Internships Programs serve as a prologue to the professional life of an individual and are provided to make the candidates aware, well in advance about the working methods of the real world. Through an internship program, an individual will get an exposure to the corporate atmosphere, before starting a career. An individual is well-equipped with the industry knowledge and is further able to leverage this knowledge towards practical application. The demand for professionals skilled in Data Science is increasing day by day. According to a report by KDNuggets, 88 per cent of the Data Scientists are found to have a master’s degree and 46% possess PhDs, a very strong educational background is usually required for gaining an in-depth knowledge required to become a Data Scientist.

DataMites internships offer a clear view of the corporate way of working and is designed solely to educate the candidates about the relevance of applying data science to solve real-world problems. It will prove as a stepping stone towards a career in data science and helps a candidate to know the expectations of the work standards, companies look for.


Why DataMites Internship?

Learn in the process of the job

You can enhance your knowledge, with regards to the application of the data science concepts in the process of doing the job. Address real-world data problems and apply various statistical tools to solve them. Learn in the process of working and find solutions that can become global.

Gain Industry Exposure

Gain knowledge of working in a corporate setting, opportunity to come up with innovative ideas. Also, become knowledgeable about the expected corporate standards. It will help in leveraging the experiences in the first years of your career.

White Paper Publishing

Projects done exceptionally well shall be published as internship papers with the intern as the author. Get your internship papers published, with you as the author. This helps in further value addition, especially while attending job interviews.

Get Certified

After the completion of the internship, you will get a certificate from DataMites, along with an experience letter. The details of the project and the contributions done by you will be mentioned.

Are you interested in an Data Science internship?


DataMites internship programs are designed as a part of the Data Science course curriculum, offered by DataMites. The internship programs are structured for providing an opportunity to the candidates, to apply the concepts they have already learned, in a practical scenario. DataMites internships help you to get clarity on the corporate ways of working and prepare you to face the challenges that are likely to arise in the course of your data science job.

DataMites in partnership with various leading AI companies offer internship facility. This is done mainly with the view of enabling the candidates to get practical exposure in finding solutions to real-world problems.

You can apply for the Data Science Internship program by visiting our enquiry page at or sending E-mail to us at You can also connect with our educational counsellor through chat or by using IVR number.

Yes. On the completion of the internship programs, you will be awarded a certificate, along with an experience letter.

All the Data Science certifications are a part of the Data Science certification. Therefore you need not pay any extra fees for the Data Science internship with DataMites.

DataMites internships are a part of the Data Science certification programs. DataMites internships are unpaid.

After the competition of the internship program, you will be awarded an internship completion certificate and an experience certificate by DataMites. If your internship project is found to be outstanding, then the same will be published as white paper with you, as the author.

The total duration of the Data Science internship provided by DataMitesis is two months.

During the Data Science internship at DataMites, you will get to work on 20 capstone projects and 3 client projects. The projects will be under the monitoring and guidance of industry experts, experienced Data Scientists, Machine Learning experts.

The Data Science courses provided by DataMites are designed, based on the current industry trends. The concepts in Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning find a vast range of applications.

Opportunity to work under the guidance of industry experts

DataMites internship certificate will help you land your first Data Science job.

Get exposure to real-world data problems and applying Data Science to them.

Opportunity to get the internship papers published with the candidate as the author.

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