What Are The Top IT Companies In Saudi Arabia?

What Are The Top IT Companies In Saudi Arabia?
What Are The Top IT Companies In Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has advanced its roots in the technological field which contributes to the business and software services of the country. Cloud technology has taken up most space in the country to invest in companies like Google, Oracle, SAP, etc to maintain the cloud technological system. Riyadh, the capital of the country has advanced for digitalization that has prominent market values. Saudi Arabia focuses more on industrial growth and trade services to maintain the country’s economy. The IT sector has positioned itself well enough to provide the best technological solutions. The country focuses on digital transformation which upgrades the country’s reputation in digitalized sectors. 

Saudi Arabia recruits several employees for the tech sector which has opening positions for around 318,000 jobs. The market level of Saudi Arabia is leading to high growth because of technological advancements. The country invests in startup companies in the belief of tech harness and ultimate success. Saudi Arabia has an improved research background that makes meaningful contributions to business markets. The country is known for its formation of new digital industrialization that organizes society and welfare.

What is the History Of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia was ruled by the AL Saud Dynasty in the year 1727 which created Pre-Islamic Arabia which is formally known as Saudi Arabia now. The country possesses several cultures and traditions which identify their living. It is the second-largest Arab country in the world with the emergence of Islam united by the Prophet Muhammad. The civilization of Saudi Arabia traces to the earlier Arabian Peninsula which played important role in the trade market of the country. Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of the Islamic religion that follows monotheistic protocols. The country was established by king Abdulaziz AL-Saud in the year 1932 and brought a thriving transformation that turned entire Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia is called an early trade centre country that used to transport goods to the Nile valley and other important spices which enhanced the productivity of the place. The imports were done by huge caravans to cities like Oman, Makkah, Madinah, etc. The goods of Saudi Arabia were in demand which made it a powerful country. The Islamic empire broadens its area as pilgrims start to visit Makkah and Madinah by creating diverse visitors on daily basis. The cultural development started with language learning which contributed to the development of the country. During the learning period of the Arabic language, the country was called the Golden Age which evolved Muslim scholars, philosophers, artists, and astronomers. The learning and ideas impacted the country and that emerged the modern science by the disciples. 

The country got famous for two holy mosques, Makka and Madinah which is the holiest place for Muslims. Saudi Arabia shares three water bodies namely the Persian gulf, the red sea, and the Gulf of Aqaba, etc, and shares its borders with Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, and Oman. The country is famous for its Arabian horses, palaces, and large deserts. The country’s population is around 34.5 million people dominated by Muslims. It’s also famous for its oil production which majorly contributes to the country’s economy.

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What Is The Economic Stature of Saudi Arabia?

The economic status of the country comes in the 18th position over the world. The currency of Saudi Arabia is Saudi Riyal(SAR), The economic value of the country is estimated at around US$34,40 trillion which is because of petroleum and natural gas. 

Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of oil in the world which adds to the country’s revenue. The country is now focusing on sustainable development by dumping the idea of fossil fuels which will outlook the role of climate change. The IT sector covers more of the economic factor of the country and develops digitalization to adapt the digital change. 

The pilgrims to Makkah and Madinah also contribute to economic development along with education and hospitality. The economy of the country is strong because of the long-term maintenance of prosperity. According to the UN definition, Saudi Arabia is economically well strengthened and supplying the exportation of oil services to other countries which is effective for the country’s wealth. Even after the pandemic effect, the country recovered quickly and balanced the economy through business prospects and the production of Oil managed wisely.

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Everything You Need To Know About IT Sector In Saudi Arabia?

The IT sector has accelerated its market growth to 7.76% CAGR which includes telecommunication, oil, and software services. During the pandemic time, NTP(National Transformation Program)  was launched which helped the IT sector to grow rapidly. It covers economic development through service transformation and solely depends on petroleum production. 

Saudi Arabia improved digital technology and attracted the online service that raised the scope of online technology which boosts the market and commercial progress. The country will soon witness IT achievements in terms of core enhancement and enable IT services to perform digitally.

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What Are The Top IT Companies In Saudi Arabia?

Here goes the list of Top IT Companies that have technically enhanced themselves and digitally improved:

1. IT Matrix:

IT Matrix is one of the Top IT Companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which was founded in the year 1985. The company aims to provide IT security services to financial institutions when it comes to cyber threats. The company leads cyber security management that provides services solutions like situational awareness, monitoring of cyber threats, etc. IT Matrix supports cutting-edge technology that provides data protection and networks etc. The company looks for an expert employee who will contribute to real growth.

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2. Acuative:

Acuative is an IT service company that focuses on data networking, it was initially established in the year 1984. The company thinks about the long-term needs which help the client to understand and improve IT services. The company headquarters resides in New Jersey and England. The three major services provided by Acuative are Infrastructure management services, Global field services, and Engineering consulting services. The company aims to gain excellence by setting unique values that will inspire the entire organization.

3. Futureware:

International IT companies are more ahead and advanced compares to other IT companies that believe in broad thinking, accepting new challenges, and progressing on daily basis. Futureware provides services on web management and application, business automation, agricultural consultation, etc. The company provides functionality in aspects of technology and business which commits to long-term market value. The company seeks young talent to perform professionally and contribute to the industry’s growth.

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4. High Tech LLC:

High Tech LLC is leading prominent engineers to specialize in several technical services that will meet the demands of clients. The company provides services like cladding and fabrication, electron galvanizing, Turning work, manufacturing ideas, etc. The company emphasized mental and steelwork that projects mechanical parts and includes the company’s construction work. The company undergoes projects like construction work that includes malls, hotels, resorts, etc. 

