategies. The experts at Elscript Technology are passionate about what they do. They have built a strong reputation because of the dedication, expertise, and promptness of their qualified employees.

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6. GrowByData

Leaders in SaaS development and Big Data analytics who have been utilizing the power of international operations for decades formed GrowByData. They support early- to growth-stage businesses in their use of data to enhance profitability, delight clients, and boost sales. A new class of businesses will have the potential to emerge as leaders thanks to the data revolution, just as the computing revolution allowed new businesses to become global powerhouses like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

7. LogPoint

The ability of the customer to safely create, run, and transform their enterprises is being accelerated by LogPoint. The business offers solutions for problems with information technology security. Modern LogPoint SIEM with UEBA offers sophisticated analytics and automation powered by Artificial Intelligence, empowering their customers to successfully create, run, and transform their organizations in a secure way. The company offers cyber security services and software development as well.

8. CloudFactory

The cloud factory is a different Nepalese IT business that provides services for data processing and machine learning. Over 170 customers rely on Cloudfactory for their data project needs. An international IT business called Cloud Factory has more than 100 employees in Nepal. This business focuses on creating software and Artificial Intelligence projects.

There are Cloud Factory locations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Nepal, and Kenya. With a sizable number of knowledgeable team members, the cloud factory has been running in Nepal since 2010. This business focuses exclusively on the Ruby on Rails framework. Bhanimandala market in Patan, Tripureshwor marg, and Bhaisepati in Lalitpur are three sites where Cloud Factory has outposts in addition to Kathmandu.

For those with some experience using computers, Cloud Factory also offers data entry jobs. Visit the cloud factory in any of its satellite locations for more details; the main location is in Bhaisepati, Lalitpur.

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9. YCO – A Yomari Company

One of the major IT businesses in Nepal is Yomari. Yomari Company, a privately held company founded in 1997, has been providing cutting-edge technology consulting services in information management systems to local, national, and international businesses. It focuses its services on helping small and large enterprises manage the information and data that belong to their organizations through solutions built on data warehouses and portals. Complex web-based information systems are Yomari’s core area of expertise in terms of design, development, and implementation. 

10. Cotiviti Nepal Pvt Ltd

Verscend Technologies, an American software company, also known as Cotiviti Nepal, is one of the leading IT companies in the country. This company focuses on IT services for the medical sector. Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd., a renowned US software company, was established in Nepal in 2004. A 300-person team of professionals is working on developing, testing, and maintaining a wide range of cutting-edge healthcare informatics solutions.

They organize and analyze a lot of data to assist clients in making decisions. They are one of eight centers for Cotiviti Inc., a company that consistently rates among the top suppliers of healthcare informatics services and has locations in seven other American cities in addition to their own. The work of Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd. in software development, sanitary solutions, web development, and other areas are highly known in Nepal.

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11. Facebook (Meta)

The Facebook corporation is now known as Meta. Meta creates technology to encourage communication, neighborhood discovery, and company expansion. When Facebook first debuted in 2004, it completely changed the way people connect. Applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger have given billions of people worldwide more power.

In order to influence the development of the upcoming social technology evolution, Meta is now renouncing 2D screens in favor of immersive experiences like augmented and virtual reality. According to Glassdoor, it has consistently been one of the best places to work for many years.

12. WebTech 

Among the best web design and development companies in Nepal is Webtech Nepal. Webtech Nepal provides complete web solutions, including web design, responsive web design, website development, E-commerce Website development, custom web design, search engine optimization, domain registration, WordPress web development, web hosting, social media marketing, and pay-per-click. 

They have highly qualified and skilled website designers who build creative designs with their knowledge and vast experience in web design. Webtech Nepal is located in Kathmandu and has the chance to work with the best specialists without compromising the quality of borders.

13. Mercantile

As a cutting-edge Internet service provider (ISP) in Nepal, Mercantile is at the forefront of the Internet’s evolution. Mercantile invented the idea of offering Internet service in Nepal at a time when the Internet was only beginning to gain popularity in the United States of America. As a result of enabling consumers and small businesses to utilise the Internet as a tool to make their lives and enterprises more productive, Mercantile has in reality emerged as the first company to lead the nation in adopting new and relevant information technology. A faster, simpler, and smarter Internet experience is created by Mercantile through the continuous development of a new and creative portfolio of services.

