Newsletter Volume -11

25 October - 2019

Machine Learning interview Questions

What is Bayes Theorem?
Can we apply linear Regression to Non- Linear Data?

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Newsletter Volume -10

18 October - 2019

Data Science Job Interviews

After all the hard work you put in to get yourself prepared for a Data Science career, you are going to look at Data Science job interview. Even if you are confident on your skills, and may have a good reference, it's still a stressful experience.

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Newsletter Volume -9

11 October - 2019

Support Vector Machine Algorithm (SVM)

Support Vector Machine Algorithm (SVM) - Understanding Kernel Trick For a better understanding, the blog has been split into two parts, the former gives conceptual clarity of Support Vector Machine (SVM) & Kernel Trick and the latter gives a mathematical explanation to the same. The blog also entails a complete modelling of the Support Vector Machine Algorithm using Python which will give us more confidence to embrace the algorithm and the concept.

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Newsletter Volume -8

4 October - 2019

What Are The 10 Statistical Techniques That Data Scientist's Need To Master?

Undoubtedly, one can say that "a Data Scientist's statistics knowledge is better than a programmer and programming knowledge is better than a statistician." So, if you are a programmer trying to switch to Data Science career then you need to gain a thorough understanding of statistical theories lying underneath. Remember that your transitions remain incomplete when you blindly utilize the machine learning framework without the base statistical knowledge.

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Newsletter Volume -7

27 September - 2019

10 Myths about Data Science

Data Science field is spreading its wings and flying high, and so is the demand for Data Scientists. With it gaining colossal traction, there seems to be some misconceptions and myths piling up too. We know about the astounding power that Data Science has in helping organizations to crack their massive volume of data to gain useful business insights, correspondingly, it is essential to debunk these prevailing myths.

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Newsletter Volume -6

20 September - 2019

6 Common Myths about Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the mainstream media coverage in recent times, and there has been several articles and emotional stories posted every second. Machine Learning is proving to be most useful, and no denial that we have started invading business working models to create many remarkable advancements such as language translations, speech recognition, recommendation systems, and more. In fact, in certain complex problems, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have beaten our experts.

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Newsletter Volume -5

13 September - 2019

5 Common Data Science Interview Questions

The important moments of your big career change are going to take place with your potential interviewer. After an intense training schedule, you would have started fine tuning your technical knowledge on the subject to face these moments. It is indeed a big career break and you are expecting it to be fruitful but "what happens if you got stumped with least expected questions in the interview?"

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Newsletter Volume -4

6 September - 2019

Top 10 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

Artificial Intelligence is creating lots of excitement, and in many ways, AI and its applications are in use today. The daily headlines of AI empowering the business and changing their way is indeed a real boost, however, have you ever thought about "How AI is impacting our lives outside the office?". Today, we're going to talk about A.I. Technologies that are driving much of our attention with ground-breaking updates and revolutionary changes. While there are many cool examples of Artificial Intelligence prevailing, we will discuss top 10 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today which work very efficiently and in wondrous ways.

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Newsletter Volume -3

30 August - 2019

How To Become a Machine Learning Expert?

The quest for giving Machines "the ability to learn and improve by themselves" has brought the most stunning achievements in recent years. There's all kind of breakthrough apps and software that are being "powered by AI and Machine Learning" is revolutionizing the way we think and work. Naturally, the big list of recent news feeds popping up every day is proving the same. Isn't it? Machine Learning has become a necessary element and primary driver of many new applications in almost every field of work today, this is because, it involves a powerful combination of Statistical methodologies, powerful AI programming, some operational, and some discrete math and co-ordinate geometry.

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Newsletter Volume -2

23 August - 2019

What are the fees of Data Science Training Course in India?

In the recent decade, we can hear a huge uproar about the power of harnessing big data and attaining great business benefits. And of course, this uproar has steered sky-high salaries and unfathomable incentives for certified Data Science professionals throughout India. Especially in Bangalore, which is in top position and offering lots of opportunities for many aspiring Data science professionals.

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Newsletter Volume -1

16 August - 2019

How Will Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Business in the Upcoming Years

Artificial intelligence, a technology that has been changing the world faster than any other has managed to stay up to this point and is expected to grow more in recent years. Every business owner admits that AI has changed the Business landscape dramatically with its human-like capabilities. In fact, the recent research of Gartner is quoting that by the year 2020, "at least 30% of companies will be using AI in at least any one fragment of their sales progress".

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