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  • 3 Months Live Project Mentoring
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Artificial Intelligence is ruling the world now, Deep learning is a part of AI that proudly stands behind numerous innovations. Based on the advantages that it offers, Deep Learning has spurred a huge interest and caught the fancy of worldwide business owners. There has been a continuous parabolic growth for deep learning and hence turned into a highly coveted skill for a tech industry professional.

Aspiring professionals in Hyderabad can now broaden their learning horizon with different Deep learning courses in DataMites™. DataMites™ is the global institute for Data Science accredited by International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC). DataMites™ offers various training programs in different modes to help you gain better insights on Deep learning concepts. Hyderabad Deep Learning course can help you to achieve your goals with IABAC accredited globally recognized certificate in your hands.



Deep Learning with Python course will get you ready for AI career. Deep Learning is also one of the highly coveted skill in the tech industry. This course covers popular Deep Learning algorithms: Convolutional Networks, BatchNorm, RNNS etc., with the case studies from autonomous driving, healthcare, Natural language processing etc., With this course, you will not only master the concept behind deep learning but also see the application of real world.


 -  Introduction to TensorFlow

 -  Computational Graph

 -  Stochastic Gradient Descent

 -  Visual TensorBoard

 -   Keras with TensorFlow

 -  Role of Activation functions in ANN network

 -  Activation Functions: 

 -  Sigmoid (Binary)

 -  Softmax (Multiclass)

 -  ReLU (Linear)

 -  Introduction to ANN

 -  Concept of Perceptron

 -  Perceptron Training Rule

 -  Gradient Descent Rule

 -  Gradient Descent

 -  Stochastic Gradient Descent

 -  Backpropagation

 -  Some problems in ANN

 -  Overfitting and Capacity

 -  Cross Validation

 -  Feature Selection

 -  Regularization

 -  Hyperparameters

 -  Introduction to CNNs

 -  Principles behind CNNs

 -  Kernel and Multiple Filters

 -  CNN Image Classification demo


 -  Introduction to RNNs

 -  Unfolded RNNs

 -  Seq2Seq RNNs

 -  LSTM

 -  RNN applications

 -  Image Processing

 -  Natural Language Processing

 -  Speech Recognition

 -  Video Analytics

 -  Image Classification with CNN - Keras 

 -  Natural Language Processing  with NKTL live project


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