This course is designed to impart practical knowledge of essential data science concepts. The syllabus includes Python essentials, data preparation with Python, statistics, descriptive analytics, business intelligence basics, Machine Learning essentials, and predictive analytics




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Data Science deals with the unearthing of meaningful insights from a large amount of data and drawing inferences from it. This Data Science Associate course focuses on the practical aspects of essential data science concepts. It equips an individual with the knowledge of incorporating data science into the organisational activities.

The AI foundation course ensures that an individual is well equipped in the following areas:-

  • Python for Data Science

  • Statistics for Data Science

  • Data Preparation with Python Pandas

  • Core concepts of Business intelligence and Descriptive Analytics.

  • Machine Learning essentials and predictive analytics

  • No mandatory prerequisites
  • Basic knowledge of Data Science.
  • Graduate freshers.

  • Experienced professionals in the field of Data Science. 

  • DataMites™ is an authorized institute by the International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC™) providing global data science certification courses

  • DataMites™ is founded by Data Science/Analytics Experts, who had deep roots in the industry in the USA and Europe for decades.

  • You benefit from course syllabus of DataMites™ as designed inline with job requirement in the current market

  • You can choose from flexible learning options: Traditional classroom, Live Virtual classroom and Self-learning.

  • DataMites™ has a dedicated Placement Assistance Team (PAT), which assists you to find the right data science job

  • If you are a worthy candidate, you can get an opportunity to work in global data science consulting projects


  • Introduction to Data Science with Python

  •  Python Basics: Basic Syntax, Data Structures

  •  Data objects, Math, Comparison Operators, Condition Statements, loops, lists, tuples, dicts, functions

  •  Numpy Package

  •  Pandas Package

  •  Python Advanced: Data Mugging with Pandas

  •  Python Advanced: Visualization with Matplotlib

  •  Exploratory Data Analysis: Data Cleaning, Data Wrangling

  •  Exploratory Data Analysis: Case Study

  • Introduction to Statistics

  •  Harnessing Data

  •  Exploratory Analysis

  •  Distributions

  •  Hypothesis & Computational Techniques

  •  Correlation & Regression

  • Data Munging with Pandas
  • Visualization with Matplotlib
  • Exploratory Data Analysis: Data Cleaning, Data Wrangling
  • Exploratory Data Analysis: Case Study
  • Business Intelligence vs Data Science
  • Essentials of Descriptive Analytics
  • Type of Data
  • Measures of Central tendencies and variability
  • Essentials of Exploratory Data Analysis.
  • Correlation
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Types of Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Machine Learning workflow
  • Machine Learning core algorithms
  • Modeling and evaluation.
  • Capstone projects: Hands-on Machine Learning projects.


DataMites™ provides flexible learning options from traditional classroom training, the latest virtual live classroom to distance course. Based on your location preference, you may have one or more learning options

This course is perfectly aligned to the current industry requirements and gives exposure to all the latest techniques and tools. The course curriculum is designed by specialists in this field and monitored and improved by industry practitioners on a continual basis.

All certificates can be validated with your unique certification number at portal. You also get candidate login at, where you can find your test results and other relevant validation details.

The results of the Exam are immediate if you take an online test at portal. The certificate issuance, as per IABAC™ terms, takes about 7-10 business days for e-certificate.

No, the exam fees are already included in the course fee and you will not be charged extra.

Course fee needs to be paid in one payment as it is required to block your seat for the entire course as well as book the certification exams with IABAC™. In case, if you have any specific constraints, your relation manager at DataMites™ shall assist you with part payment agreements

DataMites™ has a dedicated Placement Assistance Team(PAT), who work with candidates on an individual basis in assisting for the right Data Science job.

You get a 100% refund training fee if the training is not to your satisfaction but the exam fee will not be refunded as we pay to accreditation bodies. If the refund is due to your availability concerns, you may need to talk to the relationship manager and will be sorted out on case to case basis

DataMites™ provides loads of study materials, cheat sheets, data sets, videos so that you can learn and practice extensively. Along with study materials, you will get materials on job interviews, new letters with the latest information on Data Science as well as job updates.

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