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What are the Top IT Companies in Greece?

Greece’s technology took time to emerge at a steady pace and turn its digitalization to a standard level. After facing years of turmoil and an industrial void, technology has finally shifted to thrive in its networking and digital goals. The transformation of Greece took place to boost technology and improve the productivity of the market. With enrollment in higher education and connection to the digital world, the emergence of technology took place and changes the business environment throughout the country.

The tech firm has widened its vision and is transforming to fully digitalize itself for the benefit of the companies. A continuous upgrade in the market has increased the IT services like cloud computing, web designing, business analytics, developer tools, etc. to existing implementation. Telecommunication serves 80% of the value to add to the country’s development. The country prefers enhanced connectivity which will lead to high-capacity of networks. 

History of Greece:

The history of Greece started with the stone age and bronze age which has an overwhelming history that consists of great personalities and information from ancient times. The history shares more about the greek people who ruled the entire Greece under them. The greek people emphasize philosophy, literature, mathematics, and historical drama. The Greece city was ruled by Alexander the Great and during his reign Romans came to the place of Greece and got influenced by its culture and tradition. 

The history of Greece was viewed in three major periods:

  • Archaic Period- The archaic period introduced the Olympic games and famous writings of Homer that as the Odyssey and the Illiad. The archaic period started greek civilization and ran democracy in 508 BC. 
  • Classical Period- During the time of the classical period, the ancient Greeks were governed by great philosophers like Socrates and Plato. Classical period show wars between Sparta and Athens and it caused the death of Alexander the Great in the year 323 BC.
  • Hellenistic Period- The Hellenistic Period is about the battle of Actium which was between Rome and Egypt. 

The rise of Greece was mainly because of the greek culture which influenced the country in wide aspects of science, art, politics, and philosophy. In the history of Greece, the most important factor was greek languages and architecture which brought ideas of expression to human beings and approaches to enhance the country.

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What is the Economic Stature of Greece?

The economy of Greece has transformed in recent years and it has an annual GDP of $222.008 billion per annum. According to the European Union, economically Greece stands in the 53rd position in the world economy. The industrial sector serves 80% of Greece’s economy and the rest comes from the agricultural sector. With time and rapid growth, a certain transformation took place because of telecommunication companies that raise the bar of the economy.

The improvement in the financial system was stable because of the bank restoration and massive productivity in markets shaped the economy of the country. The upliftment in the education system also contributes to financial growth and tightens the condition of the country. With time, financial stability took place and the output was increased by 7.08% within time all the debts were excluded which made the economic factor flow rapidly. In 2022, the GDP of Greece was estimated to hit 205 billion euros.

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Rise of the IT Sector in Greece?

The IT sector in Greece has shown technological and digital transformation. The IT firms have developed themselves in wider aspects and implemented several projects that have helped in extending technical services to the next level. Accepting the digital transformation will reshape the IT sector which will drive innovations and significant transitions. Greece is expecting a strong foundation towards the rise in networks and framing space for sustainable growth in IT firms.

The List of Top IT companies are mentioned below:

1. Microsoft:

Microsoft is a significant IT company in Marousi, Greece. The founder of Microsoft is Bill Gates and he initially started the company in the year 1975. Microsoft aims to support advanced technology and business of all values that will create room for innovation and learning. The intention was clear to specify IT services and provide cloud infrastructure to deliver 1000 successful projects to maintain digital transition. The company invests in the long-term commitment of business deals which secures the economy and reputation of Microsoft.

2. Google:

Google, a giant IT company in Athens, Greece has widened its web services to build products that will emerge significantly. Google was founded in the year 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The employee size of the company is 900 to 1000 with a revenue of $10+Billion. Google works as an information system that makes the most minor things accessible on the internet. It’s a search engine that helps you get relevant information within seconds. The team of Google believes in innovative designs and technological transitions.

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3. SocialWebolution:

SocialWebolution is the leading IT company in Thessaloniki, Greece which was founded in the year 2022 and with its digital concept took it to significant success in servicing the best IT services to the company. The team size is smaller yet the ideas are high which contributed to the digital age and expanding the business markets. The goal of the company is to provide human-centric solutions which will challenge the digital world and redefine the space with modern websites. The professionals create new websites and serve the best solutions to other companies to maintain a friendly zone. The services provided by SocialWebolution are Web development, Branding, SEO, and Logo design.

4.  Lab3Web:

Lab3Web is a top IT company in Corfu, Greece, and was founded in the year 2015. The company is a digital marketing agency that  aims to achieve greatness and fulfil customer needs by providing them with the right services. The company is driven by technological strategies and approaches that lead to better solutions. The tagline of the company is catchy and states “different clients= have different circumstances=different approaches”. The major services provided by Lab3Web are content marketing, web application, SEO, video production and digital marketing, etc.

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5. Evince Development:

Evince Development was a company founded in the year 2011 and is a top IT company in Athens, Greece. The company was declared a global invention of a digital agency whose motto is to deliver growth through digital transformation. The company was said to be inspired by spartan and committed to meeting the new approaches that bring growth to the company. For Evince’s development, the clients are important and they satisfy their clients expectations on time. In this manner, the company has completed over 800 projects.The services provided by Evince Development are web development, mobile app development, e-Commerce development, etc.

