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What Are The Top IT Companies In Pakistan?

Pakistan is an Islamic country that has advanced its branches in the tech sector which has impacted the entire country. Pakistan has developed itself in terms of technology which became the destination to find better tech talent. The evolvement of science and technology has shaped the country’s reputation by expanding in many sectors including health, education, business, sports etc. The country has already aimed its vision for 2030 to grow faster in economic well-being and support the startup tech to transform its digitalization. 

In coming years, the use of technology will emerge rapidly which will bring consultants and experts together to lead the market status. The need for engineers will expand and technology will immensely grow itself for the welfare of society. Pakistan has ranked 99th in the Global Innovation Index which is the biggest reason for its growth. The universities in Pakistan is well developed to bring new talent which serves the country with ideas and vision that bring a new change.

Pakistan has seen enormous growth in the technology Industry which has glorified itself in various fields including digitalization, networking, human capital development etc. The rise of technology has enabled faster networking which has enhanced the IT industry. Pakistan is booming in terms of technological innovation and increasing software developers to initiate large business services. 

History of Pakistan:

Pakistan found its Independence on 14th August 1947 against British rule. Pakistan is popularly called a multi-ethnic country which is culturally associated with neighbouring countries like Iran, Afghanistan and India. The country’s capital is Islamabad which lies in the foothills of the Himalayas and Karachi that considered to be the largest city in the country. Pakistan was formed after getting partitioned from British India in demand of the Islam population under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. 

The national language of Pakistan is Urdu and the educational language continues to be English for all other purposes. The literary rate of Pakistan was 47% in the year 1998 which took a massive gear afterwards with the country’s development. Pakistan is the combination of another region that includes P- Punjab, A- Afghanistan, K- Kashmir, S- Sindh and TAN- Balochistan. The Indus valley civilization ruled from 1500 BCE and the land later change to Pakistan, invaded enormous empires and formed Persian and Greek civilians to establish Islam in the country. 

 Pakistan took time to develop itself politically and culturally which later increased its market value and political standard. The country is well known as a weapon state and has the largest armed forces which contribute to defence. Pakistan produces the world’s second-largest salt mines and has the largest irrigation system. Pakistan is full of wonderous sights which encompass Badshahi Mosque, Shah Faisal Masjid, Lahore Fort and Mazar-e-Quaid. It has breath-taking mountain peaks which will excite you for trekking and mountaineering. 

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Know Everything About The Economic Stature Of Pakistan:

Pakistan has reduced its poverty rate and has shown instant development in its economy. Although the development of the economic rate is slow yet with the progress of exporting goods and textiles has increased its GDP to around US$1.512 trillion with per capita of US$6,663. Pakistan has an economic diversity in Karachi and Punjab which is the major mode of countries’ growth. Previously Pakistan suffered economic turmoil because of the Pandemic hit but later it recompensate with the growing business market and development of technology.

Pakistan reconstructs its economy after performing experiments on digitalization and transportation. The country depends on agriculture and industrialization for its economic growth. In recent years, the country has shown steady growth in the financial sector which expands IT services and manufacturing. The country gets its economic encouragement from marketing, supporting industries, textile and cotton production etc.

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How is the IT Sector In Pakistan?

With the flourishment of digitalization, Pakistan has embraced the transformation of Tech services which affects social life positively. The fastest-growing IT service has increased its value in the market which provides an opportunity to prosper business and maintain well-employment. The youth of Pakistan comes with innovative ideas that change the outlook of the country and help accelerate the IT unit.

The Top IT Companies List in Pakistan goes here:

1. System Limited:

System Limited is known to be the Top IT Company in Pakistan. It is the first IT company in Pakistan that provides the best service which fulfils the needs of digital technology. It targets to meet the aims of the company which leads to wide innovation and ties up with other Industries which helps it to grow its enterprises and sustain development. It has achieved numerous awards and was featured in Forbes under the best innovative Industry. 

2. NETSOL Technologies:

NETSOL Technologies is a leading IT industry that enables products and services of the automobile, marketing business, and equipment which ease. It was founded in the year 1996 by Salim Ghauri and consists of 2000+ employees with various office locations all over the world. NETSOL Technologies received an excellence award for highest exportation for the year 2004. One can gear up his/her career with NETSOL Technologies for innovative change. 

3. United Sol:

United Sol is an award-winning Top IT Company in Pakistan. Which considered being an eCommerce development. It was founded in the year 2005 and since then it has provided multiple projects which improved the IT Sector. It has developed itself in terms of web applications and designs as well. The office is located in Islamabad with 500+ employees, the company also has a partnership with brands like Hyundai, Wallan, Gulf Central etc. 

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4. Arpatech:

Arpatech is a leading IT Company in Pakistan and is an ISO Certified Industry which began its journey in the year 2003. The office has locations in Karachi and Islamabad and also shares offshore offices location in USA, UAE and UK. Arpatech serves various IT services that include web development, application development, digital marketing, cloud computing and business intelligence etc. The company has achieved fame and supports from employees that gain high skills which leads the Industry market.

5. TRG Pakistan: 

TRG Pakistan is a resource group IT company that leads the Business process and tries to provide the best IT services. It was founded in the year 2002 by Zia Chisti and it continued with over 300+ employees which enhanced the value of the company. The headquarter of TRG Pakistan resides in Karachi and it is listed as one of the best IT company. The company has a solid portfolio that takes a 64.2% stake and has a revenue of 86% for TRG International. It gives the best career opportunities to fresher and leads them to a better future.

