Why should you become an affiliate?

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Global Market

As an international organisation DataMites™ offers you global business reach.

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Higher Margin

Up to 80% Margin!. Get the highest affiliate margin in the industry.

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No Fixed Investment

Leverage your existing establishment to make new business.

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Instant Payment

Get your share of course fee instantly as soon as the candidate enrols.

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Demo Sessions

Free demo sessions for potential candidates, helping in increasing conversion rate.

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The flexibility of our online course increases your market size and gets you more business.

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Manage your leads, enrolments, transactions, easily and conveniently in the dashboard.

How it works

Become an Affiliate

Become an affiliate by clicking the “join now” button or contact us directly.


Promote new courses in your website, app or local market and enroll candidates.

Direct Profit

Keep your direct profit before you pay to DataMites. It’s that simple.

What is our role?

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DataMites™ takes full responsibility of delivering the training and certification with global standards.

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Global License

DataMites™ is accredited by the International Association of Business Analytics Certification (IABAC).

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Course Material

We constantly update the course material to suit the current industry requirements.

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We will provide the infrastructure required for conducting the trainings.

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IT Support

We will provide the IT support for managing your transactions, exam bookings and enrolments.

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Dedicated Relationship Manager

We will provide a dedicated relationship manager for you to ensure a smooth relationship with us.

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