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Data Science Job Interviews

After all the hard work you put in to get yourself prepared for a Data Science career, you are going to look at Data Science job interview. Even if you are very confident in your skills, and maybe a good reference, it’s still a stressful experience. Data Science interview questions are more hands-on kinds of questions on a high level, ...

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Data Science Team Structure – Where Do I Fit?

Data Science Team Where Do I Fit

Over the last decade, there’s been a massive explosion of Data in many different kinds. The data generated by the organisation increased is so huge that it went beyond the capabilities of capturing and analysing at least a fraction of this data. In addition to this, we have relevant Data generated through various channels such as social media, comments, blogs ...

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Data Scientist – Where to Start?

Data Science - Where to Start?

It is beyond any doubt that a career in Data Science is very promising, also it’s only going to get better and brighter in the future. In an article from Harvard Business Review (HBR), Career as Data Scientist is quoted as “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”. What is Data Science? Data science is an analysis of data in ...

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