6. 10 Pearls:

One of the most developed IT companies in Pakistan that serve business products to accelerate the growth of the company. 10 Pearls ties up its connection to many sectors like healthcare, education, digital technology and transportation. The company has competence with UX and UI design, cyber security and data analysis etc. It has a wondrous Infrastructure and workspace that includes training session that enhances technical skills. 10 Pearls can be a right fit for better career growth that has grown immensely to provide tech solutions for Industry benefits.

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7. Ovex Technologies:

The company has the largest BPO office in Pakistan which is technically advanced and provides better solutions to business strategy. It was started in the year 2009 and offers IT outsourcing services to the company. In the year 2010, Ovex Technologies was declared the best BPO in Pakistan that was associated with software solutions. It has won many awards and took the Industry at a fast pace. The office is located in Islamabad with more than 700+ employees.

8. Cubix:

Cubix is another Top IT Company in Pakistan that offers services like mobile app development, web development, application development, gaming development and advanced blockchain technology development. It was started in the year 2008 and expanded its employee to over 200. Cubix has global customers which include clients from giant companies like Walmart, Suzuki, PayPal etc. Cubix can be your next career destination where you can flourish your skill and serve the company in a better way. 

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9. VentureDive:

VentureDive is famously known for its services which provide software development, web development, B2B, B2C etc. It was founded in the year 2012 and is the leading software company in Pakistan. The company provides more than 700+ projects successfully and has numerous skilled employees who try their best to meet the Industry’s aim. The company has flourished in delivery management that provides online products like food, pharmacy, grocery etc. Other companies such as Vital Pakistan and Digital Pakistan have chosen VentureDive for their online delivery needs.

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10. Folio3:

Folio3 is known for its web development services which mark it the best IT company in Pakistan. Folio3 has a partnership with fortune500 which makes it a recognisable company. The company has developed itself in terms of tech services which provide digital marketing, web application development, eCommerce etc. The company has its fame beyond the country and has offices in overseas areas like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. Folio3 considers being the best IT company that offers career opportunities that will expand your vision.

11. Phaedra Solutions:

Phaedra Solutions is the best IT company in Lahore, Pakistan that is known for its software development services. The company aims to deliver its services to competence and it believes to provide a reliable standard for software development. Phaedra Solutions was founded in the year 2013 and has evolved its wings in various services like mobile development, application development etc. The company understands the needs of customers and clients and provides them with skilled services.

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12. Zapata Technologies:

A well-known design company located in Pakistan that provides innovative software solutions to emerge the benefit of the company. Zapata Technologies is well-established and provides cutting-edge technologies to clients who ask for advanced software solutions. The company has a skilled team and reaches the industry aim to enable its growth. Zapata Technologies loves to create designs and cooperate with the business market. It provides services like Customer software development, web development, UX/UI development and Software Consulting services.

13. Akademos:

Akademos was originally founded in the year 2016 with the broad vision to expand the business organization in the Industry. The company provides the best business decision which fulfils the requirement of the company. Akademos does a plethora of work and provides services like Market research, HR Consultant, Business analytics etc. The products mainly focus on Consumer insights, UX Research, Market research etc. The company uses modern tools which help the industry grow.

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14. Developers Studio:

Developers studio was founded in the year 2020 and is a recently grown company in Lahore, Pakistan. The team size of the company consists of 50- 244. It aims for the innovation of technologies and provides critical analysis for the execution of the projects. One of the reputable companies with impressive profiles and job descriptions that grow the interest of the most employee to start their career with developers studio. The business environment of the company has turned into excellence which achieves Industry goals.

15. Mozzine Technologies PVT.LTD:

Mozzine Technologies started itself with a small business and later it expanded its service sector to largely grown infrastructure. Mozzine technologies have turned into a top tech company in Lahore, Pakistan which has enhanced its productivity with the help of digitalization. The company influences the digital transformation that improved the business outcomes. The mission aims to provide, sustainable, secure and user-friendly software solutions 

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What is the salary structure of Software Engineers Salary in Pakistan?

Technology has no barriers to providing the best services and the employees aim to perform hugely to impact the glorious IT industry. According to the Payscale report, the average salary for Software Engineers Salary in Pakistan is drawn up to PKR 2,599,709 per annum. With the development of advanced technology, employees have demanded salaries based on their workability. 

Freshers who are new to Tech Industry get a minimum salary of PKR 107,500/month based on their educational background and communication skills. 

The mid-senior salary of software engineers is up to PKR 72,500 to PKR 115,000 which is based on their performance and task deadlines.

According to the Indeed and Ambition report, the salary of an experienced software engineer goes up from PKR 50,200 to PKR 99,700 which is 75% of the earning rate as lately updated by the report in October 2022. The salary varies from the designation and roles that employees play in the company and accordingly salary is released.

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Technology is overtaking the space of society which enables easy and fast services. With the advancement of technology and unique opportunities, Pakistan has served its sector in many services which helped the country to improve in digital and educational ways. Pakistan has grown its culture and traditional values that aimed to witness advanced technology for the betterment of society. The year 2022, has seen massive growth in the IT industry and freelancing work has mostly shaped the reputation of the country. Pakistan targets to achieve global transformation in terms of technology enhancement and digitalization.

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