What are the Top IT Companies in Italy?

What are the Top IT Companies in Italy?
What are the Top IT Companies in Italy?

Technology has been the hallmark of Italy for a long time. The use of robotics is specified in Italy and heavily works on research and development. Italy is revolutionizing the industrial sector and contributing a lot to make the future digital. Companies in Italy are making their way to adopt fully, digital services provided by new tech innovations. With the acknowledgement of digital culture, there can be a steady future that will fulfil all the needs. Digitalization has given strength to prosper new inventions and include industrial production at faster rates.

Manufacturing companies invest more in technological research and services that flow into the country’s economy. The advancement in manufacturing companies are leaping great transformation in Italy. The country is famous for trade marketing and extends its economy 10x faster. The future of Italy is based on company collaborations that will merge technology and benefit the strategic plan for the IT firms. 

Know everything about the history of Italy

Italy was home to Roman people and shares the rich history of Rome which was founded as a kingdom in 753 BC. Rome became a republic in the year 509 BC and the rise of the roman republic took place. With the rise of Rome, domination of Western Europe and Northern Africa took place, and contributions to art, science, and philosophy became prominent. After the assassination of Julius Ceaser, the Roman Republic fell drastically which gave birth to famous personalities such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei, and Napoleon Bonaparte, etc. 

The Italian Renaissance brought humanism, art, and science that introduced modern art and renewed the world. The new kingdom of Italy came into being in th year 1861 which gave rise to the colonial empire. This period paves the way for a modernized and prosperous Italy. With the rise of Italy, new culture evolved and literature blossomed which made a significant influence on the country. The art and architecture contributed a famous painting to Italy that got world recognition. The popular painting “Mona Lisa” portrayed by Leonardo Da Vinci famed the country and it became the center of attraction for many people.

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What is the economic stature of Italy?

The economy of Italy has developed its market way before and stands as 3rd largest economy in the list of the European Union. The GDP of the country makes up to USD 35.331 per capita. The Euro country is economically stable and the contribution goes to art galleries, art museums, educational institutions, the banking sector, industrial firms, etc. The economic standard gets maintained in Italy through tourism, export-import, trading, etc. The industrial and business processes put more development in the country’s economy and enlarged its productivity.

The economic strength of the country lies in the manufacturing industries and the banking sector has improved significantly giving more quality assets. Italy achieves its economic growth from various grounds that include automobiles, home appliances, and clothing. The major corporate sector is highly in demand and provides strong services which share economic stability to the country in large amounts. The significant trade services make the country above average in economy and power.

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How is the IT sector in Italy?

The level of the IT sector in Italy has grown tremendously and changed the lifestyle of society. The increase in IT firms has placed the country in 3rd position and rapid development was seen, that has expanded the economic value according to Ispionline.it report. The IT sector provides many opportunities for beginners who want to start their careers in those fields they are interested in. The employment rates are high in Italy and people can easily work in their expertise area with proper training and guidance. The IT sector in Italy provides various services from sectors like banking, finance, retail, life science, etc. 

The main focus of the IT industry is to find innovations that will implement projects, IT infrastructure, machine learning-based services, etc. The IT team in Italy is dedicated and aims to reach the business targets. Italy also emphasizes digital space that handles technological services. Time has shown remarkable transformation in digitalization which improved digital services. The Italian market contributes a lot to the industrial firms to enhance its growth.  

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List of Top IT Companies in Italy

1. NTT Data:

NTT Data is the leading IT company in Italy and provides the best projects to clients that help the industry accelerate its business values. The company aims to learn and expand its region into several sectors and commit to long-term success which brings benefits to the company. It is one of the trusted companies in Italy which help clients get the best of IT modern services, business services, industries services, etc. The vision is to develop new technology and solve social problems.

2. ICOA:

Italy has  some of the best IT companies out there and ICOA is one of them. It offers many services like software development, management consulting, digital marketing, etc. It presents the company with high-value and implements successful projects to the client which reach companies goal. The company focuses on the business market and transform digitalization for the benefit of the industry. ICOA highly believes in providing its best performance to the clients so it chooses the most deserving employees to work for the company. 

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3. Altar:

Altar is a top IT company in Italy and was established in the year 2012. The company has won many awards for its innovative services. The company aims to provide the best tech services in web designing, web development, software development, UX/UI design, etc. As the competition rates are high, the company does a strategic plan and does the smart work to reach its goal which improves the revenue of the company. The Altar is the best company to start a career to flourish in the software industry.

4. Zealous System:

Zealous system is a leading and trusted IT company in Italy that provides software and web applications services. The company believes in teamwork and growing all together. The tagline of the Zealous System is “You grow, we grow” which is an inspiring idea to move towards success. The employee learns about coding and embraces the change in software methodologies which helps in implementing a project. The company deals with clients who are from various sectors/expertise like Swift, Java, Ionic, Flutter, etc.

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5. Infinite Open-Source Solutions:

Infinite open-source solutions is a top IT company in Italy. It is high-on-experience and fashionable IT company that provides services like web development and mobile application development. The best technological solution is provided by the company to grow the industry and it is led by great programmers who enhance the work and bring positive outcomes to the benefit of the company. 