Mercantile Communication, which launched Internet communication when it was created in 1994, has become Nepal’s top bandwidth supplier for other ISPs. Additionally, it has expanded to offer a wide array of top-notch value-added services for the Internet, including the creation of Internet and intranet applications and the creation, hosting, and development of content. Internet connection, basic and upgraded hosting services, Web design, intranet software, and, most excitingly for small businesses, E-Commerce capabilities have all been bundled together by Mercantile to satisfy the immediate demands of an organization in the information technology space.

14. Incessant Rain Animation Studios

With a talented staff of artists and engineers, IRAS offers a one-stop creative solution. It was established in January 2008 and now employs a dedicated and innovative staff to create world-class animation and visual effects for movies, television, video games, and other media. It has a production facility in Kathmandu, Nepal, where it blends the enthusiasm and passion of its staff with the demands of its clients to develop a cooperative and creative approach that satisfies each project’s budget and deadline requirements.

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15. F1Soft International Pvt Ltd

Over 90% of the banks and financial institutions in Nepal use the services of F1Soft Nepal, the top fintech company in the nation. More than 200 individuals work for this 2004-founded business. Since 2004, F1Soft has provided IT support and software development services. This business primarily focuses on the creation of digital platforms for banking transactions, including mobile banking apps, Internet banking, tab banking, card management systems, and other digital systems.

With more than 16 years of operating experience throughout several iterations, they are a diversified holding company for Digital Financial Services (DFS). The popular services of F1Soft include Software development, Banking system, Web development, and Digital wallet.

16. Softbenz Infosys

Since 2018, Softbenz Infosys Pvt. Ltd., a revenue-driven IT project firm based in Shankhamul, Kathmandu, has distinguished itself as the Best IT Company in Nepal.

Thye offers a wide range of IT services in Nepal at competitive prices with a dedication to ongoing support, including website development, content writing, mobile app development, UI/UX design, social media marketing, graphics design, and website redesign. With experienced web designers and developers, Softbenz is a full-service web design and development firm in Nepal. Their SEO and Social Media Marketing Division in Nepal can aid in the online expansion of client organizations.

17. Omnicom Media Group 

Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Omnicom Media Group Nepal is a software development and outsourcing business. Web development, software development, on-page SEO strategies, and off-page SEO tactics are just a few of the many services offered by Agile IT Solutions.

18. Infinite IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

IISN, a leading provider of software development services, represents a team of skillful associates, who rely on building scalable and smart solutions to satisfy the client’s need for an exceptional product. Being specialized in every vertical of industries, their world-class software solutions range from developing highly intriguing web & mobile apps to integrating technologies like software applications, mobile apps, E-Commerce, UI/UX Design, PWA, Blockchain, cloud-based services, and more. As a trusted business associate, the company has created a variety of outstanding software programs.

The company develop, design, and deliver that will delight customers and provide end-to-end software and mobile application development services.

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19. ShotCoder Tech

Founded in 2019, ShotCoder is a privately held provider of IT services and support. The company has a strong team of IT engineers who are determined to solve business IT issues while also taking care of the company’s demands. A well-known IT company in Nepal is called ShotCoder Tech.

20. Verisk

Verisk Nepal is a subsidiary of IOS, a company that performs risk analysis, and is situated in Hattisar, Kathmandu. IOS provides IT assistance and risk analysis software. The business has also been looking after a foreign client in Nepal since 2009 who focuses on software projects and business operations. For customers, this company develops, tests, and supports apps.

They have a committed group of IT and software specialists who offer technical support to Verisk’s businesses. Verisk Nepal assists its internal clients in concentrating on their business solutions while concentrating on technology. A Verisk Analytics company called ISO, Verisk Nepal is a fully-owned subsidiary of ISO.

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21. Braindigit IT Solutions

One of the key players in the international market for business, application development, enterprise content management, mobile app development, and collaborative eCommerce solutions is BRAINDIGIT. For all of their client’s IT requirements, BRAINDIGIT IT Solution offers some of the top services available globally. They help customize businesses to be unique and also the best thanks to in-depth analytical study and the brightest minds striving to provide answers.

22. GENESE Solutions

A division of the international business Genese Solutions with headquarters in the UK is Genese Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A cloud consulting firm and cloud service provider, that seek to facilitate quick digital transformation. Through a foreign direct investment from the parent firm in the UK, the company started operating in Nepal in 2019. Since its founding, they have served more than 250 clients in Eurasia and more than 500 clients in Nepal.

