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AI Pest Detection

One of the biggest challenges in Agriculture is the handling of pests. Early detection of pests on plants helps the farmer in conserving his or her resources, both in terms of time and money.

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AI for Healthy Diet

The majority of the population has been always worried about the food intake and the direct impact it has on various aspects of our body like weight gain, weight loss. A balanced intake of the right type of food is not a luxury anymore; it has become a necessity with an increasing number of illnesses that are directly related to the type of food we consume.

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AI for Workforce Management

It is generally believed that to monitor 10 employees we need 1 manager. At scale especially in manufacturing industries, it becomes very challenging for organizations to monitor the efficiency of the workforce at any given point of time.

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AI for Hiring

The biggest challenge recruiters face during hiring is getting the right candidate profiles for the job that they are hiring. The volume of people who apply for jobs is ever-increasing and getting quality candidates is becoming more complicated and very time-consuming.

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AI Receptionist

Receptionists always play a major role in servicing walk-in customers, identifying their needs, and attending to them. They always serve as the face of an organization and demonstrate it’s service efficiency. Hospitality and customer service are the best parameters that determine an organization’s goodwill.


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