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Live Virtual

Instructor Led Live Online


  • DMC Certification
  • 4-Month | 400 Learning Hours
  • 20-Hour Live Online Training
  • 10 Capstone & 1 Client Project
  • 365 Days Flexi Pass + Cloud Lab
  • Internship + Job Assistance

Blended Learning

Self Learning + Live Mentoring


  • Self Learning + Live Mentoring
  • DMC Certification
  • 1 Year Access To Elearning
  • 10 Capstone & 1 Client Project
  • Job Assistance
  • 24*7 Learner assistance and support


In - Person Classroom Training


  • DMC Certification
  • 4-Month | 400 Learning Hours
  • 60-Hour Classroom Sessions
  • 10 Capstone & 1 Client Project
  • Cloud Lab Access
  • Internship + Job Assistance


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The entire training includes real-world projects and highly valuable case studies.

IABAC® certification provides global recognition of the relevant skills, thereby opening opportunities across the world.

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• Introduction of python
• Installation of Python and IDE
• Python objects
• Python basic data types
• Number & Booleans, strings
• Arithmetic Operators
• Comparison Operators
• Assignment Operators
• Operator’s precedence and associativity

• IF Conditional statement
• Python Loops basics
• WHILE Statement
• FOR statements
• BREAK and CONTINUE statements

• Basic data structure in python
• String object basics and inbuilt methods
• List: Object, methods, comprehensions
• Tuple: Object, methods, comprehensions
• Sets: Object, methods, comprehensions
• Dictionary: Object, methods, comprehensions

• Functions basics
• Function Parameter passing
• Iterators
• Generator functions
• Lambda functions
• Map, reduce, filter functions

• NumPy Introduction
• Array – Data Structure
• Core Numpy functions
• Matrix Operations

• Pandas functions
• Data Frame and Series – Data Structure
• Data munging with Pandas
• Imputation and outlier analysis

• Oops basic concepts.
• Creating classes
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Encapsulation and Abstraction
• Decorator
• Class methods and static methods
• Special (magic/dunder) methods
• Property decorators - getters, setters, and deletes

• Working with files
• Reading and writing files
• Buffered read and write
• Other file methods
• Logging & Debugger
• Modules and import statements

• Exceptions handling with try-except
• Custom exception handling
• List of general use exception
• Best practice exception handling

• What is web API
• Difference b/w API and web API
• Rest and soap architecture
• Restful services

• Introduction to Flask
• Flask application
• Open link flask
• App routing flask
• URL building flask
• Http methods flask
• Templates flask

• Setting up Project Environment and folders
• Working with Git Repository
• Requirements and Project Documents
• Hands-on Python Project coding
• Deploying the Application




The Python course in Guwahati offers a valuable opportunity to gain essential programming skills and tap into the thriving IT industry in the region, opening doors to lucrative career prospects in web development, and automation. According to a report by Data Bridge Market Research, the Python market is projected to experience a (CAGR) of 8.10% and reach a significant market size of USD 22,176.70 Million by the year 2028.

DataMites offers comprehensive Python training in Guwahati, covering essential concepts in Python programming and various Data Science packages, including Numpy, Pandas, Sklearn, Scipy, and Matplotlib. The course spans four months, with 20 hours of live online training and 400 learning hours, supplemented by an on-demand Python offline course in Guwahati. With a successful track record of over 50,000 students globally, DataMites provides career and placement guidance to equip students with the necessary skills for job opportunities. Upon completion, students receive an IABAC certification. DataMites offers specialized courses like Certified Python Developer Training in Guwahati, Python for Data Science, Data Mining with Python, Machine Learning with Python, and Deep Learning with Python. Additionally, DataMites assists students in securing internships and job placements that align with industry standards.

DataMites provides key features for Python training in Guwahati that includes:

  1. Faculty and Ashok Veda as Lead Mentor
  2. Course Curriculum
  3. Hardcopy Learning materials and books
  4. DataMites Exclusive Learning Community
  5. Affordable pricing and Scholarships.
  6. Resume Preparation
  7. Global Certification
  8. Flexible Learning
  9. Live client project
  10. Internship Opportunity
  11. Placement assistance and Job references

Guwahati, the largest city in the northeastern state of Assam, is a vibrant blend of traditional culture and modern development. Nestled on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, it captivates visitors with its lush landscapes, ancient temples, and bustling markets. The career scope for Python is promising, with increasing demand for Python developers in various industries, supported by the presence of Python institutes in Guwahati and a growing technology ecosystem in the city. At DataMites, the students are provided with online Python training in Guwahati that enhances their learning experience through a comprehensive syllabus, study material, job training, and mock tests. The salary of a Python developer in India ranges from INR 4,80,000 per year according to a Glassdoor report. For more comprehensive details on the Python training course in Guwahati, consider enrolling with DataMites, where you can gain in-depth knowledge and insights about Python.

Along with the python courses, DataMites also provides artificial intelligence, mlops, data engineer, tableau, data science, deep learning, IoT, AI expert, data analytics, r programming, data mining and machine learning courses in Guwahati.


Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language known for its simplicity and readability. It emphasizes code readability and allows developers to express concepts with fewer lines of code compared to other languages.

Python has a wide range of applications, including web development, data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, scripting, automation, and scientific computing. It is used extensively in various industries such as finance, healthcare, education, and research.

Common uses of Python include web development frameworks like Django and Flask, data analysis libraries like Pandas and NumPy, machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, and automation scripts for tasks such as data extraction and system administration.

