What are the Top-ranking IT Companies in Spain?

What are the Top-ranking IT Companies in Spain?
What are the Top-ranking IT Companies in Spain?

Technology sparked the ignition of digital transformation for the stability of Spain. The country ranks third when it comes to serving digital IT services and expanding its growth. The country promotes crucial technology strategies in cyber security, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, etc. The country has digitally transformed because people initiated change and brought innovations to value productivity and stability. Access to the internet has gradually increased and so has innovation. Many tech parks have been established in the country to transform it profoundly. 

Spain features dynamic transformation in innovating digitalization and establishing a better life ahead. The country has undergone a tremendous change that brought growth, education facilities, employment, etc. With the advanced solutions, Spain has set up a few industrial firms in renewable energy, aerospace, water treatment, biotechnology, and civil engineering. The growth has been enormous and brought great success to the country in terms of IT firms, education institutes, health records, etc. 

Know everything about the history of Spain:

Spain is a country of snowcapped mountains and stone castles that is located in Southwestern Europe and it occupies 85% of the Iberian Peninsula. The major attraction of the country is the art museum, famous portrait paintings, vast monuments, etc. The country is culturally and traditionally diverse. Spain established itself with the Phoenicians writing that later came to be known as Paleohispanic scripts.  A unique culture was made out of Iberian folks that enabled colonizers to intermingle with Tartessos people and the native people of the Peninsula.   

Spain established many Germanic tribes notably the Suebi and Visigoths which was the start of the middle age in Spain. Spain witnessed the fall of Roman Empire and the subsequent rise of German Control that lasted about 200 years until the beginning of the Umayyad conquest of Hispania. With the happening of conquest, the Islam religion was introduced to the Iberian Peninsula and rapidly spread its culture and became one of the great Muslim Civilisations. Spain is famously known for the Crowns Of Castle marking Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon during the year 1469. The first voyage of Columbus took place in the year 1492 which is the inflection point in the history of Spain. 

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Everything you need to know about the economy of Spain:

Spain’s economy is highly developed in the business markets. The economy of Spain stands as the 16th largest in Europe and has been listed the 37th as per the GDP of the World Bank. In 2005, Spain was declared as the 10th country in the world with a high quality of life by The Economist. The major economic contribution comes from tourism, tactile industries, shipbuilding, chemical, medical technology etc. The country has a mixed economy facility that combines better economic regulation. After the economy was hit by Covid Pandemic, the progress  was  slowed down, but improved again in 2020 and started booming in the year 2021. 

Spain overcame the contrast of economic growth and resumed itself more strongly in terms of industrial fields and trade. According to Economic Trivia, Spain became the second biggest foreign investor in Latin America that exported goods like Motor vehicles, mineral fuels, industrial machinery, and oil production as a significant contribution to economic growth. The total GDP of Spain is around 1,381.34 billion USD which places the country in the list of 14 globally in economic ranking. Spain has positioned itself to a high-income level and pushed its standard to high rates.

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How is technology growing in Spain?

Spain has been considered one of the fastest-growing tech cities according to Europe tech hubs. New technologies have initiated IT firms that will enhance the business productivity. Spain became a leader in innovating giant industries like aerospace, water treatment, rail biotechnology, and civil engineering. The country has grown tremendously to innovate strength in its economy as a whole. The government of Spain has heavily contributed to establishing significant projects that will help the country grow technologically and economically. 

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List of Top IT Companies in Spain:

1. BairesDev:

BairesDev is a fully developed and emerging company in Barcelona, Spain. It came into being in the year 2010. The company tries to bring talent that matches the performance and skill level of the employees. It hires top-tier talent for the better growth of the company. Through teamwork, the company satisfies its clients by delivering the biggest projects on time. It enriches the biggest projects on time and leads the client to their satisfaction. The top IT services provided by BairesDev is cloud consulting, web development, application testing, custom software development, IT staff augmentation, etc.

2. Anadea:

Anadea was founded in the year 2000. It provides top IT services in mobile app development, project audit, UI/UX design, web design, etc. The company focuses mainly on clients’ projects to satisfy them with their work to bring better business revenue. Their expert team gear up the work and bring transformational changes to the company which reflects its position. Anadea guarantees to provide the best IT solution to overcome tech challenges smoothly.

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3. Imagemaker:

Imagemaker has 20 years of experience in leading tech services and consultancy. Imagemaker is one of the known IT companies in Madrid, Spain that deliver projects to clients and helps them grow their business value. The company aims to flourish its IT services to bring stability to the growth of the business. With the help of software delivery, the company works to scale up its services. The expert team embrace software development and bring progress to the company. The main IT services provided by Imagemaker are web design, artificial intelligence, mobile app development and cloud consulting, etc. 

4. Ericsson:

Ericsson is a known and leading IT company in Madrid, Spain. The company enables full IT services to its client to bring productivity to the market. The services provided by Ericsson are easy to adopt and are used to connect with the customer. The top IT services provided by the company are cloud computing, artificial intelligence, web development, software development, etc. With the help of communication, Ericsson managed to deliver telecommunication and provide full connectivity services. 

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5. Interactive4:

Interactive4 was founded in the year 2010 and it is a leading IT company in Madrid, Spain. The company’s ambition is to fulfil clients’ demands and help them win the business market. The important IT services provided by Interactive4 are UX/UI design, eCommerce development, web development, etc. The company’s vision is to upgrade eCommerce technology and bring positive results while delivering the client’s projects. The employees at Interactive4 builds new innovative IT solutions to increase business processes. 

