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  • IBM® & IABAC® Certification
  • 6-Month | 400 Learning Hours
  • 120-Hour Live Online Training
  • 25 Capstone & 1 Client Project
  • 365 Days Flexi Pass + Cloud Lab
  • Internship + Job Assistance

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  • IBM® & IABAC® Certification
  • 365 Days Flexi Pass + Cloud Lab
  • 25 Capstone & 1 Client Project
  • Internship + Job Assistance



  • IBM® & IABAC® Certification
  • 6-Month | 400 Learning Hours
  • 64-Hour Classroom Sessions
  • 25 Capstone & 1 Client Project
  • Cloud Lab Access
  • Internship + Job Assistance


Data-driven decision making is becoming increasingly popular and so Data Science has turned into a hot career now. Each professional needs to understand that having skills and knowledge in Data Science concepts, tools and techniques will play a huge role in their career development.

Being an amalgamation of statistics, programming and business understanding skills, Data Science course needs to cover all the concepts and lay a strong foundation. DataMites™ is the global institute for Data Science accredited by International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC. DataMites™ Certified Data scientist with R training program in Pune is an apt program to choose as it covers all the data analytics techniques using the latest tools like R, Python, Tableau, Machine Learning and Minitab.


Why Datamites

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This course comes as a perfect package by allowing you to learn about entire data lifecycle and all the methods to achieve the same. You would not just learn about the data analytics techniques and tools but also learn on how to apply them to raw data and obtain business insights.

Undeniably, Hyderabad is the best place for Machine Learning Job Opportunities in India for beginners as well as experience and experts in the field of Machine Learning.

Hyderabad is among the worldwide focus of IT on the planet with the advancement of IT Hub regularly called Cyberabad. The territory was principally made for the advancement of IT Infrastructure in the city with a few IT zones.

Organisations such as Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, Capgemini, TCS, etc, who are major global IT solutions providers are aiming at upscaling their Machine Learning Centre of Excellence, thereby hiring Machine Learning resources in thousands, contributing to significant demand in the market.


  • Installing R and R Studio
  • Creating Objects in R
  • Creating Arrays
  • Creating Data frames
  • Use of Structure
  • Dimensions
  • Loading CSV files
  • Foreign packages into R
    • Data Manipulation with R
    • Loading vectors in R
    • Combining to vectors in R
    • Cleaning Data with R
    • Swapping Data
    • Sorting Data,
  • Converting unstructured to structured data
  • usage of :
    • sub
    • Gsub
    • Regexpr
    • Gregexpr
    • Apply
    • lapply
  • Usage of
    • Plot, lines, boxplot, stars,
    • barplot, pie, hist, rug, sunflowerplot,
  • Various parameters of histograms
  • tabplot, ggplot2, maptools
  • extracting data from URLs
  • Case study on Data Science project with R language


The DataMites Placement Assistance Team(PAT) facilitates the aspirants in taking all the necessary steps in starting their career in Data Science. Some of the services provided by PAT are: -

  • 1. Job connect
  • 2. Resume Building
  • 3. Mock interview with industry experts
  • 4. Interview questions

The DataMites Placement Assistance Team(PAT) conducts sessions on career mentoring for the aspirants with a view of helping them realize the purpose they have to serve when they step into the corporate world. The students are guided by industry experts about the various possibilities in the Data Science career, this will help the aspirants to draw a clear picture of the career options available. Also, they will be made knowledgeable about the various obstacles they are likely to face as a fresher in the field, and how they can tackle.

No, PAT does not promise a job, but it helps the aspirants to build the required potential needed in landing a career. The aspirants can capitalize on the acquired skills, in the long run, to a successful career in Data Science.

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