In order to build a top-notch, future-focused ecosystem in the ICT sector across many worldwide locations, their aim is to develop, deliver, and innovate. Genese Solutions helps businesses and startups in Europe and Asia efficiently and affordably use their ICT capabilities to better deliver their own products and services by providing end-to-end product and service engineering and digital transformation solutions. This is done in close coordination with their internationally certified engineers, domain experts, and solution architects.

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23. Microsoft

On April 4, 1975, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen established Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is a sizable global organization that develops, produces, licenses maintains, and distributes consumer items, personal computers, and software. It also provides IT services.

Some of its most well-known software products are Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, and Edge browsers. Microsoft also makes a variety of operating systems under the Windows brand.

24. Leapfrog Technologies Inc.

Since 2010, leapfrog Tech Nepal has collaborated with clients to design and create software that users adore. Another well-known firm from Nepal that works in artificial intelligence and healthcare is called Leapfrog Technology Inc. In 2010, this business was established. With the use of an AI solution, Leapfrog Technology Inc. helps businesses expand. 

Leapfrog Technology is a reputable software development business with the goal to produce software of the highest caliber and positioning itself as a leader in Nepal. In the course of their ten-year journey, they have been able to produce 250+ specialists, 200+ completed projects, and 100+ delighted clients. The CEO of leapfrog at the moment is Chris Sprague. 

Their services include; Machine learning, Mobile application development, Medical device, Natural language processing, AI solutions, and Data Engineering.

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25. Gurzu

Gurzu is a software development business that offers excellent products to customers all around the world. The business strives to give customers a competitive edge by offering outstanding pricing, high-quality software products, and quick and effective delivery cycles.

They are a team of 100+ engineers based in Nepal and the US who are passionate about building innovative software solutions. Gurzu believes in software craftsmanship to develop scalable products that solve real-world business problems.

26. Robert Bosh

A well-known global supplier of technology and services is The Bosch Group. It employs over 403,000 colleagues throughout the world. Its four business segments are Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, Energy and Building Technology, and Mobility Solutions. Bosch offers state-of-the-art IoT solutions for connected manufacturing, connected transportation, smart cities, and smart homes.

Bosch is a market leader in this space. It makes use of its experience in sensor technology, software, and services as well as its own IoT cloud in order to offer integrated, cross-domain solutions to its clients from a single source. The Bosch Group’s strategic objective is to offer technologies for a connected life. Bosch develops cutting-edge, enthusiastic goods and services that improve people’s quality of life all over the world. 

27. Worklink Communications

One of the top IT firms, WorldLink is Nepal’s biggest Internet and network service provider. Dileep Agrawal, the company’s current president, and CEO founded it in September 1995 with the intention of offering IT and internet services. In the US, WorldLink started offering store-and-forward email services through a dial-up Internet connection in March 1997. They take pride in the caliber of their work and can provide tailored, expert solutions for their clients.

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How much is the software engineer’s salary in Nepal?

Leading enterprises from all over the world are actively looking for IT experts who can make a difference. IT occupations, therefore, have a decent future. IT graduates can find employment in a variety of sectors, including the software industry, financial institutions, the health sector, and corporate groups. 

As per Payscale.com, a software engineer in Nepal receives an average salary of 579,029 NPR!

  • An entry-level software engineer in Nepal with less than one year of experience can earn NPR 489,796.
  • An early career software engineer (1 to 4 years of experience) gets an average sum of 582,922 NPR.
  • A mid-level software engineer in Nepal with 5 to 9 years of experience can get an average salary of 1,320,000 NPR.

According to salaryexplorer.com, a software engineer’s salary in Nepal is 911,000 NPR a year with a monthly pay of 75,900 NPR!

Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, is not just the country’s only major metropolis but also the city with the best transportation infrastructure. In the metropolis, the IT revolution is highly anticipated. 

As per levels.fyi, the average salary for a software engineer in Kathmandu is USD 19,956 a year, which is 2,644,996 NPR in Kathmandu.

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There is a big market need in this day and age for IT specialists. Additionally, in order to succeed in the constantly evolving field of information technology and communication (ICT), one must possess sophisticated knowledge of networks as well as nuanced and all-encompassing skills in computer technology, telecommunications, and multimedia. Because these fields are closely related to one another and have advanced in knowledge, the modern world has seen the IT revolution.

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