6. Google:

Google is a prominent IT company in Madrid, Spain. It comes under the list of top IT companies as it has a rich business market and value proportion. The newly set up Google company in Madrid has grown tremendously with the ideation of tech possibilities. The employees maintain professionalism in the company and retain tech skills to help their clients. The team of expert work enthusiastically to bring innovation to the company. Google campus provides a team culture to balance work-life positively.

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7. Micro Focus:

Micro Focus is a renowned and largest IT company in Spain. The company profile fits into many sectors like DevOps, predictive analytics, security risk management, etc. The company aims to provide strengthened software solutions to day-to-day IT problems. The company put its major emphasis on clients’ projects to meet their business needs. The mission is to deliver critical IT services and help customers transform their core business purposes. The company provides IT solutions and tries to transform the core applications of the industry.

8. Atos:

Atos is another leading IT company in Spain, with the aim of expanding its services to bring profitable growth. It has transformed its sector digitally and enhanced its reputation in IT services. Atos provides top IT solutions on data analytics, decarbonization, cybersecurity, customer experience, Atos one cloud, etc. The main purpose of Atos is to shape the future with authentic IT services that will bring innovation to the company. The multicultural spirit of the company helps it to grow in height.

9. Techunting America:

Techunting America is acknowledged as a renowned IT company in Madrid, Spain. The company was established in the year 2000. It provides top IT services in artificial intelligence, UI/UX design, mobile app development, blockchain technology, cloud consulting, etc. The company empowers its employees to perform better and learn to seek transformation for the benefit of the company. The company builds top products and maintains long-term relationships with clients to effectively grow in  the industry. A fresher willing to join a software development company can choose Techunting America where you can flourish your tech skills.

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10. Hewlett-Packard:

Hewlett- Packard is an experienced top IT company in Barcelona, Spain. The most recognized and valuable company that works tirelessly to reach its goal. The team is super active and dedicated to learning new skills that bring enormous growth. With the help of HP (Hewlett- Packard), you can diversify your perspective toward IT work and bring stability to work performance. It connects everyone globally and sparks insight to develop network and leadership skills. 

11. Presence Me:

An award-winning company in Spain, it provides top IT services on SEO, web designing, web development, content marketing, digital consultancy, etc. The aim of the company is to provide the best projects on time to fix their business value. The company is certified by Google and Hubspot for their top IT services. A fresher can join to level up their creative mind and learn the criteria of the company’s aim. Presence me prominently values work quality and improves google ranking with their significant work. 

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12. Amazon: 

Amazon is a leading company in Spain, it is an eCommerce company that provides services on online marketing, digital streaming, cloud computing, etc. The company mainly focus on its work culture and pays close attention to its clients. Amazon is a company that is considered a valuable brand. Amazon came into existence in 1994 and was founded by Jeff Bezos. The company has an ambient infrastructure that provides a creative workspace for the employees. 

13. Greater Than One:

Greater Than One is a leading IT company in Madrid, Spain. The headquarters of the company resides in NewYork, United States and it has an employee size of 50- 249. It was founded in the year 2000 with an expert team of web creators and designers. The aim of the company is to provide deep expertise work and perform better to bring success to the industry. The employees are passionate and dedicated enough to drive technological changes for the benefit of the company. The top IT services provided by the company are web designing, SEO, marketing strategy, advertising, pay-per-click, etc.  

14. IMEA Systems:

IMEA Systems is a top IT company in Barcelona, Spain. It was founded in the year 2015 and has a great platform to build mobile applications and software to help customers and clients to process their business. The clients are situated all over the world from the USA, EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, and UAE. The IT services provided by IMEA Systems are mobile app development, cloud computing, application modernization, custom software development, etc. 

15. Apiumhub:

Founded in the year 2014, Apiumhub is a prominent IT company in Barcelona, Spain. It has an extended employee team of 50-249 members. The professionals are experts in major fields of data science, software development and software architecture, etc. They help in a significant way to prosper powerful ideas into innovative results. The top IT services provided by Apiumhub are mobile app development, software development, web designing, custom software development, etc. With the help of evolving technologies, it helps to bring innovative growth to the company. 

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What is the salary of a software engineer in Spain?

Technology is evolving with the years and so does the requirements of software engineers, programmers and developers. The salary of a software engineer depends according to their job role, experience, and talent. On basis of company standards, the salary varies for a software engineer.

According to Payscale, the average salary of a software engineer goes up to EUR 35,464 per year. The overall salary checks the candidates’ experience level, educational qualifications, and technical skills. 

The salary changes according to the company profile and the maximum salary reach up to EUR 55,000 per year according to a Glassdoor report. 

Spain has tremendous IT companies that are recruiting software engineers with a salary package of EUR 65,999 per year according to the source, SalaryExplorer. 

The salary of a software engineer depends on workability, technical and creative skills, project deadlines, and experience in the respective niches.

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The demand for technology is increasing and holding future scope. The changes brought by technology are creating massive developments and enriching success. The educational institutes in Spain have already introduced major new tech innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data information, and design. The main focus of Spain is to develop the country 2x faster and increase the level of employment to a higher position. Spain thinks in a broader aspect that brings changes into the lives of people. With the major steps towards digital innovation, it has resolved many tech problems with relevant IT solutions. 

Spain highly benefitted from the new tech innovation that has improved the business market completely. The businesses in Spain have embraced the new trends that help in expanding the revenue. The citizens living in Spain highly contribute to investing in computer accessories and equipment that will put front the horizon of the technological renaissance. 

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