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Datamites - Corporate page. The CLIPS expansion should be as below,

- Conceptualization
- Learning industry best practices
- Illustration with industry examples
- Practical problems
- Solutions using Data Science

CLIPS is a learning platform providing experiential learning through video content, refresher activities, challenging Quiz and simulated industry best practices. CLIPS can be customized to provide individual learning paths for teams in various levels and functions in an organization with tailor-made content on Data Science and Analytics.

Data Science is relevant to everyone in the organization, from development, operations, admin to top management. CLIPS has various levels of learning paths from basic essentials course to highly specialized segment power by  DataMites labs  for Data Scientist, as well as, high-level Data Science learning paths for top management to take right data science strategic initiatives

CLIPS is designed with a holistic approach of enabling organization in transitioning to Data-Driven Decisions culture not just at the top level but every level of the organization.

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