• 8-Day(4 weekends) Intensive Program
  • 3 Months Live Project Mentoring
USD 1500
USD 900

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  • 80 Hrs Live Virtual Intensive Program
  • 3 Months Live Project Mentoring
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Data Scientists are in high demand worldwide for the availability of large chunk of raw data across various sectors. With every Business now looking to data and analytics to achieve a competitive edge, there are huge career opportunities awaiting the certified Data Scientists.

DataMites™ is the global institute for Data Science accredited by International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC). DataMites™ Certified Data scientist with R training program in Hyderabad is a course that has been designed keeping in mind the fast changing demands and requirements of the Business. It also focuses on the understanding of latest Data Science concepts as well as Data analytics tools and techniques. Acquire the knowledge, qualification, and skills in this area to gain a competitive advantage.



Become an expert in this lucrative "Data Mining" field with DataMites's training program. This Data Mining program provides requisite knowledge on concepts of Data analysis using R language and also the techniques of Machine learning and Text Mining. These are the most premier and demanding concepts needed to analyse the huge volume of data from different perspectives to gain better business insights. By choosing this DataMite's "Data Mining" course, it allows you to set your complete focus on these specified topics, R language, Machine learning and Text Mining to gain a specialisation.

This course comes as a perfect package by allowing you to learn about entire data lifecycle and all the methods to achieve the same. You would not just learn about the data analytics techniques and tools but also learn on how to apply them to raw data and obtain business insights.


  • Installing R and R Studio
  • Creating Objects in R
  • Creating Arrays
  • Creating Data frames
  • Use of Structure
  • Dimensions
  • Loading CSV files
  • Foreign packages into R
    • Data Manipulation with R
    • Loading vectors in R
    • Combining to vectors in R
    • Cleaning Data with R
    • Swapping Data
    • Sorting Data,
  • Converting unstructured to structured data
  • usage of :
    • sub
    • Gsub
    • Regexpr
    • Gregexpr
    • Apply
    • lapply
  • Usage of
    • Plot, lines, boxplot, stars,
    • barplot, pie, hist, rug, sunflowerplot,
  • Various parameters of histograms
  • tabplot, ggplot2, maptools
  • extracting data from URLs
  • Case study on Data Science project with R language


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