6. NBW Internet Wizards:

NBW Internet Wizards is a leading web design company in Athens, Greece. It was founded in the year 2002 and consists of programming and designing technology that serves the best IT solutions to the company. NBW Internet Wizards are driven passionately towards website designing and WordPress design development which smoothes the work of the industry. The company targets to reach its goal through smart work and handles projects that will meet the need of clients. The IT services in NBW Internet Wizards are application management and support, web designing, web development etc.

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7. Cosmolink:

Cosmolink is a leading company in Athens, Greece, and was established in the year 2020. The company aims to fulfil the client’s demands on time and employees make sure to meet the deadline concerning the time awarded to them. It has won fame and recognition awards through eBay and is a successfully running IT company. The company delivers top-quality websites and is an SEO-proven digital partner that an employee can rely on. The services provided by Cosmolink are web design, web application development, content marketing, etc. 

8. Wedoo:

Wedoo is a leading company in Athens, Greece which tries to provide you best brands and business strategies to get better solutions for day-to-day tech problems. It was founded in the year 2009 and it’s an agency that design and think fast to invent new brand to authenticate unique website. The company aims to have an empowering idea that will lead to industry growth. The IT services provided by Wedoo are branding, UX/UI design, graphic design web design etc. The company focuses more on advertisement to enhance productivity. 

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9. M-STAT:

M-STAT is an award-winning company in Athens, Greece which was founded in the year 2000 and the entire team worked on establishing the skills for the benefit of the company. The rising company dedicates its success to experts employee who works passionately to meet the demands of clients. The instant evolution took place in technology and gave success to the company. The services that are provided are mobile app development, UX/UI design, product design etc. The company majorly focuses on telecommunication which gains the strength of the company.

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10. Istopolis Group:

Istopolis Group is a leading IT company in Thessaloniki, Greece, and was founded in the year 1998. Istopolis is a marketing and digital services company that mainly focuses its work on web design and digital promotion. The company fulfills the demands of clients and majorly works on services like SEO, web designing, E-marketing etc. The main focus of the company is to maintain the annual reports and newsletters to specify Google ads. It is one of the most trustworthy companies and has an impressive environment to work in.  

11. EXIS:

EXIS is a top software company in Athina, Greece and it was founded in the year 2001. A consulting company that mainly focuses its work on designing and marketing. The company started with a team size of 10 to 49 employees. And developed its areas in CRM consulting, software development, web designing etc. EXIS has worked with the marketing team to build a leading platform for the next generation. The growth of the company depends on experts and clients who overall shape the company.  

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12. INDEV Software:

INDEV Software is a leading IT company in Agiou Ioannou, Greece. The company mainly depends on digital innovation that provides top solutions to tech problems. The company was rated 4.9 according to Glassdoor for its elite services and improved organizations. The experts in the company were filled with developers and data analytics who work earnestly to reach excellence for the company. The services is delivered on time to clients which emphasizes the usability of software solutions. 

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13. Netcompany-Intrasoft:

Netcompany-Intrasoft is a leading European company in Peania, Greece. The company’s overall rating is 4.5 according to a Google review summary and provides a strong IT solution to build innovative ideas. It offers skilled professionals to work in favor of the industry growth which will expand itself to the wide sector. The employee count in the company consists is 2800+ and they understand more than 30 languages. It is digitally transformative company.

14. RDC Informatics:

RDC Informatics is a leading IT company in Athens, Greece. It handles software development services and the employees has enlarged within a year to around 100 to 200. It was founded in the year 1997 and provides the best IT services like E-learning, content marketing, digital agency, web services etc. It offers many innovative solutions for market values, educational markets, and mobile applications. It targets mainly to reach more candidates to be benefitted from the company. 

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15. Fourthdesign:

Fourthdesign is a leading IT company in Greece and prominently drives towards creativity and designs 3d animation for TV commercials, the media community, web applications etc. The company also specializes in graphic design and building realistic photos to develop video creation, designing, printing etc. The company rated 4.6 according to Glassdoor for its services which mould the design applications and brings stability to the company’s growth. 

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What Is The Salary Of a Software Engineer In Greece?

Technology was driven drastically in the country of Greece, and the stability came with time. Today, if we calculate the salary of software engineers in Greece then according to the Glassdoor report the average salary goes up to EUR 2,100 month based on their workability.

The median salary calculated for the software engineer working in Greece is up to EUR 44,817 month. The highest salary adds to the employees according to their work experience and the benefit they provided to the company. 

According to PayScale, the salary differs from company to company, and yet the estimated salary was drawn up to EUR 21423 month. The salary is provided to them according to their skills and experience.

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Technology and digitalization have brought a positive spin to the country of Greece. Although previously the country faced drastic downtime but with workflow and innovative ideas it again came into the flow of serving IT firms with top solutions. The expansion of technology took place with time and enhanced education, healthcare centre, the industrial sector, etc. With the establishment of the IT sector, the country was reborn with innovation and took place to emerge successfully. Today, the country is leading in top industrial companies and providing top tech solutions. It is known as a centre for the tech hub and influences new generations with digital designs. 

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