6. DEK Technologies:

DEK Technologies is a leading IT company in Italy that provide software and hardware solution. The innovative ideas of the company help in improving the infrastructure and making it more solid. The company aims to meet the deadline and reach high market values. The company does software installation work and superior tech solutions. It was initially started in the year 2008 with wide expertise and lead developers at the desk.

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7. Tech Gap Italia:

Tech Gap Italia is a leading IT company in Italy that is technically advanced and provides cutting-edge technology solutions to the clients. Tech Gap Italia holds 15 years of experience and has a strong foundation for internationalism. The experts of the company guide fellow employees to seek the path of digital transformation. The perspective of the company is to work as a team and manifest technical values. The company has skilled trainers and developers who perform well in their niches.

8. Syrus Industry:

Syrus Industry is a leading company in Rome, Italy and it has 21 years of experience which provide leading IT services like software development, web mobile development, online marketing, relationship management, etc. It was founded in the year 2005 with a team size of 10-50 members. The company depends fully on projects which develop website management. Syrus Industry aims to form new technologies such as social media marketing and e-Commerce to facilitate the growth in the company. 

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9. B-open Solutions:

B-open Solution is a popular IT company in Italy. The company relies mostly on web application development to grow the industry’s revenue and improve business values. The services provided by B-open Solutions also include environmental monitoring, GIS, the python operating system, etc. The experts of the company observe scientific computing to design environmental reports. The company serves environmental-based software solutions which will grow the industry as well as the employee skills.

10. Skill Bill:

Skill Bill is the top IT company in Italy that offers special IT services like software development, software methodologies, IT framework, web application development etc. The company provides high performance and ensures business products. The mission of Skill Bill is to use the best technology and produce effective results. The expert team who work for Skill Bill is highly passionate and determined. The vision of the company is to develop the skills of people by making them handle projects efficiently. 

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11. TXT e-Solutions:

TXT e-Solutions is a leading company in Italy and it was founded in the year 1989. The service offered by TXT e- Solutions is chain management, manufacturing operations, and functions. The company headquarters resides in Milan and it’s famous among Italian technology companies for providing a successful business values of over 35 million. The company stands with a rating of 4.4 according to a Glassdoor report and has over 90+ positive reviews from the employees. 

12. Zucchetti:

Zucchetti is an important IT company in Italy that offers software solutions to improve lifestyle. In the digital space, Zucchetti tries to enhance the digital era by exploring more digital technology. It provides tech solutions for hotel management, portfolio management, human resources, retail management, etc. The company has a large customer base of over 150,000. The headquarters is in Lodi and the company earns revenue of 466 million euros.

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13. Olidata:

Olidata is a top Italian company and is specifically known for manufacturing computer hardware. It was founded in the year 1982 in Cesena. The company has its industries all over the world and it tries to develop its industries day by day, by effectively integrating different methods and statistics into its functioning. The industry focuses majorly on growth and making space in the internet of things prominently. Olidata has an impressive tagline called“ Power of Pioneers”.

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14. SIAE Microelectronica:

SIAE Microelectronica is a leading IT company in Italy. It is a telecommunications company that operates on networking systems. It is famously known for manufacturing wireless network solutions and expanding technology to the next level of digitalization. It was established in the year 1950 and has enriched all market solutions. The headquarters of SIAE Microelectronica is in Milan and it aims to rise on regular basis. The employee size of the company is around 1500 members.

15. Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP:

Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP is a leading IT company in Italy. It was initially founded in the year 2009 with an employment size of around 50 to 250 members. The company delivers services like mobile application development, IT services, web design, development, etc. The IT solution helps improve the business value and provides insights for meeting the industry goals. The team of experts works smartly and satisfies the clients with their best possible services. The key clients of Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP are PhygiCart, Bizmo, ThamesBay, Newgen, etc.

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How much is the salary of a software engineer in Italy?

Technology is highly emerging and so are the developers and programmers who take care of the digital era with their top IT services. In Italy, the average salary of a software engineer goes up to EUR 32,000 year. 

According to PayScale, the newcomers or the fresher gets a salary of up to EUR 24,000 year. The experienced employee working in an IT firm as a software engineer gets a salary of up to EUR 50,000 year.

According to the Glassdoor report, the estimated salary is calculated for software engineers and their total pay is EUR 35,000 year. 

The salary includes all housing, transportation, and other expenses, and each software engineer is paid according to their workability, skills, educational qualifications, and internship knowledge, etc.

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Technology has highly enhanced in Italian economy and is playing a significant role in the business market, educational domain, e-commerce, and trade to name a few! The growth in technology put the country ahead and help transform its sector in various parts. Technology has flourished its wings and has expanded digital communication and marketing. The Italian innovation has set giant IT firms in the whole country and revenue has improved highly. Technology innovation runs beyond imagination and brings excellence to the country from all sectors like art, literature, business, web design, digitalization, etc.
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