October, 2018

Datamites: Up-skilling Professionals with strong data science skills aligned with market requirements

IT Professionals, who were once the cream of our country, are being shown door by their companies due to their outdated skills. As per recent McKinsey & Company report, half the current IT workforce will be irrelevant over the next 3-4 years, if they fail to get up skilled. Although there are few training centers trying to enhance their skills, they fail to make them industry-ready, as they are unable to provide pragmatic market-relevant training.

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September, 2018

Brancing the Leaders for an exciting and promising career in Data Science

Piling data along with a surge in fields such as AI, Machine Learning, and data science has made 'analytics' the most sought after and lucrative professions of the 21st century. Enabling aspiring candidates to achieve their career goals with Data Science and helping the industry to recruit the most knowledgeable professionals, DataMites tm was formed by a team of leading experts, who played key roles in Europeon Commission projects in Data Science and IOT.

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