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Why Data Science is the Future?


We are living in a very lazy era, everyone wants things to be automated. Our cars, Smartphones, Bank transactions and even water fountains in the garden are now automated. Automation through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is already changing the job markets significantly.

Massive Data

We generate a staggering 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day and the number is growing rapidly. Data Science as a field is at the heart this Big Data management.

Technical Advancement

The quality of photos captured, the computation power of processors and even the smartness of smartphones are getting better than ever before. All making it possible to bring Data Science in every aspect of life.

Business Possibilities

Data Science opening up new possibilities for business every single day. I am sure you have heard about driverless cars, haven’t you?

Strategic Demand

3 in 4 organizations implementing AI and machine learning to stay in the competition. It is not far when all the organization will be doing the same.


75% of enterprises, using AI and machine learning, enhancing customer satisfaction by more than 10%. Machine Learning is proven to be more accurate than a doctor in diagnosing many diseases such as heart diseases. There is already an Artificial intelligence diagnosis center in Bangalore. This is going to explode across the globe soon. The greater predicting efficiency will change the landscape across all industries.


The more things get digitized more the demand for Data Science. Currently from buying vegetable to consulting doctors has been digitized.

Is it the right career choice?

Future Proof

There is no doubt about it. Data Science has just started to grow, every possible technology or business solution coming are equipped with Data Science.

Highly Paid

Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century pays a lot to an equipped and talented mind. Even better than Doctors in some industries. Can you imagine?

Highly Demanded

AI alone will create 2.3 million jobs by 2020. By 2022, one in five workers engaged in mostly non-routine tasks will rely on AI to do a job.

Highly Valued

Data Scientists are highly valued employees for any organization. After all, they are the one predicting the future of the organizations. That’s quite a task.

What it takes?

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One has to be creative in thinking and ideating solutions or use cases. Basically, you have to be better than a computer in terms of thinking like a human. Not very tough right?

Interest in numbers

Are you interested in playing with numbers, solving puzzles? Yes? Well, then no issues at all. You are perfect for the job.


There are many myths surrounding Data Science jobs. You need proper guidance, industry insights before you jump into it.


Just reading about Data Science subjects or learning a few technical terms are not enough. You need more than just theories to have a successful career start.


The real Data Science jobs come with a requirement of relevant experience. If you can show what you do, the job is pretty much yours.

Still, don’t know where to start?

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