5. Saudi Business Machine:

Saudi Business Machine was founded in the year 1981 and is a leading IT company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company is the general marketing that represents the IBM trade corporation that offers innovative tech solutions. The head office of Saudi Business Machines is located in JeddahAL-Khobar, and Jubail. The company provides integrated technology solutions along with professional services that maintain the company’s growth. The company aims to find talent that is eager to understand the company’s value and contribute to its growth.

6. Sigma IT: 

Sigma IT evolved with time to make it into the Top IT company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was founded in the year 2006 with a dream to make it a driven technological platform. With years of experience, it emerged with its best service including IT training services, Consultant services, Scope based training, etc. The company varies its client from large industrial sectors like Telecom, Information technology, Government bodies, etc. It has a global reach that expands its economic growth and has partnered with giant companies like CISCO, IBM, Oracle, etc.

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7. Saudi Information Technology Co Ltd:

Saudi Information Technology was founded in the year 1990 and its headquarters resides in North Korea, Pakistan, the USA, the UK, etc. The company is best known for its integrated technology solutions and consultancy services. The vision of the company is to deliver high-quality informed services to its clients who are partnered with giant companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, CISCO, etc that bring growth and success to the industry. The expertise area lies in the surveillance department and airport collaborative decision making etc. The one who wishes to work in Saudi Information Technology should immensely meet the company’s vision.

8. Technology Leaders:

Technology leaders are the top IT company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company was established in the year 2004 and is known for providing the best IT services. The company emphasized designs, deployment, and other technology to meet the company’s needs and add value to the demands of clients. The company aims to contribute valuable IT services to excel in consultant requirement that provides end-to-end services. The main services offered by Technology Leaders are- Outsourcing IT solutions, Audiovisual services, printing services, etc.

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DICEUS is known for its software development which was founded in the year 2011 and had already accomplished several projects for clients which help in a rapid way to grow the company standard. More than 100 projects were accomplished and were contributed to clients who were in different sectors like finance, fintech, insurance, healthcare, etc. The size of the team consists of 50 to 249 and has expert IT employees who help the customers grow their efficient business and revenue. The company provides top services like Software architecture, UI design, Machine learning, Web development, Mobile app development, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

10. Excellent WebWorld:

Excellent WebWorld is the Top IT Company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and it was founded in year 2010 with a breakthrough tech solution that impresses the client and enhances the company’s reputation. The company put a value on IT services like web development and app development that improves the digital world and the growth of business takes place. Excellent WebWorld aims to reach amazing IT solutions and enhance globally to provide digital transformation to the company.

11. Vardot:

Vardot is a digital transformation IT company that is formed through cutting-edge technology and focuses on designing technology solutions that achieve the aim of the company. The company was founded in the year 2012 with a mission to be transformed the tech-running world which fulfilled its goal and emerged with time. The company services are trusted by various other big companies like Vodafone, Orange, Government bodies, etc. The team size of the company consists of 50 to 249, who invest in innovations and ideas to meet the industry aim.

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12. Asgatech:

It is the leading software company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the company was established in the year 2003 with the belief of providing the best IT solution to the organization. Asgatech works on multiple projects that enhance the operational services and runs the business to meet the market value. The digitally transformed company put impacts the employee vision which helps them go with the flow of paced technology. The company specializes in sectors like Graphic design, web development, E-commerce development, Software development etc.

13. Maze Solutions:

A digital marketing company is rising high all over the world to provide a better life and business opportunities. Maze Solution was initially founded in the year 2006 and transformed the entire organization with its fast-forward services that include website creation, mobile application development, digital marketing etc. The employees are the lead expert who provides valuable insights to execute high digital solutions. The main focus of the company relies on logo design, content creation, content marketing etc.

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14. UpGro Digital:

UpGro Digital is known to be a famous IT company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that is providing full services like web design and development. It was founded in the year 2010 with a team size of 50 to 249. The company provides online services which demand the growth of business according to client engagements. UpGro Digital creates websites, advertising, and other interesting digital marketing services which develop the company’s trust. The speciality services that the company provides are SEO, Web development, Content Marketing, etc.

15. WCM Agency:

WCM Agency turns businesses into brands which is an innovative transformation to grow the company’s value. Whoever is thinking to develop themselves in the business sector can start their career which overall helps them understand the value of the business market that transforms into new brands. The company started in the year 2012 and provides services like Logo design, SEO, Web designing, etc. The company looks for suitable candidates who will be the right fit for the job and provide innovation and growth to the company. 

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What Is The Salary Of a Software Engineer In Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia, a technology-driven country is known for diverse transformation and massive digitalization which has put the country on the leading list. If we learn about the salary structure of employees who work in Saudi Arabia as Software Engineer varies from the position they hold.   

According to the Glassdoor report, The average salary of a Software Engineer in AL Khobar is around SAR 10,196 per month. The employee of Saudi Arabia gets additional payment as compensation which is around SAR 21,740.

According to the PayScale report, the average salary released for a software engineer in AL Jubail is around SAR 26,557 to SAR 244,920 on yearly basis. The senior and experienced engineer’s salaries in Jeddah, Medina and Riyadh are comparatively more than the average salary which SAR 30,550 that depends on the position they hold and the work they possess. 

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The IT companies in Saudi Arabia have digitally and technologically progressed and tries to maintain authentication which improves naturally. With powerful vision and ideas, the IT sector has immense potential and services that resolve day-to-day problems with technical solutions. The IT sector is thriving in all areas that include healthcare, education, banking, etc. Rapid improvement has been efficiently shown because of developed technical services. In the coming year, the IT sector will significantly advance new more technologies which will lead to enormous change,

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