To learn Python, one should have a strong grasp of programming concepts, logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and familiarity with fundamental programming constructs like variables, conditionals, loops, and functions.

Popular tools frequently used in Python development include integrated development environments (IDEs) like PyCharm and Visual Studio Code, code editors like Sublime Text and Atom, version control systems like Git, and package managers like pip.

Job roles associated with Python include Python developer, data analyst, data scientist, machine learning engineer, web developer, software engineer, automation engineer, and scientific researcher.

A Certified Python Developer Course is a training program that provides comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in Python programming. It typically covers topics like Python syntax, data structures, object-oriented programming, web development, database integration, and frameworks.

Python course fees in India can vary based on factors like the institute and course level. On average, the cost ranges from INR 40,000 to INR 80,000.

The eligibility criteria for learning Python courses in Itanagar may vary depending on the institution. Typically, there are no specific eligibility criteria for basic Python courses, and anyone with an interest in programming can enroll. However, advanced courses or specialized programs may have prerequisites such as prior programming knowledge or a certain educational background.

The four primary data types in Python are:

  • Integer (int) - representing whole numbers without decimal points.
  • Float - representing decimal numbers.
  • String (str) - representing sequences of characters.
  • Boolean (bool) - representing either true or false values.

R and Python are both widely used for data science, but Python has a larger ecosystem of libraries and packages, making it more versatile and suitable for a wider range of tasks.

Python is generally considered better for machine learning due to its extensive libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch, which provide robust frameworks for developing and deploying machine learning models.

Python is generally considered better for machine learning due to its extensive libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch, which provide robust frameworks for developing and deploying machine learning models.

In Python, a data type refers to the classification of data that determines the operations that can be performed on it. It specifies the kind of value a variable can hold, such as integers, floats, booleans, or strings.

In Python, a string is a data type used to represent a sequence of characters. It is enclosed within single quotes ('') or double quotes ("") and allows manipulation, concatenation, and various string-specific operations.

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Choosing DataMites Institute for Python Training in Guwahati offers the advantages of comprehensive course material and expert instructors, ensuring a high-quality learning experience for individuals seeking Python proficiency.

Individuals should consider Python Training provided by DataMites in Guwahati due to their experienced trainers and a comprehensive curriculum, guaranteeing effective learning and skill development in Python programming.

The course spans four months, with 20 hours of live online training and 400 learning hours, supplemented by an on-demand Python offline course in Guwahati

DataMites provides Python training courses in Guwahati with different pricing options. The live online training is available for INR 36,000, blended mode learning is priced at INR 22,000, and on-demand classroom training can be availed for INR 36,000 as well.

DataMites offers a diverse selection of supplementary Python courses in Guwahati, such as Certified Python Developer training, Python for Data Science course, Data Mining for Python training, Machine Learning for Python training, and Deep Learning for Python training.

DataMites offers Python training programs suitable for individuals with diverse educational backgrounds, including graduates, postgraduates, and 12th graders. The training is specifically designed for beginners, emphasizing the fundamental principles of the Python language.

In Guwahati, DataMites provides a dedicated Placement Assistance Team (PAT) that offers comprehensive support to Python training course graduates. The team assists in various areas, such as job connections, resume building, conducting mock interviews, and preparing students for actual interviews, ensuring they are fully prepared for successful job placements.

Learning Through Case Study Approach

Theory → Hands-on → Case Study → Project → Model Deployment

DataMites provides the Flexi-Pass option, granting individuals a flexible duration of 3 months to access Python training sessions. This feature allows participants to conveniently address queries, engage in revision, and attend additional training sessions as needed, catering to their specific requirements.

Prospective participants can avail of a complimentary demo class provided by DataMites, offering them a preview of the training approach and course content. This enables individuals to gain insights into the training process and have a clear understanding of what to expect from the program.

DataMites provides an internationally recognized IABAC® certification for Python, validating your proficiency in the language on a global scale. This certification acts as a testament to your expertise and competence in Python programming.

The different payment methods available for DataMites Python training in Guwahati are:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Master card
  • American Express
  • Net Banking
  • Check
  • Debit Card

DataMites offers Python courses in Guwahati utilizing a blended training approach, which includes live online sessions and classroom training. This methodology offers learners flexibility and convenience, accommodating various learning preferences and ensuring a comprehensive and holistic learning experience.

Yes, During the training session, candidates are requested to bring valid Photo ID proofs, such as a National ID card or Driving license, as a requirement.

The salary of a Python developer in India ranges from INR 4,80,000 per year according to a Glassdoor report.

The DataMites Placement Assistance Team(PAT) facilitates the aspirants in taking all the necessary steps in starting their career in Data Science. Some of the services provided by PAT are: -

  • 1. Job connect
  • 2. Resume Building
  • 3. Mock interview with industry experts
  • 4. Interview questions

The DataMites Placement Assistance Team(PAT) conducts sessions on career mentoring for the aspirants with a view of helping them realize the purpose they have to serve when they step into the corporate world. The students are guided by industry experts about the various possibilities in the Data Science career, this will help the aspirants to draw a clear picture of the career options available. Also, they will be made knowledgeable about the various obstacles they are likely to face as a fresher in the field, and how they can tackle.

No, PAT does not promise a job, but it helps the aspirants to build the required potential needed in landing a career. The aspirants can capitalize on the acquired skills, in the long run, to a successful career in Data Science.

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